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Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling silver beads are usually used as spacers -- meaning to fill up spaces in jewelry. These are natural stones. The spacers, apart from separating, also have the function of being seen as decorative. They break the monotony and form their own continuity, making the final jewelry piece a masterpiece. Silver bead stones by themselves may look plain. But they do have a very important function in bringing together a piece. They come in various shapes and forms, such as spheres, donuts, tubes, cubes, cups, beads, flowers, etc. Due to this reason, these silver beads are versatile while creating accessories, both minimalist and extravagant, for everyday use as well as for big glamorous events. They also complement evening outfits really well. 

What Is Sterling Silver Beads?

The most common silver type is sterling silver. It is also one of the most renowned. It is used in jewelry, writing tools, flatware, silverware, and so many other items. Think of an item that most likely contains some form of sterling silver. 

For something to be considered sterling silver, it must have 92.5% silver ore. The same goes for sterling silver beads as well. The rest of the 7.5% is most likely copper, which gives strength to the soft sterling silver metal. Just like gold, silver is soft, which makes it easy to shape, form, and carve for anything. This is also the reason why silver jewelry is so detailed intricately, unlike bronze, steel, or copper. 

Usually, sterling silver is also coated with a thin platinum layer to prevent it from tarnishing and enable it to maintain its silver color. 

Same with silver beads. They are basically sterling silver balls that come in various sizes and shapes. They are usually used as spacers in jewelry making. Silver beads break the monotony of a jewelry piece and help bring it all together. 

Sterling silver beads for jewelry making

Silver beads are unique pieces of art that you can wear. Sterling silver beads make jewelry classic as well as timeless. The use of sterling silver is common in jewelry making, and silver beads to are very common. They come in many shapes and sizes, such as spheres, donuts, tubes, cubes, and so on. There are different forms of silver, such as Thai silver and plated silver, but sterling silver is one of the most durable and commonly-used metals.

Silver beads are used in jewelry making to bring the pieces together. Not just necklaces or bracelets, sterling silver beads are also used in earrings and rings as well. They can be tiny or large, based on your preference. Sterling silver is also a metal that can be easily carved or shaped, which is why these sterling silver beads also come in various designs. 

Sterling silver beads are usually also spacers in jewelry making. They are added in the middle of a jewelry piece to break the monotony and also help in bringing the entire jewelry piece together.

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5 Benefits of Buying Sterling Silver Beads

There are many benefits to purchasing sterling silver beads. Some of the top benefits are: 

1) Low maintenance

Silver beads introduce a great touch of beauty and shine to any look. It is also very low maintenance. Sterling silver jewelry is resistant to tarnishing, which means that if you take a tiny amount of effort, your jewelry pieces will look as new as ever for many, many years to come. 

Sterling beads can also be cleaned easily with mild detergent and warm water. Take a soft cloth, and rub it on the sterling silver beads in a circular motion to remove any grime, dirt, or oxidation that may have built over time. 

This simple cleaning routine will make your sterling silver jewelry look as shiny and sparkling as ever!

2) Affordable

Sterling silver jewelry is much more affordable as compared to platinum or gold. And it does not even compromise on its beauty. Sterling silver will cost you a fraction of gold, and you will get amazing pieces that are also durable in nature and are still malleable metal. 

Sterling silver beads are available in a variety of designs and styles. And if used smartly, it can also be a part of the minimalist jewelry category. They are also very easy to maintain. The affordability factor, added with easy maintenance, makes silver beads a very attractive purchase. 

3) Variety

As sterling silver is a malleable metal, it can be designed easily into various styles and also tailored to the choice you like. Cufflinks, rings, and pendants also come in beautiful sterling silver. 

It is also great quality jewelry. The same goes for silver beads as well. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs too. 

4) Durability

With sterling silver, you can rest assured of its sturdiness and durability. Metals like this are ideal for jewelry making because they are incredibly robust. Sterling silver beads are also influenced by this. 

The durability ensures that these beads will stay for a long, long time. It does not discolor or tarnish quickly as well. If you are looking for a durable, affordable, and fashionable jewelry piece, the silver beads will just add to it. 

5) Gold plating is an option

Sterling silver jewelry gives you a regal and refined appearance. It can also be easily gold-plated, which gives the look of an actual gold jewelry piece. Even silver beads, with different sizes and shapes and designs, can easily be gold-plated. 

Gold plating adds a luxurious feel to sterling silver jewelry, which transforms it into a masterpiece display piece. 

Many choose to gold plate their sterling silver jewelry instead of buying the same in sold gold because the former is aesthetically pleasing and is also a more affordable, more durable alternative. 

Best Gemstone to Set in Sterling Silver

The best part of sterling silver is the gemstones that can easily be set in it. Here are some examples: 

1) Moonstone

Just as the name suggests, the gemstone resembles the moon. It is a stone of transformation and healing and gives out feminine energy. 

It represents love and peace. 

Sterling silver and moonstone together create jewelry that is functional, beautiful and feels regal. 

The moonstone has a glossy appearance with a bit of luster. It will help you connect and embrace your feminine side. 

2) Opal

Opal plays with so many colors. You can never tell. Opals jewelry is known to protect one from illnesses and also bring fortune in their life, according to legend. 

This beautiful, milky gemstone, with a range of colors its surface reflects, goes beautifully with sterling silver jewelry, giving a very royal and luxurious look. 

3) Moldavite

Moldavite is olive green and, together with Sterling silver, makes a stunning jewelry piece.

It is a gemstone beads that gives off a high vibration and, according to legend, was sent to our planet Earth to help humanity. It also has metaphysical capabilities, such as enabling you to communicate clearly with the universe as well as your higher self. 

4) Garnet

The gemstone is said to be over 5,000 years old. It is red and has a pomegranate-like resemblance. It pairs beautifully with Sterling Steel. Additionally, it regulates blood flow and circulation. The spiritual significance of garnet jewelry will help you align, open and ground your root chakra. This gemstone is also beneficial to the heart, lungs, and spleen. It also promotes mental health and helps aid depression recovery. 

5) Larimar

The blue to green shade of this gemstone makes it look so stunning when paired with Sterling Silver. Larimer has a calming effect on the person who wears it. If you find yourself worrying too much, this gemstone will help you be at ease. It can wash away your negative thoughts. 

6) Turquoise

The happy color of the turquoise gemstone is good for your throat chakra and helps in communicating clearly. The gemstone, when set in sterling silver, looks elegant and classy. The jewelry also enhances your luck factor, helps you prosper, and also recover from trauma and painful emotions of the past. 

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Sterling Silver Beads - Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Should You Buy Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver has 92.5% pure silver as good alloys of 7.2% of zinc or copper. 

Silver jewelry has proven to be timeless. They are more affordable and also tarnish-free.  

If you want to buy sterling silver beads, then Beads of Cambay is the best option for you, especially if you want to buy them in bulk. 

Are Sterling Silver Beads Durable?

Yes, absolutely; silver beads are durable. Moreover, they are sturdy and don't require much maintenance. The durability gives the sterling silver beads the ability to stay the same for a long time. The silver beads do not discolor or even tarnish easily. It is durable, affordable, and still fashionable at the same time. 

Silver beads are also very easy to clean. You just require water and some detergent or soap. Take a soft wet cloth and dip it in the water and clean your silver beads in a slow, gentle circular motion to remove any grime or dirt that may have formed on them. 

Also, another thing to note is that because silver is a very easy metal to work with, silver beads also come with designs on them. 

And if you want to give your sterling silver beads a gold look, then you just have to gold plate them. It is that simple. 

It is important to have the correct sterling silver findings, which is where Beads of Cambay comes into the picture. The website offers the best silver beads at the best prices available in the market. 

Is sterling silver hypoallergenic and safe for individuals ?

When sterling silver is combined with its copper alloy, it makes it hypoallergenic. This makes it perfect for shaping jewelry such as silver beads, earrings, rings, necklaces, and more.  Copper in itself is hypoallergenic too, and it is important to remember. This is why silver, which is malleable, is easy to take form, becomes sturdy, and has support to remain in its shape or design. 

What is the level of maintenance required for sterling silver beads?

Silver beads are very easy to maintain. Their real silver construction prevents them from tarnishing easily. So your sterling silver beads are going to look as new as ever for a long, long time. However, if you do want to clean it, then you have to take a small soft wet cloth, dip it in water and some soap or detergent and then clean your sterling silver beads in a circular motion. 

Can you shower with Sterling Silver jewelry?

Yes, of course, you can shower with sterling silver Jewelry. They are anti-tarnish and waterproof as well. However, it is advisable not to keep them in the water for too long. Silver is metal, after all, and it does react with certain items, such as water. Also, there are chances you may lose your Jewelry while showering as it may fall down or something. This is why it is advisable not to shower with your sterling silver beads on. 

Even though Beads of Cambay give the best quality sterling silver bead, it is metal, after all. If it is a one-off incident where your sterling silver beads are on you while you come in contact with water, it is different. But to have a shower with them every single day is likely to oxidize and rust them. 

But you have nothing to worry about. Even if your silver Jewelry oxidizes, you can easily clean it and bring its shine back. Just get some water and soap or detergent, and you're good to go. Dip a cloth in the water. The cloth needs to be soft. And then, use it on your sterling silver beads in a circular motion. Any grime or dust that has accumulated will be removed this way.

You can also give your silver Jewelry for polishing, and it will be returned to you looking as shiny and bright as ever. 

What to do if your sterling silver gets tarnished?

If your silver Jewelry tarnishes, then you can either give it to a professional for polishing. Or you can make it look as brand new as you bought them yourself. All you have to do is clean it with some soap and water with a small soft cloth. This will remove any dirt or dust, or grime that is on your silver Jewelry, and it will look as beautiful and shiny as brand-new silver Jewelry! 

But to keep a few things in mind, do try to keep your silver Jewelry away from water. It is, after all, a metal that is bound to react with other substances, such as the air or water.

Another important thing to note is to keep the sterling silver Jewelry in air-tight containers to prevent them from tarnishing. This will ensure that the silver Jewelry is not kept out in the open and does not oxidize with the air around. Silver Jewelry is more likely to catch rust if you live in humid cities close to the ocean. The salt in the air is likely to make the sterling silver Jewelry catch rust faster. 

Can you wear sterling silver beads every day?

Yes, of course. You can wear your sterling silver beads every day. But you must be able to care for them as well, as you would with any Jewelry item. When not in use, make sure your sterling silver beads are stored in airtight containers.

Also, as much as possible, do avoid bringing your sterling silver beads in contact with water. Silver is metal, after all, and contact with other substances, such as air or water, is likely to affect its appearance. 

Beads of Cambay gives the best quality sterling silver beads in bulk. However, to maintain the quality there are two simple things that you have to do — avoid the water and store them in an air-tight container. 

Can You Wear Sterling Silver In The Shower?

You can wear sterling silver in the shower. However, it is best advised that you do not, as your jewelry can fall or get lost in the shower or can even begin to tarnish if it comes too much in contact with water.

Is sterling silver cheaper than gold?

Yes, sterling silver costs a fraction of what gold would. 

Where can I find the best Sterling Silver Beads for sale online?

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Yes, you can purchase sterling silver bead wholesale from the Beads of Cambay website for the best prices. The quality of the beads is great, and so is the service offered. The website has all gemstones available at the best rates. All gemstones are real and authentic, and you will see that once you buy the sterling silver bead, it will be a true value for money.