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Iolite Beads

First discovered in the 19th century, iolite beads gained popularity quickly in jewelry making. These jewels get their name from a Greek phrase for the color violet. The gemstone has rich purple, violet, and indigo colors. Their unique property is that when viewed from different angles, the transparency, hue, and color of the iolite beads shifts, thereby revealing inner shades of honey yellow and golden brown. 

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History of Iolite

Iolite beads are known as the Viking compass stone, according to legend. As per folklore, iolite in thin slices would reduce the glare and provide polarized filters that helped navigators find the sun on gloomy, cloudy days. This also permitted the Nordic mariners to understand their location in the sea. Lolite derives from 'ios,' the Greek word for the color violet. It is also believed that the iolite gemstone beads help unlock creativity blocks and also help with sleeping well. This is also the stone that couples incorporate into their 21st wedding anniversary celebrations. 

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Benefits Of Iolite Beads

Iolite gemstone beads are said to clear the eye chakra and bring clarity. It offers a clear vision in terms of cutting through the blurriness of daily life. It enhances your ability to witness life with a clear view and also helps improve your creative expression. Iolite beads also bring open communication and balance into your life. They help you focus better on your tasks at hand. 

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Why Iolite Beads Are Known As Viking Stone?

Viking explorers would use the iolite beads to navigate the way during their travels. Hence, these jewels are also known as the Viking stone. Leif Eriksson was one of the Viking explorers who would use the iolite beads to locate the sun on cloudy days and also help understand the location of his ship in the sea. This is why the stone is also considered the one that gives clarity. The vision stone helped them travel safely. You may not need the stone for the same purposes, but the iolite beads can be used as ornaments that also help you have a clear vision in day-to-day life. 

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