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Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic beads are essential in jewelry making, as are some pieces. The magnetic clasps keep the jewelry together, ensuring it closes appropriately. While they are an indispensable tool that provides jewelry closure correctly, not all clasps must be magnetic. Some jewelry pieces that require clasps include bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. The magnetic clasp will quickly let you wear and take off your jewelry without causing it any damage. Clasps also help determine the durability of the jewelry piece. The various types of clasps for jewelry include spring ring clasps, hook clasps, lobster clasps, and the magnetic variety. 

What are Magnetic Clasps?

The most common type of clasp in jewelry is the magnetic one. The magnetic clasp is composed of two magnetic beads, one on each end of the jewelry piece. The clasp fastens the ends and ensures the jewelry sits perfectly on the wearer. These types of clasps are the most commonly used in jewelry pieces because they are easy to use. Even children with limited motor skills can figure out how to operate the magnetic clasp. It only takes a few seconds to snap the two ends of the jewelry together.

Magnetic clasps can come in many sizes, designs, and shapes. It is important to remember that while the clasp works amazingly with necklaces, the same cannot be said about a magnetic clasp bracelet. 

Types of Magnetic Clasps

As mentioned earlier, a magnetic clasp can come in various shapes and sizes. Each of them has a different purpose. Here are some examples of the different types: 

Tube: Just as the name suggests, the magnets on this clasp are cylindrical-shaped. They are in various finishes and sizes. Some of the most popular sizes for these clasps are 7mm x 7mm, 5mm x 5mm, 8mm x 6mm, and 8mm x 5mm. 

Mag-Lock: The magnets on this clasp are powerful. They align by themselves and are also easy to use. This is a magnetic clasp for jewelry making that you should consider for those who find it difficult to operate the more conventional ones. They come in sizes 7mm, 6mm, 11mm, and 8mm. 

Beehive: These clasps are in the shape of beehives and give a unique look to the jewelry. These are firm magnetic jewelry clasps and an excellent choice for neck pieces of medium-weight beads. 

Ball clasps: These are perfect magnetic clasps for necklaces. They are made of round bead magnets that easily camouflage with the beads. 

Converter clasps: These clasps can convert any form of jewelry with other types of clasps into magnetic ones. They help join the clasps on the two ends of the jewelry pieces. 

How to Choose Magnetic Clasps?

If you want to purchase a magnetic clasp but do not know which type to get, the following steps will help you. 

First, you need to be sure of the size of the clasp you are looking for. A magnetic clasp necklace works on lighter jewelry pieces. If the chain is heavier, the clasp will likely not hold its weight. Also, if the magnetic clasps for jewelry are too oversized, they will look out of place. 

Second, you should be sure of the clasp shape you want. For example, a ball clasp will look great with round beads. The bracelet's magnetic clasps will blend well together. 

And lastly, the color is another major deciding factor. If you want to match your jewelry, you must make sure the clasp is the same color as the rest of the piece. For example, if it is a copper jewelry piece, you will need copper magnetic clasps for bracelets. 

What are Jewelry Clasps?

Jewelry clasps are essential tools that keep the jewelry together and in shape. They ensure it retains its structure on the wearer. They come in various forms, colors, and sizes. They help attach the two ends of the jewelry—necklaces, anklets, bracelets, etc. The magnetic clasp is the most user-friendly of the many types of clasps.

Uses of Magnetic Clasps

A magnetic clasp can be used in various jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc. It can also be used for wallets and purses. The clasps can be part of the design and serve as locks for wallets and purses. 

Benefits of Magnetic Clasps

These clasps are extremely easy to use. They can help fasten the jewelry. They work so efficiently that even unfastening your jewelry won't take time. Magnetic bracelet clasps, necklace clasps, etc., will help you save time in fastening and unfastening the jewelry pieces. The clasps are situated on both ends of the jewelry item, and when in close proximity, the magnets on both ends attract and firmly fasten the piece. These clasps are also very convenient to use compared to other clasps. You can just attach or unfasten your jewelry without asking someone to help you with it. 

Also, magnets are said to have therapeutic benefits in many cultures. People with chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, or other chronic conditions can also benefit from the magnets in the clasps.

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