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Biwa Freshwater Pearls

What Are Biwa Pearls?

The Japanese freshwater pearls, the Biwa variety, were originally cultured in Japan's Lake Biwa. The founder of Mikimoto Pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto, was the first to commercially create these viable cultured pearls. He changed the entire pearl industry, taking the spotlight away from the natural, marine ones. 

He then began experimenting with mussels instead of oysters in Lake Biwa. Instead of nuclei, he experimented with mantle tissue irritants, which were inserted into the mussel and secreted the nacre layer as its natural defense mechanism, resulting in the formation of pearls. 

The pearls were irregularly shaped as the tissue had no definite shape. The Lake Biwa experiments set a precedent for freshwater pearls. Biwa pearls were also usually more affordable than the other varieties present at the time.

History of Biwa Pearls

Biwa freshwater pearls came into existence because of the founder of Mikimoto Pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto. He started experimenting with pearl-making in Japan's Lake Biwa. These experiments are what changed the pearl industry entirely. Culturing freshwater pearls became the new norm with the advent of Biwa pearls. These pearls were cheaper than wild marine pearls, increasing their demand. Kokichi experimented with the pearls. He used mussels instead of oysters and put the mantle tissue irritants in them instead of the nuclei. This led to the mussels secreting the nacre layers around the irritants, producing pearls. Mussels also enabled the formation of many pearls in one organism, unlike oysters, where only one pearl is formed in each of them. 

Benefits & Healing Properties of Biwa Pearls

Biwa freshwater pearls have many healing and metaphysical properties. They are known to keep the purity of your mind intact and purify your thoughts, actions, mind, and body. They will also enhance your awareness and make your inner self confident and shine. These stones are known to help you get to know and express your highest self. The Biwa pearls are known to keep you centered, aligned, and true to yourself. If you wear the pearls, you will also feel a boost of self-confidence. Pearls are associated with truth, humility, innocence, purity, and love, and the Biwa variety, too, will help you imbibe all these qualities. 

Biwa Pearls Symbolize

The Biwal pearl gemstone is known to keep all your chakras in line. They symbolize faith, commitment, and loyalty. It is known for its sincerity. It is also known to fix the digestive system as well as aid other organs of the body. It also helps improve fertility in women and ease the pain of childbirth. Due to its association with the moon, it keeps your mood stable as well. Biwa freshwater pearls will make you happy and help you find wisdom in your life, helping you attract wealth. It also endorses prosperity and great health and keeps you away from bad energies. 

Biwa Pearl Color

The Biwa pearls come in beautiful shades of white, gray, and pink. They are pretty similar to oyster pearls. They have a similar luminosity and luster. 

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Biwa Pearls - Frequently Asked Questions:

What Makes Biwa Pearls So Special?

Biwa pearls are not very different from regular freshwater pearls. Their composition is the same. It is just that they were the first ones to be cultured, giving it a distinct charm and position. They set a precedent for freshwater pearls to be cultured and the pearl industry to change entirely. The people looking for the Biwa variety now are either vintage lovers, collectors, or those who want to acquire and collect something unique. 

Where is Biwa Pearl found?

These pearls originate from Biwa Lake, situated in Japan. However, China has given equal competition to freshwater pearl harvesting in Japan. This is also a reason why the cultivation of pearls from Biwa Lake has reduced and has almost stopped now. While it paved the way for culturing freshwater pearls, the Biwa variety is not produced anymore. However, the ones who want the biwa pearl jewelry are usually the ones who are looking to acquire something unique, such as historians, collectors, or vintage lovers.

How Do Biwa Pearls Look?

The Biwa pearls have a glossy appearance and are very protective of the wearer. They come in white, gray, and pink. It has a magnificent shine and luster. These pearls are the pioneers of freshwater pearls and have led the freshwater pearl culturing industry to where it is right now. Their existence caused a rise in demand for gemstones, so you can only imagine how beautiful they look. They are, however, not perfectly round pearls. They do have irregularities. Their composition, however, is the same as any other freshwater pearl. 

What sets them apart is that they were the first cultured freshwater pearls to ever exist. And experimentation with them is what paved the way for the freshwater pearl and pearl culture farming industries. These also made pearls more affordable, greatly reducing the demand for natural marine pearls, which were expensive. All in all, Biwa pearls are a great, trendy jewel to add to your accessories collection.