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Rainbow Moonstone Beads

Due to their capacity to convey the wearer's personality through art and design, gemstone beads continue to be a popular component of jewelry. Moonstone beads are particularly in demand because of their unique appearance and the symbolism associated with them. For trendy jewelry designers like yourself, Beads of Cambay takes pride in providing a huge selection of wholesale gemstone beads, including moonstone. So, if you want to buy real moonstone beads, keep reading!

Moonstone has been esteemed since ancient times, and high-quality moonstone is now valued for its affordability and visual appeal. The legend goes that gray moonstone beads provide protection against negative energy and promote personal growth, in addition to possessing the signature shimmering effect that moonstone is known for. However, blue-green moonstone beads are especially popular due to their enigmatic and dazzling hues.

Nevertheless, moonstone beads are available in a range of other colors, such as milky white, mixed colors, platinum gray, chocolate, red, peach, black, and even orange. Our wholesale store offers you both faceted moonstone beads and glossy ones, which come in various sizes. This way, we can assure you that you can buy moonstone beads as per your needs and requirements—you will never run out of choices!

Types of Moonstone Beads

There are several types of moonstone beads available in different colors, including:

Blue Moonstone - This mesmerizing variety of Moonstone beads is known for its ability to stimulate mental clarity and concentration, making it a perfect tool to use during meditation. Additionally, the blue moonstone gemstone is believed to have the power to balance well-being and feminine energies within us, helping us achieve a state of equilibrium and harmony.

White Moonstone - As the most prevalent Moonstone variety, the White Moonstone boasts numerous benefits. This gemstone is known to enhance psychic abilities, promote emotional balance, and activate the Kundalini energy in women. It is believed to work wonders on the emotional and spiritual levels, providing an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Peach Moonstone or Yellow Moonstone - Known for its warm, peachy-yellow hue, this type of Moonstone is often used to reduce anxiety and soothe the mind and heart. This type of natural moonstone beads is said to have a calming effect on individuals, making it an ideal gemstone for those who feel overwhelmed or overstimulated. Peach and Yellow Moonstones are also believed to have a special affinity for intuitive and sensitive children, helping them feel more grounded and centered.

Grey Moonstone/Gray Moonstone - With its enchanting gray color, the Grey Moonstone is revered for its mystical and metaphysical properties. This gemstone is thought to enhance clairvoyance, allowing individuals to look beyond the veil and into the unknown realms. It is often used by Shamans to facilitate spiritual journeys and awaken higher consciousness. Additionally, the Grey Moonstone is said to have a calming effect on emotions, promoting inner peace and tranquility.

Cat's Eye Moonstone - This is a unique and rare type of Moonstone that is highly valued for its striking appearance, which is characterized by a "cat's eye" shimmer or adularescence. A pearly sheen appears when it is held up to the light. Transparent versions of this stone are extremely rare and valuable. The metaphysical and healing properties of Cat's Eye Moonstone are similar to those of other Moonstone gems.

Rainbow Moonstone - This type of Moonstone is sometimes called White Labradorite and is known for its rainbow colors that emit a flash of light. Rainbow moonstone beads are believed to act on all seven chakras of the body, cleanse the aura, provide clarity, deflect negative energy, and promote calm sleep and lucid dreaming. Rainbow moonstones healing properties also include supporting personal transformation. Rainbow moonstone beads are available in various forms, such as cabochons and raw stones.

Star Moonstone - Moonstone enthusiasts covet this rarity for its mesmerizing asterism, which produces a radiant star-like effect when illuminated by light. As a result, this variety of moonstones has become a cherished addition to many collections.

Black Moonstone - Those looking for protection against negative energies may turn to the Black Moonstone, which has shielding properties in addition to its other therapeutic qualities. Black moonstone beads are commonly used in meditation and come in various forms, including tumbled stones and pendulums, as well as cut and shaped pieces that fit comfortably in the palm of the hand.

Pink Moonstone - With its delicate pink flakes, Pink Moonstone has a soft and gentle appearance that evokes feelings of love and tenderness. It is often associated with opening the heart to love and embodies other healing properties that are typical of Moonstones. This variety of Moonstone is perfect for anyone seeking to connect with their emotions through natural moonstone beads and explore the healing power of love.

Green Moonstone - This is a less common variety of Moonstone that possesses all the healing properties of Moonstone. The green color of this stone is associated with calming effects on the emotions and mind. Given that it is hard to come by, if you see moonstone beads wholesale for this particular color, you must grab the chance!

Why Should You Buy Moonstone Beads From Beads of Cambay?

Beads of Cambay specializes in providing high-quality supplies for creating exquisite jewelry. You can make alluring jewelry pieces using the wide variety of moonstone beads available wholesale, along with other semi-precious gemstones, beads, and crafting materials. When all of this is available in one place and at unbeatable prices, you should not miss out on this chance to buy moonstone beads from Beads of Cambay!

Benefits Of Using Rainbow Moonstone Beads

When wearing a genuine moonstone or jewelry containing this gem, one can expect to experience a variety of benefits attributed to the moonstone's metaphysical properties. One such benefit is its ability to calm and balance emotions, fostering unity and peace between individuals. Moonstone has also been known to enhance self-esteem and creativity, as well as help one regain balance in their energies. This is particularly important for balancing masculine and feminine aspects, which, if left unbalanced, may lead to disharmony. Additionally, moonstones can promote emotional harmony and peace while calming aggressive tendencies.

Moonstone is also renowned for its ability to enhance psychic and intuitive powers, making it a popular choice among healers, shamans, and those interested in prophecy. Additionally, moonstone is said to have magical properties that promote love, drawing in energies of love and healing romantic relationships. It is even believed to be a gemstone of fertility, making it a popular choice for those struggling to conceive.

Wearing a moonstone, like Rainbow moonstone beads jewelry, can also have a positive impact on the reproductive system and aid in reducing water retention. By improving blood flow throughout the body, moonstone can contribute to overall good health. Finally, this gemstone has been known to help correct sleep cycles, resulting in more peaceful and restful sleep.

Rainbow Moonstone Beads – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Wear Moonstone Beads?

Genuine moonstone, which is a natural stone, is highly recommended for those undergoing mental trauma, emotional turmoil, or depression. It is a versatile gemstone that can be worn by frequent travellers as it is believed to offer protection. Individuals experiencing sleep disorders or unable to sleep soundly should consider wearing moonstone beads, as it is believed to promote peaceful and sound sleep.

Men can benefit from wearing moonstone beads, as it encourages the exploration of the nurturing Yin/feminine side of their character, promoting balance. Moonstone's ability to promote love makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to enhance their love life, and wearing Moonstone jewelry can help increase the love quotient in a relationship.

For those born in the month of June, moonstone is the perfect birthstone for them. Those struggling with infertility may benefit from wearing fertility moonstone beads, which are believed to provide positive results.

Is moonstone a real gem?

Yes, moonstone is a real precious gem. When it comes to determining whether a moonstone is genuine or not, one characteristic to look for is its adularescence, which is a special visual effect that produces a hazy, bluish radiance or glow on the surface of the gemstone.

To check for this effect, you can place the moonstone under a bright artificial light source and observe it from above. If you can see a blue or white sheen emanating from the stone, then it is likely that the moonstone is authentic.

And if you do not have the time to do such a test, simply buy from a reputed brand like Beads of Cambay to ensure you get nothing but real moonstone beads.

What is the spiritual meaning of moonstone?

Moonstone is a stone that is often associated with the moon and is considered to be a feminine stone. Although moonstone jewelry is usually designed for women, it has universal properties that make it suitable for men as well. Moonstone is frequently used in the crown chakra, the body's seventh energy center, which is believed to be the connection point to the cosmos and God.

Moonstone is one of the few minerals used to clear energy centers, bring balance, and eliminate negativity. The various shades of moonstone are connected to different uses. For example, white moonstone is thought to enhance psychic awareness and emotions and is used during full moons, while gray moonstone is used for the same purpose during new moons.

For children who are sensitive to emotions, peach moonstone can be calming and relieve anxiety. Blue moonstones are also believed to have a soothing effect. The rainbow moonstone is thought to be the strongest moonstone for establishing a connection with the crown chakra. Additionally, the moonstone is known as the "traveller’s stone" and is said to provide protection during travel, especially on water. Wearing a necklace of moonstone beads is believed to be an amulet that promotes safe journeys.

What is the difference between moonstone and rainbow moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone and moonstone are fascinating gemstones that belong to the same family of minerals called feldspar. Despite their similar appearances, they have unique physical and metaphysical properties. When it comes to their optical characteristics, both rainbow moonstones and blue moonstones share a common trait, which is the dazzling blue flashes they display when viewed from certain angles. Nonetheless, rainbow moonstone has a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the others, as it can exhibit an array of additional hues such as yellow, orange, and purple. This feature makes it a popular choice among gemstone enthusiasts who are looking for a distinctive and multi-colored gemstone that can add a touch of vibrancy and excitement to their jewelry collection.

Can moonstone jewelry be worn every day?

While moonstone jewelry can be worn on a daily basis, it is crucial to take necessary precautions to avoid any potential damage or loss. One way to do this is by choosing a high-quality, durable setting for your moonstone jewelry.

For those looking for an affordable yet stylish option, sterling silver moonstone jewelry, including rings, has become a popular choice. These pieces strike a balance between superior craftsmanship and reasonable pricing, making them an ideal choice for those who want to wear moonstone jewelry regularly. With proper care and maintenance, moonstone jewelry can be a cherished addition to anyone's daily attire.

What colors are available for moonstone beads?

Moonstone is a versatile gemstone, and moonstone beads come in a vibrant assortment of colors that suit every style and occasion. Although blue moonstone is the most sought-after hue, other options include:

  • yellow
  • gray
  • pink
  • peach
  • cream

Each of these possesses its own unique attributes and properties. For instance, the blue moonstone symbolizes mental clarity and concentration, the gray moonstone enhances clairvoyance, and the pink moonstone promotes emotional balance.

The peach moonstone is known for its calming effect, and the cream moonstone represents purity and innocence. Whatever color you choose, the moonstone's beauty and enchantment will surely captivate and inspire.

What is the origin of the moonstone?

Moonstone has been revered as a sacred stone in numerous myths and legends throughout history. It is believed that placing a moonstone under one's pillow can lead to peaceful and serene dreams. Wearing a moonstone as a pendant or ring is said to awaken hidden talents and abilities. The ancient Romans and Greeks considered moonstone a precious gift from the moon goddess and believed that it could bring love and wealth to its wearer. They also believed that gazing into the stone could reveal the goddess Diana.

For thousands of years, moonstone has held a unique position in history, and diverse cultures have attached various beliefs and stories to them. The Romans thought that wearing moonstone jewelry could help them connect with their moon goddess, while the Greeks believed that the stone had prophetic powers. Both cultures believed that the moonstone was connected to lunar deities.

In Asian cultures, moonstone was believed to be brought by the tide every 21 years and was thought to possess healing powers and impart clairvoyant abilities. During the Art Nouveau era, moonstone became a popular choice for jewelry designers like René Lalique, and it remains a popular choice today for its feminine and sensual qualities.

In popular culture, moonstone beads are often associated with supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves, where they are believed to increase their powers. From ancient myths to modern-day pop culture, moonstone has been revered for its mystical qualities and has played a significant role in the human imagination.

Where can I find the best Moonstone Beads for sale online?

At Beads of Cambay, you can find the best moonstone beads for sale online. With a wide range of colors, styles, and other options at the lowest prices, you can choose from high-quality and authentic products.

Can I get Moonstone Beads wholesale from Beads of Cambay?

Yes, if you are looking for the best quality moonstone beads wholesale or an option to buy bulk moon stone beads, then Beads of Cambay is the place to go. Here, you can buy genuine moonstone in large quantities. With the platform, you can select from a large variety of moonstone beads at competitive prices and enjoy incredible deals.

If you need wholesale moonstone beads, Beads of Cambay has got you covered.