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Cape Amethyst Beads

Cape Amethyst or Amethyst Quartz is a variety of Quartz combining two gems into one stone. The formation of Cape Amethyst is due to the growth of Amethyst layered with Milky Quartz resulting in a striped purple to white and transparent to transulcent gemstone. Cape Amethyst beads are mined in Brazil, Africa, South Africa, Uruguay, US (Arizona), Canada, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.
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2mm Pale Cape Amethyst microfaceted round beads 13 inch 170 pieces
# 19406
  • $7.89
19x9-24x10mm Cape Amethyst faceted marquise Beads 7.5 inches 30 pieces
# 440504
  • $158.00
30x22-34x23mm Houndstooth Cape Amethyst Faceted Pear Beads 8 inch 8 pieces
# 425214
  • $181.00


32x22-45x24mm Cape Amethyst Faceted Pear Beads 9 inch 9 pieces
# 416331
  • $192.00
  • $115.20