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Black Spinel Beads

What are Black Spinel Beads?

If you love dark, sparkly jewels, you will love black spinel beads. They are among the most sought-after dark jewels by jewelry designers because of their high demand in the market. Spinel is easily found across the world in various colors. Their look is so regal and precious that they give tough competition to jewels such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, etc. 

History of Black Spinel Beads 

Royals all over the world, from Rome in the west to China in the east, were the first to wear black spinel beads. It was also often confused for sapphires or rubies. In those days, the southeast and central Asian mines could yield these gemstone beads in large quantities. They were also called Balas rubies; this is also why some of the most famous rubies are also referred to as 'spinel.' 

Where Are Black Spinel Beads Found?

The jewel is made of magnesium and aluminum. This exquisite gemstone is mined with its sapphire and ruby counterparts, which it is also mistaken for often. This is also the reason why these gemstones have similar properties. Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma are common places to mine black spinel beads. Meanwhile, traces of this precious gem have also been discovered in Nepal, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Madagascar, and Brazil. 

Single Refractive Gemstone

These gemstone beads are one of the few stones that have refractive properties. The other two such gems are garnet and diamond. This means that when light falls on the black spinel beads and enters the cubic crystal, it will not split into two and will remain a single beam of light. 

Gorgeous Color

Even though black is the most famous color of these jewels, they come in various shades, such as blue, red, pink, yellow, and orange. The gemstone beads can be cut into shapes such as round brilliants, ovals, or emerald cuts and sizes to get the maximum sparkle. The beads do not have inclusions, but they also showcase a star effect in a few cases. The blue and red colors are pretty vibrant and have often been confused for other jewels, especially sapphires, and rubies. Despite all these properties and their similarities with the famous ruby and sapphire gemstones, spinel jewels are still easily found and affordable. 

Benefits of Black Spinel Beads

The spinel gemstone is known to keep negativity at arm's length and bring patience and grounding to the person wearing it. It makes the wearer more confident and helps them feel at ease and at peace with themselves by letting go of resentments. It is also known to have healing properties for the entire body. It is particularly used to help heal issues related to the intestines, the bladder, and the female reproductive system. 

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