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Carnelian Beads

Have you ever looked at the perfectly round sun and wished there was a way to just adorn yourself with it? Well, if you nodded in agreement, then carnelian beads are the gemstones you have been looking for. 

These dainty little jewels come in all sorts of yellows and reds; they are even available in an almost-brown color palette. You will find all the shades of the sun in these jewels at the Beads of Cambay website, your one-stop destination for gemstone beads. 

Carnelian or Cornelian

Before purchasing any kind of jewelry or beads, it is important to first understand their origin, nature, and features. So, let us dive into the fascinating world of this particular bead. 

Carnelian is a chalcedony type that contains iron oxide and silica. The former gives the carnelian bead its lovely orangish red hue. Meanwhile, sard is not the same as Carnelian, but quite similar. There is usually a greater resistance to touch. Hence, the two names can often be used interchangeably. Both carnelian beads and sard originate from Brazil, Germany, Siberia, and India. The former is also found in rock cavities in the United States. Large carnelian bead deposits can be found in the Great Lakes, Missouri, and Massachusetts. 

Carnelian beads can also be spelled cornelian. Both of these spellings are correct, with 'carnelian' becoming more famous following the 16th century. History scientists think the name must have been derived from 'cornum,' the Latin word, or cornel cherry, as it resembled the fruit. 

Carnelian or cornelian, if you want to buy yellow, orange, brown, or red gemstones, you will love the collection we have on the Beads of Cambay website of natural carnelian beads. 

History of Carnelian

The ancient Egyptians considered this gemstone to get rid of bad tempers, jealousy, hatred, anger, and other negative emotions. Back then, the carnelian beads were also made to protect the dead while they transitioned to their afterlife journey. 

During the Renaissance, gemstones was engraved with an image of a sword or warrior and placed outside the homes to protect the structures from storms. Carnelian beads were also amulets that offered protection to the wearer. Wearing the gemstone offered the person wearing it protection from insanity, skin diseases, nosebleeds, and blood diseases. People in ancient times also firmly believed that carnelian beads could prevent and stop nightmares. 

Benefits of using Carnelian Beads

Carnelian stones were worn in ancient times to ward off unpleasant moods and evil. In the contemporary age, it was believed that wearing a carnelian bead could enhance a person's creativity and self-esteem, help them feel adequate, and boost their physical energy. The gemstone was also known to help fight insomnia and allow the wearer to sleep more peacefully. 

Also, carnelian beads are said to radiate hopeful and positive vibrations, bringing in good luck and helping the person wearing them remain calm in challenging situations. So if you are looking for gemstones that will help you feel like a ray of sunshine and turn around your bad days, check out the Beads of Cambay website for some lovely options!

While shopping for gemstones, ensuring you do not buy faceted carnelian beads is essential. Hence, shopping from reputed brands like the Beads of Cambay website is important. 

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