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Prehnite Beads

What Is Prehnite?

An inosilicate stone, prehnite, is made of magnesium and calcium. Even though it is not officially a part of the zeolite family, it is usually mined in the same areas where the zeolite crystals are. 

The stone is usually a pear-green or milky shade of green, but prehnite yellow beads, orange, white, gray, clear, and brown can also be found.

Benefits of Prehnite Beads

The prehnite stones are known for their calming and soothing effects in all aspects of life, mental, physical, and emotional. It is said to strengthen bones and calm stress levels. 

It is also an intuitive stone and can help those who work in environments that require high attention levels. 

The prehnite beads also help humans function better, improve their metabolism, and remove toxins from their bodies. It will also help regulate your circulatory system and reduce infections in your body. 

The Prehnite crystal is extremely powerful for healing, and if you keep one in your house or wear its jewelry, you will begin to see its benefits. 

Why Choose Beads of Cambay To Buy Prehnite Beads?

Beads of Cambay is a one-stop destination for all jewelry-making requirements. Hence, it is perfect if you are looking for prehnite beads for jewelry making. We are the most-trusted platform for jewelry designers and brands, and we ensure good quality products are delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible. You can also purchase from us in bulk at wholesale prices. When you shop from us, rest assured you will not receive faceted prehnite beads.

Prehnite Beads - Frequently Asked Questions

What Chakra Is Prehnite Good For? 

Prehnite is usually associated with the gut and heart chakras. You will find the gut chakra under your abdomen, or the solar plexus chakra, which stimulates self-esteem and self-confidence. Yellow is the color most associated with this chakra, and when you work with prehnite, it helps your inner harmony radiate. 

The heart chakra is located in the chest, and it is also known as the Anahata chakra. It is associated with green, much like the most popular prehnite stone. The chakra promotes compassion, love, empathy, and forgiveness. 

Prehnite stone has healing properties that are closely related to both the gut and heart chakras. If you are seeking spiritual or emotional support, try working with the prehnite stone. You can also use the white prehnite beads for a different crystal variation.

How Do You Know If Prehnite Beads Are Real?

The real prehnite crystals have a deep sheen and are pretty brittle. There are white and green veins running through them unevenly, and they are solid and translucent. The real stone will always be pretty hard. If you shop from reputed platforms such as Beads of Cambay, you will get the most authentic and real prehnite crystals at the best rates in the market. 

Do you offer Prehnite beads wholesale? 

Yes, we offer prehnite stones at wholesale prices if you buy from us in bulk. We are known to offer gemstones in bulk. So if you need premium prehnite gems to make jewelry, shopping from Beads of Cambay is perfect for you.