Saltwater Pearls

Gemstones are indeed a divine gift as they occur from the earth, whether land or water and a type of such precious stone is saltwater pearls. Water is an essential element for a pearl to grow. The second is time. Gemstones are not something that is formed within a few hours or months. They require years and a lot of resources and labor to find. All of these things have an impact on how much gemstones cost.  

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But before we start, let us understand more about pearls: how they are formed, how many different types there are, and more. 

What is Saltwater Pearls?

A pearl that forms in marine water is a saltwater pearl. It requires a saltwater mollusk to form. There are three marine pearls: fresh South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian pearls. These pearls can be formed naturally or can be cultured as well. An important note to remember while purchasing saltwater pearls is to ensure that their nacre is thick and will not peel off.

Pearls that are formed in marine waters are more expensive than their freshwater counterparts. Freshwater pearls are easier to cultivate than marine ones. Pearls formed in ocean water also require more resources. And natural saltwater pearls are even rarer.

What is the Difference between Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls?

The critical difference between freshwater and marine pearls is in their names—the water bodies in which they are formed. 

Pearls formed in freshwater bodies such as lakes, rivers, ponds, etc., are called freshwater pearls. And the ones created in marine waters and the oceans are called saltwater pearls

Both types are formed similarly: an irritant enters the mollusk and settles down. A calcium carbonate layer called nacre then comprises the saltwater pearl. Layers of this nacre keep forming around the irritant over the years, which, as a result, creates a pearl. This process applies to both saltwater and freshwater pearls. 

While the saltwater type requires a saltwater mollusk, a freshwater type can be formed with both mollusks. 

Also, this natural process of forming pearls can be cultured. Real saltwater pearls are scarce. Hence, they are cultured, making them more available for purchase. 

And another rule of thumb regarding these pearls is that saltwater ones will always be more expensive than freshwater ones. And naturally occurring pearls will always cost more than cultured ones. 

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Saltwater Pearls: Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Colors of Saltwater Pearls?

Saltwater pearls come in various colors, which include white, green, black, blue, etc.

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Pearls are a very precious jewel, and we at Beads of Cambay understand this very well. Each saltwater pearl is carefully picked in order to give you the best quality product.  

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How Can You Tell If A Saltwater Pearl Is Real?

You can tell if a saltwater pearl is genuine by its luster. It is easy to distinguish a natural pearl's shine from a fake one. The two can also be rubbed together. If the saltwater pearls have friction, they are real gemstones. The friction indicates calcium, which is an essential ingredient when it comes to these gems. Remember the nacre layer that we read about on top? It is formed of calcium carbonate. If the pearls just slip off each other easily, they are likely, not real gemstones. 

If you do not have two pearls to rub against each other, do not worry. You still have your teeth. Just rub them against your teeth; if there is a gritty feel, that means they are real saltwater pearls. The grittiness you feel is calcium, which we have established is another fundamental ingredient in forming a pearl. 

Now that we have spoken about the self-testing of pearls let us discuss purchasing these jewels.

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Why Are the Saltwater Pearls More Expensive?

Pearls are gemstones that naturally occur underwater. They cannot be man-made. Yes, when it comes to cultured pearls, there is human interference in controlling the environment in which these jewels are formed. However, it cannot be made in any other form; it has to go through a natural process. This is one reason that saltwater pearls are expensive. 

The major factor responsible for its costliness is the water in which it is formed: marine water. Ocean water requires more resources and labor to deal with. This is also why saltwater pearls are rarer and more expensive. 

And when it comes to freshwater, pearls are easier to farm. The pearl farmers have control over the environment of the pearls.

So, these are the factors that determine the saltwater pearls value

Where Can I Find The Best Saltwater Pearls Online? 

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Can I Buy Saltwater Pearls Wholesale From BeadsofCambay?

Yes, of course. Beads of Cambay is known for providing the best quality products. So if you are looking for saltwater pearls for sale, you have come to the correct place. We have a vast catalog of pearls for you to pick from, whether freshwater, saltwater, colored, type, etc. And Beads of Cambay has the best saltwater pearls wholesale rates that you will get in the market. 

Additionally, it is important to take proper care of these jewels. Even though the product you receive will be of the highest quality, you will still have to take good care of it. But this is simple too. 

A saltwater pearl is the most expensive type of pearl. It is rare. It requires a lot of labor and resources to get to you. All of these factors are responsible for its price. So it is natural that you must take good care of them. 

And to do so, you must clean the saltwater pearls with a fresh, damp, soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust on the surface, and ensure you keep it in a pouch or box before you keep it with the other jewelry. This will guarantee no scratches on it due to the other jewelry.