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About Us

Beads of Cambay

We manufacture and source gemstone beads of the highest quality direct from the cutting centers.

Our beads are hand selected through the eyes of our well-educated and determined
buyer and owner.

Trained in the family gemstone business for over 15 years, Arun Yadav has earned a level of respect from his peers due to his rare level of experience in sourcing and in manufacturing beads.

Through his expertise and knowledge of the beadmarket, we locate the best available materials from trusted sources at a reasonable price to offer our clients.

The Selection Proccess

By traveling worldwide to gemstone markets, we are able to hand select the best rough gem materials by consulting with our trusted and experienced sources.

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We control the quality standards for each detail, extending through the manufacturing process up to the final bead product.

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We design our collections of gemstones, pearls, metal beads, findings, focal beads, and chains with attention to lasting beauty and superior quality.

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Our passion is beading whether creating one of our signature gemstone pieces or whether producing our custom line of bulk metal beads.

Made For You

Whether you are designing a unique piece or a multi-manufactured piece, we are here to help you in selecting the right material for your project.

Our well-trained staff is knowledgeable of each product in our inventory and will explain any detail so that you know exactly what to expect upon arrival of your products.

Our Graduate Gemologist will answer your questions to aid you in choosing the most suitable item for your project.

Find the Best Beads

Explore our gemstone selections to discover how we can provide your next project with exciting and high quality gemstones, pearls or metals.