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3mm Creamy White Off Round Freshwater Pearls 15 inch 168 pieces
# 43077
  • $28.00
8-12mm Ametrine Faceted Tear Drop Beads 8 inch 80 pieces
# 17603
  • $97.00
9x6-15x8mm Ametrine Faceted Tear Drop Beads 8 inch 68 pieces
# 17605
  • $180.00
13x8-20x11mm Ametrine Straight Drilled Faceted Tear Drops 14 inch 25 pieces
# 17607
  • $107.00
7.5-10mm Ametrine Faceted Heart Beads 8 inch 50 pieces
# 17595
  • $63.00
9-11mm Ametrine Faceted Heart Beads 8 inch 46 pieces
# 17594
  • $84.00
10-15mm Ametrine Faceted Heart Beads 8 inch 43 pieces
# 17592
  • $140.00
12x9-14x10mm Ametrine Faceted Pear Beads 8 inch 60 pieces
# 17597
  • $143.00
Sparkly Celestial Quartz

Beautiful Quartz Reminiscent of the Night Sky

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