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Chrysoprase Beads

Chrysoprase beads are an excellent choice if you like turquoise beads. It is also possible to find them in shades of gold as well as green. Look no further if you want some spectacular beads at great wholesale rates. You are already at your destination -- Beads of Cambay -- the most sought-after platform to purchase gems like chrysoprase beads.  

Where Chrysoprase Beads Found?

The word chrysoprase is formed from two Greek words. Some say it comes from “prasinon” and “chrysos,” while some say it is a mix of “prason” and “chrysos.” 

Chrysoprase beads can be found in Poland, Germany, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and the United States. In the US, these gemstones are usually found in California and Arizona. 

Even though there is a bounty of these gemstone beads, they are still precious jewels. 

What Makes Chrysoprase Special?

Chrysoprase is a form of silica chalcedony. It is usually described as apple green. The silica gets its green color from nickel oxide. However, the green in the chrysoprase beads can range from lemon yellow to a deep green, which can also be darker than a green apple. Also, because the gem is silica, its transparency can be opaque. 

Also, if you ever find any brown or capper patterns in your chrysoprase rondelle beads, just know that they have occurred naturally.

The jewel forms naturally in the crevices of caves and inside rocks, as well as other material that, at times, blends with the solidifying silica. 

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Benefits of Wearing Chrysoprase Beads

Chrysoprase gemstones are said to be healing stones. They are said to be able to mend broken hearts by boosting your self-esteem. Chrysoprase beads help equalize emotional balance as well as help you accept change and move on and also help tolerate other people. 

So if a boost of confidence is what you are looking for, then maybe try wearing chrysoprase beads for a bit. You will notice the difference within yourself. 

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