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Peridot Beads

Peridot beads are a type of olivine. It has a vitreous luster and comes under the orthorhombic crystal system. The stone contains iron and magnesium, which lend it its green color. 

Peridot Meaning

Peridot is known for its fresh green shades, symbolizing focus and purpose. The stone has a summer spirit and is known to bring good luck and make you feel safe and calm.

Where do Peridots Come From?

Peridot gemstone beads occur in volcanic rocks, meteorites, or mantle-driven xenoliths. The metamorphic and magmatic processes form the gemstones. The stone is usually found in Hawaii, Pakistan, Australia, and Brazil. 

Why is peridot known as the Egyptian Origins?

The glimmery green stone was said to be the favorite of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. However, there are tales regarding the stone that are even more ancient. The jewel smote kings and high priests, as it was said to keep evil spirits away.

The natural peridot beads originate from the Red Sea near Egypt's Pharaoh shoes. On this island, miners would search for the precious jewel that would adorn the deathbeds of the royalty of Egypt. Commoners were not permitted to enter the island. 

Benefits of Wearing Peridot Beads

If you wear peridot beads, they will help you heal certain emotional, mental, and physical issues you may face. The stone encourages you to live your life to the fullest, stabilize your mood, and let go of negative emotions such as envy, resentment, etc. It is also a great stone to keep you free of anxiety and stress. The jewel is also said to help you focus better, also called the 'study stone.' The stone works with your solar plexus and heart chakras to help you find stability, balance, and calm. 

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Peridot Beads - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cleanse Peridot?

Hold your peridot jewelry under running water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth to cleanse it. Keep the jewels away from extreme temperatures. To recharge the stones, keep them under direct sunlight, or you can meditate with them. This will enable the positive vibes of the jewels to shine through, and they can begin working on their healing properties immediately. 

What is the Birthstone of Peridot?

Peridot is the birthstone of the earth sign Virgo and the fire sign Leo. It is the birthstone of the zodiac sign of August. Virgos are creative people, filled with passion and kindness, but they can also criticize easily. The stone helps Virgos to let go, not be discriminatory, and welcome understanding and love into their hearts. 

Leos are fierce and warm and always light up the room. The crystal helps temper their possessive spirit and helps them remain positive at all times. 

What are the Zodiac Signs of Peridot?

You might want to purchase a peridot bead necklace if you were born in August. The stone is your birthstone. It is most suitable for both Virgos and Leos. The stone helps people of both signs in their ways. It helps Virgos remain calm and positive, and it helps Leos calm down and have a cool temperament.