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Agate Beads

What are Agate Beads?

Agate is a chalcedony type that is a form of microcrystalline quartz. It comes in many colors, such as gray, black, brown, red, and blue. For centuries, the agate bead has been used for many purposes, such as a talisman in the olden days. Even today, the jewel is considered by many to be a lucky charm. The stone is known to protect the wearer and is often used in jewelry and amulets. The stone is also worn for grounding purposes. Many even use agate beads to balance and inspire harmony in their energy and emotions. 

Benefits of Wearing Agate Beads

If you own or are planning to buy agate gemstone beads, you need to be aware of their benefits, which are not just limited to healing. The type of agate you have will also influence the benefits. Some of the common ones are: 

  • Enhanced stability and grounding
  • Boosted courage and confidence
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improvement in concentration and mental clarity
  • Increase in self-love, kindness, and compassion
  • Protection from harmful energies
  • Enhancement in spiritual development
  • Improvement in detoxification and digestion

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Agate Beads - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colors of Agate?

Agate is a stone that has healing properties that also bring about stability, grounding, and balance. However, each of its colors has different benefits. You can buy agate beads online on the Beads of Cambay website. Here is the meaning behind some of the agate colors: 

  1. Black: Offers protection and dispels negativity
  2. Blue: Inspires better communication as it clears throat chakra blockages
  3. Gray: Helps relieve anxiety and stress
  4. Carnelian: Boosts courage
  5. Brown: Used for grounding and promoting stability
  6. Pink: Promotes kindness, self-love, and compassion and nurtures the heart
  7. Orange: Brings joy
  8. Purple: Stone of passion, courage and strength
  9. White: Helps purify the aura
  10. Yellow: Used to improve concentration

How to Care for Agate Jewelry?

Agate jewelry is not high maintenance. However, the right care for it is important. Ensure you store your jewels by wrapping them in a cloth and then keep them in a box with your other stones. This will prevent your stones from scratching. Also, wipe your gemstones gently with a damp cloth to remove dust or other impurities. Do not keep the stones at a dry temperature, as they may crack. 

How Do You Know If Agate Beads Are Real?

To ensure you have natural agate beads, you need to purchase them from reputed sources, such as Beads of Cambay. However, to ensure that the beads that you have are real, make sure you look at the pattern of the stone and its color. If these factors look too perfect, the stone is likely to be a fake one. The jewel also has an oily or waxy feel with a smooth surface. If it feels spiky or rough, it is a fake stone. Also, the price is important. The real agate stones are valuable. If you find a jewelry piece for really cheap, then it is probably not real.