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Emerald Beads

History of Emerald Beads

A long time ago, this deep green gemstone was mined in India and Egypt. As we speak, emerald beads can be found in the deepest forests of Brazil and Columbia. They are some of the oldest jewelry stones to exist and have been worn by some of the wealthiest people in the past. These jewels were a favorite of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Maybe what attracted emerald beads to the royals was their rarity factor. These green stones are 20 times rarer than diamonds, which also explains why they cost so much. But if you shop for these deep green jewels from Beads of Cambay, you will surely get an excellent deal for your buck. 

Significance of Emerald Beads

Emerald gemstone beads are the perfect gift to give your special someone. It especially suits those born in May and is known to benefit the Taurus, Cancer, and Gemini signs. The gemstone will instantly complement your looks, making them more elite, rich, and luxurious. At times, you just need one emerald bead to bring your entire look together and grab everyone's attention. 

The jewels get their magnificent green glow from vanadium and chromium, which are present in them. This gemstone also has some healing properties. An emerald bead can calm you down when you are low, instantly make you feel better, and is known to represent nature, apart from a luxurious lifestyle. 

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone Beads 

Emerald beads are known to bring out positivity. These gemstones will help you radiate positivity. It can also help you in other ways that shape your personality. For example, you can wear emerald stones if you struggle to converse with others. Or if you want to see improvement in your business or social skills, this gemstone will also help you. These jewels are also known to be good if you are going through a skin ailment. Even if you have any health issues related to the brain, emerald beads will help soothe and heal you. 

Why Choose Beads of Cambay To Buy Emerald Beads?

Beads of Cambay is a popular jewelry platform for buying gemstone beads. We have quite a few of the most spectacular designers and jewelry brands as our customers because we offer the most attractive rates in the market and the most fantastic quality products. So if you want to buy real emerald beads, you know where to go. Our jewelry portfolio has some of the finest and classiest products. Once shipped to you, the final items you receive are outstanding. You will surely enjoy our emerald beads as much as we love them! And the thing you will like most about shopping from us is our wholesale prices. You can purchase these natural emerald beads at wholesale prices in bulk. Imagine only being layered in emeralds. This is possible when you shop with us. 

So if you want to flaunt your green jewels that look as expensive as the ones you buy at a fancy jewelry store, then come shop with us at the Beads of Cambay website. Our emerald beads will surely make you feel like royalty!