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Keshi Pearls

You have surely heard of pearls, but have you heard of keshi pearls

Often called "poppy" in Japan, these gemstones look nothing like conventional pearls. They are non-nucleated. Many jewelers also consider these second-harvest pearls, as they are fundamentally made of the calcium carbonate layer called nacre. 

If you have been looking at purchasing these incredible gemstones but would like to have more information on them, you have come to the correct place.

Here's why you should stay on board as we discuss Keshi pearls, how much they cost, and where to buy them.

What are Keshi Pearls?

Pearls are timeless jewels, and the way they are formed is almost magical. Any pearl that you fancy is made underwater. Water is essential to their formation, even for Keshi pearls. However, they differ from the conventional ones as they do not have a nucleus like the traditional ones. They are also quite small. They are mainly made of nacre, the primary calcium carbonate layer that makes a pearl. 

It is also one of the most popular choices among pearl enthusiasts. They are different types of the same gemstone that appeal to jewelry enthusiasts. Their otherness is what makes Keshi pearls look so stunning. 

Healing Properties Of Keshi Pearls

A Keshi pearl can boost your memory and sharpen your thinking skills. It also helps make your muscles stronger, thereby giving you more power. The pearls are also beneficial for those who struggle with anger-related issues. You will find that the pearl is making you calmer, happier, and more at peace with yourself and your truth. 

These types of pearls also help heal your heart. It improves the circulation of blood and clears negativity near your heart chakra. 

Keshi pearls also help you radiate positivity. It gives out such lovely energies that even the environment around you will start to seem free of negativity. 

Other than all these healing benefits, the pearls also help speed up the process of curing skin, eye, or heart diseases and other health issues. 

Origin of Keshi Pearls 

The gemstones get their name "keshi pearl" from Japan, where it was first used to describe a small pearl formed by the Akoya oysters. They were, at times, even as tiny as poppy seeds, which is how it gets its other name, poppy. 

The term means the gemstones resulting from loose tissue in the oyster that lack a nucleus. However, Keshi pearls can come in various shapes, forms, and sizes from any mollusk; they are not just limited to the Akoya oyster. 

Types of Keshi Pearls

These accidental pearls are found in various types and colors from Australia to Japan. 

The three main types are: 

  1. Akoya: These keshi pearls are famous for their shiny white overtones. Japan is the main producer of these, but they can also be found in Vietnam and China. 
  2. Tahitian: Coming from the Tahiti island of French Polynesia, this variety is usually black but is also found in the green to peacock blue range. 
  3. South Sea: These are mainly found in the Philippines or Australia. Their color usually ranges from white to gold. Among the lot, these Keshi pearls are the most grand, luxurious, and expensive. 

Benefits of Keshi Pearls

These accidental pearls may not have a nucleus and may fundamentally be different from traditional pearls, but they come with their beauty and benefits. The process of a pearl forming underwater is so magical that even the leftover, accidental ones become a type of their own. They enjoy their fan base. Keshi pearls are not just accidental; they are beautiful!

Other pearls are usually perfectly shaped. This does not hold for the Keshi variety. These come in the most erratic, irregular forms, but they have a beauty you cannot compare to. 

Some benefits of owning these as part of your jewelry collection are that they are unique and rare. A Keshi pearl will not look like the other. They are all formed as a by-product of an actual pearl. This results in inconsistent shapes. In spite of this, it is very rare and beautiful, which makes it so special!

They also have a luscious shine to them. Finding keshi pearls in bulk sales is quite common because of their tiny size. 

These gemstones are also quite sustainable and ethical. These pearls were not formed on purpose. They are formed as a by-product, as an addition. So there are no resources that go into producing these specifically. 

They are also quite versatile because of their inconsistency in looking like other keshi pearls. 

How To Wear Keshi Pearls?

You can wear these gemstones on any day at any time. Pearls are timeless and versatile, and they can be molded to your style and requirements. 

You can add keshi pearl jewelry to your wardrobe. The jewels are very different, shine brightly, and add greatly to your wardrobe. These will instantly complement your face, your skin, and your outfit. You can buy the entire set or just a few pieces. Either way, it is all bound to look gorgeous.

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Keshi Pearls - Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Keshi Pearls Meaning?

These pearls are accidental gemstones formed as a by-product of the entire process.

The jewels received their name, keshi pearl," from Japan. In the country, it was used to describe a tiny pearl. At times, they were so tiny that they resembled poppy seeds. Hence, it got the name “poppy” as well. 

Keshi means that the pearls are formed due to loose tissue present in the oyster and do not have a nucleus. Also, like traditional pearls, Keshi pearls come in various forms, sizes, shops, and mollusks. 

How Are Keshi Pearls Formed?

These pearls were formed by accident. A pearl is formed when a little irritant enters a mollusk, which then starts oozing out the tissue that covers it. This layer of calcium carbonate is called nacre. And over the years, many of these form around the irritant, forming the pearl. This entire process happens underwater. Keshi pearls are formed as a by-product on the edges of the mollusk inside. These gemstones vary in size and shape and are also very tiny. However, the entire pearl-making process is so beautiful that everyone even wants the ones that are imperfectly formed! Imperfection is beauty, and a keshi pearl shows us that.

Where do Keshi Pearls Come From?

These gems come from anywhere and everywhere! These are South Sea keshi, Tahitian Keshi, and even Akoya Keshi. Freshwater Keshi pearls are also present. Anywhere in that culture, pearls produce the Keshi variety as well.

Who can wear Keshi Pearls?

These gemstones are versatile and timeless. Hence, anybody can wear them. However, Keshi pearls are more beneficial for people with anger issues. Those who suffer from health issues can wear them too. These gemstones are known to have a calming effect on people. 

What do keshi pearls symbolize?

Keshi pearls symbolize authenticity and luxury. These are gemstones that can be worn by everyone. They are known to bring peace and humility into your life. So if you want the best keshi pearls, Beads of Cambay is the place to shop!

Is a Keshi Pearl a real pearl?

Yes, of course, it is real. A Keshi pearl is formed as a by-product of the pearl-making process. If you are looking for real, top-quality gemstones, Beads of Cambay has them all!

Are Keshi pearls valuable?

Yes, these pearls are quite valuable because of their beautiful luster. Like any gemstone, they are sold in weight and not individually. So if you are looking for Keshi pearls for jewelry making, head over to the Beads of Cambay website for great prices!

Are Keshi pearls available in different colors?

Yes, Keshi pearls are found in various colors, like white, gold, green, blue, etc. If you want a good look at the different colors, head to the Beads of Cambay website. You will also be amazed at Keshi Pearl's wholesale prices.

Where can I find the best Keshi Pearls for sale online?

A Keshi pearl is quite valuable. There is only one place in the market where you will find the best prices on beads: Beads of Cambay. We specialize in giving the best quality products at the best available prices, making the purchase lighter on your pocket than anticipated. 

Can I purchase Keshi Pearls wholesale from Beads of Cambay? 

Yes, you can buy wholesale keshi bulk from the Beads of Cambay website. We specialize in selling gemstones at wholesale rates.