Coral Beads

Coral beads are natural stones that are formed underwater from the skeletal remains of tiny marine organisms called polyps. These animals are related to the anemones and jellyfish categories of marine organisms.

The material for the gemstone is usually composed of aragonite or calcium carbonate, which is a chemical compound that is easily found in rocks across the world. It is the main component of organisms found in marine waters and can be traced in snails, shells, and pearls. Coral beads get their deep orange color from natural pigments like carotene. 

Origins of Precious Coral

Corals are as ancient as the Benin tribe and hold cultural significance in the lifestyle, fashion, and traditions of the tribe. The red coral beads signify hierarchy, dominance, and power.

The oldest you can trace these gemstones back to is 1400 AD. The beads were said to have been stolen from Ughoton, the goddess of the sea, and brought into the Benin Republic. Meanwhile, another account is from Portugal, where the natural coral beads were brought to Benin via trade. 

Red Coral Beads

Most of the gemstones or crystals you have in your jewelry collection are likely to be minerals that come from rock formations. However, red coral beads are the ones that come from the polyps of marine organisms. There are many types and colors of coral gemstones, but the orange and red ones are the most popular. Also called Coralliium rubrum, the red corals, which are deep ox-blood red, are the most expensive ones. It also comes in shades of light pink.

Red coral is a porous and soft material made of calcium carbonate. When the gemstone is harvested, it has a natural matte finish but can have a shiny finish after some polishing. 

Benefits of Coral Beads

Corals are not just gemstones that you can wear; they also serve many purposes. Here are some benefits of original coral beads:

1) Increase courage and confidence:

The red gemstone symbolizes Mars, which is the royal god of war. Hence, the gemstone also inherits all the warrior's courage, confidence, and abilities. If you are looking for some superhero energy, then this gemstone is for you. 

2) Overcome obstacles:

When there is an increase in confidence, you are also better adept at overcoming obstacles. Wearing the coral gemstone will make you stand out and cross all hurdles with ease. 

3) Improve health:

Red coral is also said to have healing properties. Among its physical healing properties, it is said to be good for your blood and blood-related diseases. It is also said to keep your blood pressure in check and be great for your heart.

It also has many positive mental health-healing properties. So if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health problems, working with this stone will help you see a difference. 

4) Overcome lethargy:

Apart from infusing confidence, this gemstone will also help you be pumped with energy at all times. Wearing a coral-bead jewelry item will make you feel like you are unstoppable. 

5) Better relationships:

The beads are said to help you find a compatible partner. Even if you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, working with these gemstones will ease things out for you. 

The Powers of Coral

Coral is looked at as a highly prized substance that has many sacred properties. It is a symbol of wisdom, modesty, immortality, and happiness. It is also known to help release spasms, ease sleeplessness and restlessness, and work on issues of the intestines and bladder stones.

Coral is said to help reduce stress and make you face your fears. As a result, you become more confident and energetic, and you can deal with nervousness better. Even if you find yourself suffering from anxiety or depression, wearing a jewelry item like a coral beads necklace will make all the difference. It also helps with visualization and meditation. 

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