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Kyanite Beads

What Is Kyanite?

Kyanite Beads are one of the most sought-after crystals among enthusiasts because of the variety of colors they come in and also because of their rare nature and range of healing properties. Here, we will tell you everything about the kyanite gemstone, its uses, colors, benefits, and more. 

The Kyanite stone is a rare mineral that is formed within metamorphic rocks under extremely high pressure. It usually comes in deep blue cerulean crystal, but it can also come in gray, black, ocean blue, and turquoise colors. For a shard, the stone is unusually hard, and on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it can measure from 4.5 to 7. This is just a little less fragile than the quartz. 

What Is The Meaning of Kyanite?

The kyanite gemstone has been associated with various meanings over the decades because of its different uses among humankind. However, it is largely associated with healing, protection, and clarity. 

The gemstone has strength and is pretty rare, which gives its colors a sense of purity that is healing and calming. The kyanite beads have a vibrational frequency that can benefit your physical, emotional, and mental wellness and help you clear out emotional blockages that can cause hurdles and stresses in your life. 

Benefits and Healing Properties of Kyanite

The healing nature of the kyanite stone is so immense that jewelry pieces are designed accordingly. These include chokers and necklaces. Crystal healers often suggest that you wear kyanite near your throat or around your neck, as it helps clear blockages in the throat chakra, which is the energetic center in the body for communication. This does not have limited factors such as direct verbal communication but also includes clear, honest, and transparent communication with other people and yourself. 

The Kyanite gemstone also has the ability to inculcate inner peace, harmony, and tranquility, which makes it a famous tool for healing sleep disorders. It is said that the gemstone will target the emotional and mental stress a person goes through and then dissolve it by letting the energy of the person flow easily.

As we go about our lives every day, we carry various burdens and strains. When unchecked, these last for way too long and can manifest emotional or physical pain. The kyanite beads have a potent energy that enables the cleansing of such negative emotions. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you start using the kyanite gemstone, as it will help release pent-up anger, frustration, and sadness. However, do not be afraid. Once these blockages completely leave your body, you will feel calmer and lighter. 

How to Use Kyanite?

Kyanite beads are precious stones and should be treated with a lot of love and care. Whether the jewels are embedded in jewelry or loose, they should always be carefully and gently handled.

Even though the jewel is a hard crystal, if you store it incorrectly or drop it on a hard surface, it will lead to scratches, complete breakage, or cracks.

Avoid any type of abrasive cleaning agent that has harmful chemicals in it while caring for the kyanite beads. You can mix organic soap with warm water to clean the jewels and get rid of fingerprints, dust, or unsightly marks. Make sure you use a soft towel or tissue to polish and dry the stone to prevent the kyanite beads from developing scratches on their surface. 

Any time you are not using or wearing your kyanite crystal, you should keep it in a container or a pouch lined with a soft cloth. Do not keep your kyanite round beads in a container or bowl with other crystals, as this too, can lead to chipping and scratches. 

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