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Lapis Lazuli Beads

No doubt you've been drawn to the beauty of this traditional stone laid into your favorite Lapis Lazuli beads and jewelry pieces. There's a long history of this gemstone, commonly known as Lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli is among the most beautiful crystals in the history of beads. For those seeking to promote self-expression or reach self-enlightenment, Lapis may help. It's also your go-to stone to help you relieve negative thoughts while looking good in your best outfit.

You're looking for lapis beaded jewelry, but where do you start? There's an ocean of options and only a little time. To add some color to your jewelry, consider using lapis lazuli beads. You can find plenty at Beads of Cambay. Read on to learn more about lapis lazuli.

What is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is a rare, beautiful gemstone used by the Egyptians and Persians for thousands of years. It comes in a range of colors, depending on its quality. Since ancient times, lapis lazuli beads have been used in spiritual and religious rituals because of their well-known calming and healing properties. Lapis Lazuli is the most valuable of all lapis stones.

Lapis is prized for its incredible, bright blue coloration. You can use it for intarsia, inlay, painting, and cosmetics. Today, lapis lazuli is predominantly used in jewelry.

How to use Lapis?

Lapis lazuli has been fashioned for years to show its beautiful and unearthly color. When set in gold or silver, it adds a touch of sparkle to your look. The stone can be used to make lapis beads and other forms of artwork like tablets, cabochons, and inlays. However, its use is never exclusive to earrings, bracelets, or necklace jewelry. Like jade, lapis stone can be made into any daily livelihood craft, like bowls, hair combs, amulets, game boards, and dagger handles. 

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of royalty, which is why it's often found in jewelry worn by royalty. It's also the birthstone for December; however, this varies by country. If you have someone born in December, you can gift them lapis lazuli round beads. It's also considered Capricon’s planetary stone and Libra’s birthstone. You can also give someone lapis lazuli beads on their 7th or 9th wedding anniversary. 

It's also believed that lapis beads promote creativity and help clear the mind of clutter. If you're feeling overwhelmed at work, try wearing our lapis lazuli beads necklace as an alternative way to relax without taking time off from meetings or daily tasks.

Where is Lapis Lazuli Found?

Top-quality Lapis traces its origins to Afghanistan, where it was first mined over 6500 years ago. You can also find it in Pakistan, the U.S., Siberia, Canada, and Chile.

Limestone beds are the primary source of lapis lazuli. Its beds occur naturally in the Kokcha River valley in northeastern Afghanistan. The valley is also home to Sar-e-Sang deposits, the native Lapis source.

You will still find lapis lazuli mines today in northeast Afghanistan, as these mines are the primary stone source. Significant lapis is mined in Russia's Baikal Lake and Chile's Andes Mountains. Trace amounts are available in Canada, the U.S., Italy, and Mongolia.

We base Lapis grades on the absence or presence of pyrite and calcite and the stone's color. You will find the following lapis on the market today, listed in order of increasing value:

  • Afghan - Persian (Afghan grade): Medium-dark, intense, violetish blue, but uniform. It also contains little to no calcite and pyrite.

  • Russian- Siberian Lapis —Has a range of tones and blue intensity. It may contain calcite but always has pyrite. It is used to make ornaments and, rarely, jewelry.

  • Chilean—Found in Turkestan Bokhara and near lake Baikal. It has a calcite matrix with tinged green.

Lapis lazuli is used in jewelry because of its durability and luminosity.

How to Care for Lapis Lazuli Jewelry and Beads?

Lapis Lazuli is a stone known for its color, but you can still treat it like any other expensive piece of jewelry. It is still a natural ornament with unique properties that need to be respected to keep your lapis beads looking beautiful for years to come. If you want your jewelry to last and retain its original luster:

  • Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals.
  • Keep away from heat
  • Keep away from sharp objects.

Like all Beads of Cambay accessories, you can shower while your lapis lazuli beads are with you.

Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, honesty, harmony, elevation, and inner vision.

As a soft gemstone that is easy to carve, people have exploited its spiritual symbolism in ceremonies, essential rituals, and spiritual expression.

Lapis lazuli beads will bring you inner peace and self-confidence, which will help you communicate better with others. When we are at peace within ourselves, we are not as likely to take things personally or react when someone does something we don't like.

Lapis stone beads also help us eliminate our fears by giving us insight into how to best deal with them. 

Lapis is also a good stone for artists because it helps them express themselves more freely through their work without fear of being judged or ridiculed by others who might not understand what they're trying to say.

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Lapis Beads - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Lapis Lazuli beads FAQS.

Do Lapis Beads Bring Luck?

Yes, lapis lazuli beads bring luck. On top of adding a little magic to any outfit, lapis beads have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties and as an amulet for good luck. 

The beads can vary depending on the culture you're looking at, but they also have some association with love and protection. Some people believe that wearing lapis lazuli beads will help them attract love into their lives, while others believe that it will protect them from harm or give them strength during times of weakness.

In addition to their protective qualities, some cultures believe these beads could help with fertility issues and bring good fortune in money matters.

Does Lapis Lazuli Glow In The Dark?

Yes, lapis lazuli does glow in the dark.

The semi-precious Lapis stone is known for absorbing light and reflecting it later. 

Are Lapis Beads Worth Anything?

Lapis beads are a treasure as they hold traditional values and symbolize different aspects of life. If you think about them as an investment in something beautiful, then yes—they're worth something as they make your outfit look good. And if you want to sell your Lapis Rondelle beads collection one day, they'll probably be worth even more than what they currently cost. But if you wish to keep them around because they make you feel good and bring good luck your way, well, that's fine too.

What Does the Lapis Stone Symbolize?

The Sumerians believed that their god's spirits lived in the Lapis stone. On the other hand, Egyptians consider it a night sky symbol.

Since ancient times, lapis stone has been believed to be connected to our higher selves and a source of strength. It's a symbol of wisdom and truth, which makes sense when you consider that it's made up of several mineral compounds that make up the earth itself. It's also associated with creativity, artistic expression, and self-expression, considering its use in jewelry and other artsy endeavors throughout history.

Lapis is considered a stone of protection and power, which you can use to ward off evil spirits, achieve your goals, and improve your health.

How Can You Tell If Lapis Lazuli Beads Are Real?

It may be hard to tell apart fake lapis lazuli beads, but some tests may help. Real lapis lazuli beads will never get warm to your touch, even after holding them for a while. Synthetic and plastic beads will warm up if you engulf them in your fist for a while. 

Also, you can tell if Lapis Lazuli beads are genuine by rubbing a bead with acetone. If the beads' coloring starts fading, they are fake. Lastly, lapis lazuli beads cannot be scratched through glass unless you use a knife to strike them. These tests will help you tell if your beads are real.

Who Wears Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli has been worn by royalty and commoners for thousands of years. It was also popularized as a treasure amongst ancient kings and Roman emperors. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks also used it to adorn their queens and kings; it is still worn today by royalty worldwide.

Today, people worldwide wear lapis lazuli beads as jewelry, from the young to the old. Many say that wearing lapis lazuli will help them become more creative and inspired. Others say beads help them deal with stress.

What Is the Rarest Color Lapis?

There are many different shades and colors of lapis lazuli, but the rarest is a deep blue hue, and the most beautiful lapis stones are from Afghanistan.

How Can You Tell Good-Quality Lapis?

Good quality Lapis is usually a deep, rich blue color with an even purplish-blue hue. Some low-quality lapis may have brownish tints or black spots inside the stone that do not fade over time; this indicates some impurity in the rock when it is mined and polished into a bead.

Luster can as well help tell real Lapis Lazuli beads. A high-quality lapis bead will have an intense shine on both sides of the bead. This means it should not have scratches on either side of the stone from polishing or grinding during manufacturing. 

You'll know you have good-quality lapis when you see the beads sparkling in their raw form.

Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Water?

Yes! Lapis lazuli is a very durable gemstone that can hold up to water.

However, we recommend you avoid exposing your lapis to denatured alcohol, acetone, or harsh chemicals, as they can discolor the stone over time.

If you want to clean your lapis lazuli beads, we recommend using a soft cloth with warm water. Alternatively, mild dish soap can be used if necessary. For a sparkling finish, wipe with a dry, clean towel. You should test a small section of your beads before taking it all into the water, as some lapis dye treatments may need to be more stable. 

Does Lapis Lazuli Bring Love?

Lapis Lazuli is thought to be a potent love stone. It's been used as an aphrodisiac to help with fertility and bring peace and harmony to relationships.

Lapis lazuli represents the throat chakra, the center of communication and expression. Since it's believed that this stone helps us communicate more clearly and honestly with our partners, it can help communicate your needs or desires for intimacy or any other relationship issue.

It's also said that lapis lazuli helps you better understand your partner, which can lead you toward greater understanding. If there are any issues in your relationship, lapis lazuli beads may help you see them more clearly so that you can begin working on them together.

Is Lapis Lazuli More Expensive Than Gold?

Lapi Lazuli stone is pretty common, and it's relatively inexpensive. However, the cost of lapis lazuli is determined by several factors, including:

  1. The color and quality of the stone.

  2. The size of the stone (bigger equals more expensive)

  3. How well the stone has been cut (smoother equals more expensive)

  4. How much work has gone into setting the stone into jewelry (more work equals more expensive)

You can easily buy lapis lazuli online, at metaphysical stores, or at gem shows. However, genuine lapis lazuli beads will be more expensive than low-quality stones.

Where Is the Best Lapis Lazuli Found?

The most valuable kinds of lapis lazuli were discovered in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The best specimens come from mines in the Sar-e-Sang District of Badakhshan Province in northeastern Afghanistan, which are mined underground using hand tools.

Can You Wear Lapis Lazuli Beads Every Day?

Yes, you bet you can wear lapis lazuli beads every day, and it's a great idea.

Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest gemstones known to humans, and it has been used for its healing properties for centuries. It's also been used as a decoration in jewelry for millennia—and that's because it looks beautiful and feels good on your skin.

Lapis beads can be paired with almost any outfit because they come in many colors, shapes, and styles. A pair of jeans or a fancy dress goes well with them. They also look great with silver or gold jewelry and other gemstone beads like diamonds or emeralds. However, you should not wear lapis lazuli bead necklaces. 

Lapis lazuli also has a very calming effect on the wearer. So if you're feeling stressed or anxious, wearing a necklace made from lapis lazuli beads might help you feel calmer and more grounded. 

How Much Is Real Lapis?

The price of real lapis depends on its saturation and intensity. The fineness of the lapis lazuli stone comes from the sulfur quantity of the stone, its lazurite amount, and the position of sulfur radicals in the lapis crystals. Lapis lazuli, which has a high saturation of an intense blue color, is very expensive and rare.

Low-grade lapis may retail for as little as $1 per carat. However, real and ultra-fine lapis stone can sell for anywhere between 25 cents and $2.50 per gram or more.

Is Lapis Beads Rarer than Diamond?

Lapis beads are made from lapis lazuli. Quality lapis lazuli stones are rarer than diamonds. Lapis are almost as rare as gold ores. 

Where Can I Find the Best Lapis Beads for Sale Online?

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Can I Buy Lapis Beads Wholesale from BeadsofCambay?

Yes, you can buy lapis beads wholesale from BeadsofCambay. We have a wide variety of products available in bulk quantities so that you can save money while purchasing the beads.

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