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Larimar Beads

Larimar is a rare blue stone that originates from the Dominican Republic. It is a range of silicate minerals, including pectolite, with a tint that can differ from green-blue to whitish-blue or even dark blue. It is 4.5 to 5 on the Moh’s hardness scale and is part of the triclinic gemstone system. Larimar represents inner wisdom and clear communication. 

Larimar, which has a tranquil blue color that resembles the sea and the sky, is a wild Atlantis gemstone that stands for clarity and calmness in the world. The volcanic eruptions in the Dominican Republic gave rise to this aquatic stone, which has a purifying aura. This is the coming together of the molten lava, and the Caribbean Sea produces a balancing energy, which means that Larimar can offer courage to those in need and calm down hotheads. 

You will rarely find larimar without a pattern, be it veins, wisps, spots, or speckles. Generally, it features a blue base with white pectolite lines or splotches. A larimar stone with a deep blue color and white ribbons is considered the most valuable. Other possible but rare colors include brown, red, or green. Black or reddish-brown comes from hematite, but the oxidation of iron can cause hints of red. Some color combinations are undesirable since they create "stains" and thus lower Larimar's overall value. 

The gemstone was initially discovered by Miguel Mendez but was later rediscovered by Norman Riling, a member of the Peace Corps. It was named Travelina at first but later changed to Larimar, a portmanteau of Mendez's daughter Larissa and "mar," meaning sea in Spanish. It was believed to have originated from the sea, but Larimar hails from the Barahona Mountains. Other names for the stone include Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Setfilias Stone, and Atlantic Stone. 

Larimar is a comparatively new stone on the market, and crystal experts are currently examining its qualities. 

The Meaning and Healing Properties of Larimar 

Larimar stones possess powerful vibrations that offer physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits. It is believed to heal and enlighten the wearer by stimulating the heart, the third eye, and the crown chakras, thus facilitating outer manifestation and inner wisdom. The stone also helps break down walls built around the heart for defense and enables emotional release. Let's take a look at some of the ways Larimar can help.


Larimar cleanses the energy, bringing various mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. As a throat chakra stone, it improves communication and eliminates all blockages in the upper body. It is also famous for its use in acupuncture and reflexology. Due to its calming energy, Larimar can be beneficial in soothing stress-related health-related issues like insomnia, high blood pressure, and different skin conditions. Its cooling aura also aids in the relief of symptoms of fire illnesses such as rashes and fever. It also helps with the following conditions:

  • Treating throat issues
  • Enhancing fertility
  • Relieving headaches
  • Calming anxiety and panic attacks
  • Dispelling self-doubt


Larimar is an excellent stone for people who often feel overwhelmed and want to overcome certain phobias. It is ideal for balancing strong emotions and lightening the load. The lightness and ease with which the stone's energy flows usually invoke a sense of childlike wonder in those who regularly wear it. 

Zodiac Properties 

Although a fairly new market entrant, Larimar's energy resonates with those born in late winter and early spring, between February and March. It can also be associated with those born under the Leo zodiac. This is because Larimar is a water-balancing stone, which can cool the hotter elements of the fire sign Leo and harmonize them.  

What is Larimar Beads?

Larimar is a tough gemstone that can withstand the toughest days, making it a very durable option. Larimar beads are made from stone and come in a silky blue color with hints of green and white to form interesting combinations. These beads help the wearer spiritually, mentally, and emotionally by clearing their heads and raising their vibrations. If you are a spiritual person who enjoys meditation or yoga early in the morning, you will love this stone and the jewelry piece made from it. 

How to Use Larimar Beads?

If you are drawn to Larimar's meditative and cleansing characteristics, there are plenty of ways to use these gem beads. From bracelets to pendants and Feng Shui practice, larimar is very versatile. 

Larimar Gemstone Beads as Jewelry 

One of the most effective ways to use Larimar is to wear it. All Gemstone Beads and healing crystals deliver the best results in direct contact with the skin as they help raise the wearer's vibrational frequencies to match their own. When you wear larimar stone beads, they release healing vibes which directly penetrate your body and uplift your spirits. A necklace consisting of natural larimar beads is an ideal option, as the stone presses against the throat and can remove any chakra blockages and strengthen communication. A bracelet made of genuine larimar beads is another great option to keep its beat ticking against your pulse. Lastly, earrings made from larimar gemstone beads can help balance upper chakras.

Home & Office 

Larimar beads are not limited to jewelry but can be brought into any space as a decorative ornament. These beads make an excellent showpiece and can be placed or hung in your room or on your office desk. Keeping larimar stone beads around can help clear up any misunderstandings and frustrations, add a sense of calm and serenity to the environment, and ease communication. It can also help boost creativity, making it an excellent addition to your workstation.  

How to Wear Larimar?

Larimar brings an array of benefits and healing properties to its wearer. However, there are certain things to keep in mind. You should avoid contact with perfumes, body lotions, and hairsprays, as doing so will help reduce any tarnish. The stone should also not be worn when using household products containing harsh chemicals, as they can have an abrasive effect on the stone. 

The ideal way to wear larimar is to keep it in contact with your skin. This will assist in raising your energies and vibrational frequency. You can wear the stone in different forms, such as pendants, amulets, bracelets, earrings, and anklets. Since larimar is a soft stone, you should take protective measures, especially when wearing it as a bracelet or ring.   

How to Preserve Larimar?

The hardness of Larimar on the Moh's scale is 4.5 to 4, making it relatively soft and brittle compared to other gemstones. If you own larimar beads or other forms of stone, you need to know the right ways to preserve them. Doing so will maintain the stone's luster and allow it to last very long. 

  • Do not expose the stone to harsh chemicals, including soaps, perfumes, and detergents. Remember to take it off first when handling such chemicals. 

  • Periodically clean the stone with mild soapy water and a soft washing cloth. 

  • If you own sterling silver larimar jewelry, keep it cool and dry since it can get tarnished. Moreover, avoid aquatic activities, such as swimming pools, since chlorine can compromise the stone's quality and tarnish the silver. 

  • Avoid wearing larimar bracelets or rings while washing the dishes or in the shower since it affects the bezel setting and can disturb the stone setting.  

  • If your larimar jewelry has collected any gunk, use a soft-bristled brush to clean it, then thoroughly rinse and dry the piece with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to place the jewelry or stone inside a fabric-lined box. 

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Larimar Beads: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Larimar Worth Anything?

Larimar stones with sharp color contrast or deep blue color are valued the most, costing around $20 to $30 per carat. High-quality larimar can go between $50 and $100 depending on factors such as the cut, pattern, size, and quality. 

How can you tell if Larimar Beads are Fake?

Fake larimar gemstone beads have become fairly prevalent in the market since many stones look similar, including amazonite, dyed howlite, or quartz. Recently, there has been a rapid increase in glass that looks similar to this Caribbean stone. If you are interested in buying genuine larimar beads, here's what you can do to identify genuine stones from fake ones. 

It is not true that light will not pass through a real larimar. Some larimar stones are translucent and thus allow the flow of light. Some quick identification tests include:

  • Pattern - Natural larimar beads will always feature a white pattern in spots, lines, or speckles. 

  • Color - Dyed larimar beads will have a more consistent color and tend to be greener.

  • Physical appearance - The majority of fake larimar beads comprise glass. You should be looking for any larimar beads with creamy white streaks and veins with no evident small transparent crystals. Any stone that does not have these qualities is most probably a fake. 

  • Scratch test - Another surefire way to distinguish real Larimar from fake is through the scratch test. If your larimar gemstone beads do not scratch, they are not real.

What is the Significance of Larimar?

Larimar is popularly known as a calming stone with many health and healing properties. It is seen by some to help in communication and is closely related to the heart, crown, throat, and third-eye chakras. Many holistic and alternative healers use this stone as part of different spiritual, emotional, and physical healing practices. Larimar beads promote relaxation and can be used by the wearer to thwart worrisome thoughts. Worry stones are polished and smooth crystals that typically come oval. When lightly rubbed between the index finger and thumb, these stones create a cleansing and relaxing phenomenon.   

How can you tell Larimar Quality?

The quality of larimar is determined by different factors, including its purity, shape, clarity, color, and carat. 

  • Color – Volcano blue is the rarest larimar color, while green Larimar is considered the least valuable and does not fetch high process. Red and white Larimar is the least sought out and is rarely used for cabbing or making beads. 
  • Purity – Despite its color, the value of Larimar might differ depending on whether or not it has spots. These spots could be brown, grey, or any other color that takes away from the beauty of the stone. Purity is mainly used when grading beads or cabochons. 
  • Clarity – This refers to whether the stone is transparent or translucent and is hardly noticed by consumers. Regardless, translucent pieces are valued more than transparent ones. 
  • Carat – The more carats a larimar stone has, the more expensive it will be. Keep in mind that 5 grams equal 1 gram. 

Is Larimar man-made?

Larimar is a type of silicate mineral known as pectolite, which was formed millions of years ago due to underwater volcanic activity. It is a naturally occurring gemstone that originates from the Dominican Republic and therefore was not artificially manufactured by men. 

Is Larimar a Real Gemstone?

Larimar is a very rare gemstone that has been discovered in only one location so far: a remote and mountainous area in the Barahona province in the Dominican Republic. The first discovery of the stone was made in 1916; however, it was not until 1974 that it made an appearance. 

Is Larimar a High Vibration Stone?

Larimar is a high-vibration stone associated with the Throat Chakras and the Thymus (second heart). It is generally used in the laying on of stones and self-healing. It is a stone that represents truth, clarity, and communication. Moreover, it brings balance and calm to any situation, removing negativity and stress. Larimar beads can help you embrace the chance better and move through the process more effortlessly. This is a calming gemstone to keep with you everywhere, in your pocket, purse, or medicine bag. 

Is Larimar a Lucky Stone?

Larimar has many names, but it is also recognized for improving the wearer's luck, thus making it a lucky stone. It also has nurturing qualities, which stimulate the healing process of the body, soul, and mind. Larimar can help recognize and comprehend behaviors caused by old habits and patterns that deeply sabotage the self and enable their release. By helping the wearer achieve a deep state of meditation, the stone connects them with the higher vibrational energy that improves communication with spirit guides, angels, and the Higher Source. Larimar can also help with any chemical imbalances, infections, and mood disorders. 

What is the Highest Grade of Larimar?

The highest grade of Larimar is grade AAA1, a volcanic blue-colored stone that is purest and extremely rare to find. AAA2 is the second highest that features a highly blue-colored stone. The third highest grade is the AAA, the most preferred form of stone in the jewelry industry. AAA larimar beads are sky blue and are still quite difficult to find. 

Does Larimar Fade?

Larimar tends to fade over time if exposed to harsh chemicals, direct heat, or sunlight. It is therefore recommended to keep it secure in a fabric-lined box, away from the elements of nature. 

Does Larimar have Healing Properties?

Larimar has a very calm and cooling nature and is believed to bring tranquility and peace to those who keep it close. Its healing nature is known to relieve stress, release phobias and self-doubt, calm a short temper, and allow one to let go of any unhealthy attachments. Even though Larimar is a stone of the water element, it is formed during volcanic activity, thus giving it a balance of fire and water energies.  

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