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Amazonite Beads

Amazonite echoes jungle magic, ancient tales, and more. Also called the Hope Stone, Amazonite beads put a positive spin on life without delving in blindly. The crystal calls on inner strength and magnifies intention and commitment to having a can-do attitude to get you whatever you want.

What are Amazonite beads?

Amazonite microcline feldspar gemstones are opaque blue, green, or greenish blue and have a slight sheen and grid-like white streaks. These beads are mined in Norway. Brazil, Madagascar, Pikes Peak, Russia, and Colorado. Gemologists had confused the gemstone with another found in the Amazon rainforest region, which is how it got the Amazonite name. Amazonite beads are connected to the throat chakra and help in clear communication, boosting your self-confidence, helping set up healthy boundaries, and helping you connect to your most authentic self. 

What Is The Meaning Of Amazonite?

Amazonite belongs to the mineral family Microcline and is a form of potassium feldspar. It comes in shades of green, blue, purple, and gray. Amazonite beads are most often in shades of greenish blue. Amazonite is synonymous with soothing anxiety, and it also brings clarity. 

Amazonite also gets its name from the Amazon river. Besides referring to the water element, the name of the crystal also implies a connection to it. When you invite the presence of the crystal into your life, you are inspiring an easy healthy flow that welcomes fresh energy and inspiration into your life. 

Healing Properties Of Amazonite

Amazonite has various physical, mental, and spiritual healing properties. 


Healing with crystals is excellent for boosting your spiritual well-being. On the other hand, it also brings physical healing benefits. The crystal has a chilled-out vibe which can help with your thyroid issues. If you are deficient in calcium, you can use the amazonite beads, as they help the body absorb calcium better, making your bones stronger. Higher calcium levels can also help in hair growth, making them strong and shiny. The crystal is exceptional when it comes to helping regenerate cells. They are the perfect pick-me-up crystals, especially if you are recovering from an illness, dip in physical health, or injury. Rubbing Amazonite over a rash could also help soothe and clear it. Those suffering from skin conditions such as acne can see that this powerful crystal helps get back clear as well as vibrant health. 

Mental and spiritual healing

The throat chakra is connected to the Amazonite beads and will help in clear communication and practice setting healthy boundaries. It will help you overcome the fear of judgment and become a more confident version of yourself. These crystals will help you tap into your intuition and intellect to bring clarity and authenticity to the soul. These crystals bring better authenticity and clarity to the soul. Amazonite beads help you become comfortable being in your own skin, true to your most authentic self, and invite you to connect with your spiritual self, open your mind as well as heart to the infinite possibilities, and also help you manifest.

How To Use Amazonite?

The Amazonite gemstone represents the natural world. When used appropriately, they can become an invaluable ally blessing your life with clarity and calm. 

You must have them on you to make the Amazonite stone beads work for you. You can wear them as jewelry, a pendant necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings. Wearing it as a necklace will enable the crystal to be close to your heart and throat. These crystals work best on your throat chakra. For the Amazonite crystals and the best prices, check out Beads of Cambay. 

If you do not like wearing jewelry or cannot find an Amazonite bead piece that you like, you can just keep the crystal in your house. The water-like properties of Amazonite encourage a good flow of energy. It will recycle all the negative energies and replace them with a refreshing and relaxing one. You can also have it placed in your home based on the principles of feng shui. 

However, in whatever way you choose to use the crystals, make sure you charge and cleanse them. 

What are the Amazonite Spiritual Healing Properties?

For those who are learning how to be comfortable in their own skin, amazonite beads are best. It is a good stone if you are overcoming trauma or have been batting self-destructive behavior. 

The crystal helps you take strength from your inner self and helps you become the most authentic version of yourself, enabling you to live your most harmonious life. 

The crystal is known to be connected to the throat chakra. This helps you use your voice and set up clear boundaries. It also helps you bring in more clarity, intuition, and intellect. 

If you use these ancient amazonite beads, you will see that your life will get better as a result of you feeling better about yourself. In case you are lacking in confidence, this crystal will work wonders!

When was Amazonite first discovered? 

Amazonite crystals have been unearthed over many, many years. They were initially found in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. They are mined in Kuwait, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Chelyabinsk. There are amazonite deposits in Russia and other parts of the world. 

Where is Amazonite Gemstone found? 

Amazonite beads are found in Turkey, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, and Chelyabinsk. There are many deposits of these deposits across the world, such as in Russia. It is also found in the Pikes Peak location in Colorado in the United States, as well as in Brazil, but not near the Amazon River. It is also found in Madagascar. 

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite crystals are known to have numerous metaphysical powers. They also have many healing abilities. Amazonite is known to soothe tense situations and enhance love. It helps speed up the recovery process and treats trauma and fatigue. It helps you come into your own authentic self effortlessly and boosts your confidence. It is known to calm anxiety, help you communicate clearly, and also help you set healthy boundaries. Amazonite beads help you imbibe your inner strength, and it helps you build your inner strength, calm, and patience. 

If you have been feeling off or low on confidence if you feel like you cannot speak up or voice your opinion, try working with the crystal once. You will be surprised at its wonders! 

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Amazonite Beads - Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Cleanse And Care For Amazonite?

Crystals have many healing properties. They recycle negative energy while giving out positive benefits. It is important, however, to use them correctly.

When you bring amazonite beads home, before you start utilizing them, you must cleanse and charge them. 

To do so, you can keep them in salt water or keep them out in the sunlight. The sunlight will cleanse your crystals of all negative energy and also charge them. You can keep the crystals on a white cloth out in the sunlight. 

Another option is to keep the crystal in the presence of sage smoke. 

Or keep the amazonite beads in rock salt overnight. This, too, will extract all the negative energies the crystal absorbs from you and the surroundings, and the next day it will be as good as brand new.

Think of it like a plate. It has food that nourishes your body. In order to eat food from it again the next day, you will first have to wash and clean the plate. 

It is the same with amazonite beads. Cleansing and charging them before use are a must. 

Is Amazonite Stone Expensive?

Expense is subjective. What may be expensive to someone else may not be for you. At Beads of Cambay, you will get the best amazonite beads at the best prices. It is great value for money, and you are bound to be satisfied with the product. 

How To Tell If Amazonite Is Real?

When you are trying to find out if the amazonite stone is real or fake, look for the luster. The surface of the Amazonite crystal will always be shiny and bright. And when you are able to look at it properly, you will be able to differentiate it from the fake amazonite beads as well as other blue or green stones.

Another important thing to look for is bubbles. If you see that your crystals have bubbles in them, that means they are fake. 

What astrology sign is Amazonite Gemstone Associated with?

Amazonite is the birthstone of the Virgo zodiac sign. 

Virgo signs are reliable, patient, hard-working, and kind, but they can be shy and steer towards overthinking every move, which can lead to self-doubt. That is where amazonite beads can help them.

They are also known to have strict and harsh inner judgment but are also gentle with the relationships they share with others. By setting themselves impossible standards, they are their own worst enemy.

Amazonite encourages self-respect, kindness, and authenticity, helps you be your truest self, helps you communicate better, and has clear boundaries. The gemstone is especially suitable for Virgos because of this reason.

Is Amazonite a high-end Gemstone?

Amazonite beads are not as high-end gemstones as jade. But yes, they do have benefits such as boosting confidence, helping set up boundaries, higher intuition and manifestation, and more, which make them great purchases.

What does Amazonite do?

Amazonite is a crystal. They cleanse your aura of all negative energies. Amazonite beads also absorb the negative energies of the environment and give out positive energies. The amazonite stone bead, in particular, helps boost your confidence, helps you communicate better, and also helps you set up healthy boundaries that are good for your well-being. Crystals are also a powerful tool for manifestation. You can either wear amazonite beads as jewelry or keep them in your home. Following the principles of feng shui while inculcating it in your interiors is also said to be beneficial for your well-being. Once used correctly, you will begin to feel a difference in yourself. 

What is Amazonite good for?

Amazonite is good for your confidence and intuition, brings about more clarity, and helps you set well-intentioned boundaries. It is also good for manifestation. When all the thoughts that pull you down are removed from your system, you are able to think clearly and make better decisions for yourself. That is what amazonite essentially does. You can go through the Beads of Cambay website and purchase the amazonite beads wholesale at the best prices in the market. 

Can Amazonite go in the water?

Yes, you can keep amazonite rondelle beads in the water. Its colors, blue, green, and bluish-green, symbolize nature and free-flowing water. Keep the crystals in salted water first to cleanse them of any impurities and negative energies, then use them. If you want to keep the crystals in the water in your house, remember to keep changing the water and also cleaning and charging the crystals from time to time for the best results.

How to charge Amazonite?

Keep your amazonite beads in direct sunlight to charge them. You can also wrap them up in a white cloth and keep them in the daylight. It's also possible to keep them in salted water before keeping them in the sun. You can also keep them in the presence of sage smoke to cleanse and charge them. Another option is to keep them in rock salt overnight and wash them off in hot water before using or working with them. Remember to get rid of the rock salt, do not consume it. 

What chakra is Amazonite?

The throat chakra and amazonite beads have a connection. This is why it is also suitable for people with thyroid issues. It also works well for people who are not able to communicate well. They can use these crystals to help heal all these issues. Amazonite beads also boost self-confidence and intuition and bring clarity about issues that fog up your mind. It gives you more confidence as well. 

Is Amazonite safe to wear?

Yes, amazonite is absolutely safe to wear. You can even purchase amazonite beads bulk from the Beads of Cambay website at the best prices, with great service and impeccable products. 

What is Amazonite used for?

Amazonite is used as a healing crystal or to help boost self-confidence. amazonite beads for jewelry making are also used. These come in various shapes, forms, and sizes. The blue color of the powerful crystal is extremely attractive. If you are someone who is a bit coy and finds it hard to open up, then this crystal will do wonders for you if used correctly. Make sure you cleanse and charge your crystals before utilizing them. The amazonite bead can be worn as a necklace or any other jewelry item. You can also display it at home as a showpiece.

Is Amazonite rare?

Yes, good quality amazonite can be rare to find. But if you order amazonite from Beads of Cambay, be rest assured you will get the best products at the best rates in the market. It’s true value for money! 

What does Amazonite look like?

Amazonite beads have a blue, blueish-green, and green color. They also come in shades of purple and lavender. But the bluish-green shade is the most common. It often confuses people with jade. But both amazonite and jade are very different crystals. 

Can Amazonite get wet?

If you keep amazonite beads in water, yes, they can get wet. But they also dry up just as quickly.

How much does Amazonite cost?

Amazonite beads are priced differently depending on the final product. It depends on the size, width, weight of the crystal, and many other factors. You can go through the website to understand the different varieties of products available. Check out the Beads of Cambay website to get the best deals on amazonite beads. 

Where to place Amazonite at home?

Crystals are important tools for healing. They can be worn or kept in your home or work environment. Crystals look so good that they will add a regal factor to your interiors. You can keep the amazonite beads near your bed or in the hall. You can also consult a feng shui master and place the crystals accordingly to get the most benefits from them. When the crystals are kept in your home according to feng shui, they are able to work faster for you. You can get the maximum benefits out of them. 

How to identify Amazonite?

Amazonite beads have a beautiful shine on the surface. They are green, greenish blue, and green usually. Yes, there are some shades of purple and lavender as well. Look for the shine. Once you look at it properly, you will easily be able to distinguish amazonite beads from other crystals. Also, look for bubbles in the crystals. If you see any, that means they are fake. 

Where can I find the best Amazonite Beads for sale online?

You will get the best quality of amazonite on Beads of Cambay. You can purchase it on their website. The beads, whether in bulk for jewelry making or the jewelry itself, are delicate products that are absolutely stunning and an excellent value for money. You will find amazonite beads best prices on the Beads of Cambay website. 

Can I purchase Amazonite Beads wholesale from BeadsofCambay? 

Yes, you can purchase wholesale amazonite beads from the Beads of Cambay website. It offers many products at wholesale rates, right from jewelry, to just beads for jewelry making and more. Make sure you browse through the Beads of Cambay website, and you will be sure to find the perfect product for yourself at the best rates. And when they are seamlessly delivered to you, you will be just as surprised by just how beautiful the products are.