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Labradorite Beads

Labradorite, also known as "The Stone of Magic," is a popular gemstone admired for its metaphysical properties. It is known for creating intense energies through its magical connections with the forces of nature.

Its beads are known for their beautiful iridescent appearance. Labradorite beads may help develop intuition, astral travel, and dream recall. 

What Are Labradorite beads?

Not only do Labradorite gemstone beads look great, but they have been used for healing purposes for ages. As a result, people use labradorite beads for jewelry-making. 

The name "Labradorite" originally came from the Labrador Peninsula, a place in Canada with feldspar stones. Legendary stories claim that a knight hit the magical gemstone with a spear in ancient times. While some colors that fled led to the birth of the Aurora Borealis, others remained trapped in the stone. 

Labradorite beads are available in different shapes, colors, shades, and hues. Users report being magically charged with the power to transform consciousness upon wearing Beads of Cambay, which have handcrafted labradorite beads designed and fabricated to enhance your aura.

Where is it found?

Labradorite was first found in northeastern Canada, at Paul’s Island, in 1770. Labradorite crystals have been known to the indigenous Inuit for thousands of years.

However, it was only in the 18th century that missionaries from Monrovia discovered it. The labradorite gemstones exist in dark gray, gray-green, white, or black shades with streaks ranging from light green to peacock blue.

You can find labradorite stones in Russia, Newfoundland, Ukraine, and Madagascar. Also, in the 1940s, miners found the rarest form of labradorite stone in Finland. The Finnish gemstones have had a champagne gold color ever since very few labradorites of this kind have been discovered.

What Is The Labradorite Stone Used For?

Labradorite stone is used for making cabochons and beads because of its attractive iridescence.

Due to the labradorite's ancient magical roots, it is one of the most powerful stones crystal healers use to balance the body's energy. It may also protect you from things that intend to harm you.

Labradorite is also known for its intense color play, making it extremely popular among jewelry makers. The stone has a hardness of 6.0–6.5 on the Mohs scale. So, everyday household items like keys or nails cannot easily scratch labradorite jewelry.

People report using labradorite stone on several occasions, including:

  • Protection - Labradorite beads will protect you from draining situations and absorb negative energy from people. These beads are a great jewelry choice if you want to protect yourself from manipulators or those who may try to harm you.

  • Healing - The Labradorite stone may help you deal with stress and anxiety by providing comfort through its healing powers.

  • Spiritual growth - Labradorite crystals get us to touch our inner powers. They help us communicate with our inner spirits. With improved spiritual growth, you will have a better life.

While labradorite gemstone beads may not be the best sleep inducers, they are thought to help you fall asleep and have a night of quality sleep while tapping into your dream state. Labradorite stones will facilitate a deep and restful sleep by guiding you into your dream state.

Why Should You Wear Labradorite?

Ancient people used to associate the labradorite stone with power and transformation. It’s also known to bring out the best in you and give you the courage to improve your life.

While wearing Labradorite beads helps promote a sense of safety, security, endurance, and balance in your life, below is a list of other advantages:

  • Labradorite jewelry may help reduce anxiety and in stress relief. Hence, improving your mood and helping you stay calm.

  • Labradorite also enhances intuition and psychic abilities while protecting against negative influences. It may help increase luck at games; over time, it will bring good fortune into your life.

  • Each labradorite bead has the potential to boost metabolism and strengthen the body's immunity. These attributes help in maintaining a healthy life.

You might also use labradorite beads to improve your eyesight and balance hormones in your body. All these benefits result from the magical powers engulfed in each crystal.

In terms of mental clarity, this stone has the potential to clear brain fog that arises from hardships in life. Wearing labradorite jewelry helps you focus and remain conscious.

While natural Labradorite beads may help in several healing processes and restoration, they do not replace other healthcare or medical prescriptions. Wear your Labradorite beads always to enjoy their full potential. 

How to Care for Labradorite Beads

Beads care for labradorite, so it stays clean and powerful. You can use warm water and dish detergent to clean your labradorite beads. You shouldn't wash your labradorite beads with bleaching agents or harsh chemicals, as they will discolor and damage them. Be sure to let the bead dry naturally after cleaning it with water.

Cleaning a labradorite bead or the stone's crystals helps preserve their positive energy. Hence, it's likely to perform better. Apart from using water, you may cleanse, recharge, and activate the crystals using sunlight or moonlight. 

However, do not expose Labradorite beads to direct sunlight for too long when cleansing, as sunlight may make them fade.

While labradorite crystals are okay with natural light, exposing them to direct sunlight for a long time will make them fade. Labradorite is known to have positive and long-term effects on your life. Hence, fading does not affect the crystals' powers and energy.

Storing your beads well is crucial for preserving their quality and appearance. Store your labradorite beads for jewelry-making in a jewelry box or drawer. 

It's also a good idea to keep your labradorite beads separate from other hard gemstones that may scratch or damage them. If you intend to wear your labradorite jewelry daily, ensure it's secured with a clasp or chain that is strong enough to withstand daily wear but not so strong that it pulls on the stone and causes damage.

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Labradorite Beads – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Labradorite beads FAQS.

Is Labradorite Worth Any Money?

If you are looking for labradorite beads for sale, you might wonder if they come with any monetary reward. The short answer is yes, despite not being a precious gemstone. Labradorite falls under semi-precious gemstones as it is easy to mine and has abundant deposits in several locations, making it cheaper than other gemstone beads like rubies.

It might help to note that large Labradorite beads will cost more than their smaller counterparts. Large pieces of Labradorite stone can sometimes be cut down into smaller sizes and sold as individual beads, accounting for the price decrease. Also, if you have a piece with strong green coloration and lots of sparkles (which indicates good clarity), it's likely worth more than one with duller shades or less luster.

What Kind of Stone Is Labradorite?

Labradorite is a calcium-enriched stone with a unique, otherworldly appearance. It's a type of feldspar mineral that forms in igneous rock. “Labradorite” is derived from Labrador, a place in Canada where the crystals were first discovered. 

While stones exist in many forms, Labradorite stone is famous among feldspar stone varieties. The stone is well known for its healing properties and ability to connect you with consciousness.

How Can You Tell Quality Labradorite?

There are several ways to tell if the Labradorite gemstone beads you're buying are good quality. Features to look out for when assessing the quality of labradorite beads include:

  • Color 

Labradorite is a multi-colored gemstone with rainbow colors ranging from orange, blue, purple, red, and any color that falls between the rainbow colors. Blue labradorite beads are considered to be real. If the color is too light or not vibrant enough, it may be fake or low-quality. The more vivid your stone's color is, the better it will be able to shine through your jewelry piece and catch light from all angles. 

  • Patterns

The most sought-after labradorite has swirling labradorescence patterns. Unlike the glitter of gemstones like diamonds, labradorite's glitter is not a result of the reflection of light from its facets. Instead, its patterns diffract light. As you turn your labradorite rondelle beads, they will diffract light; the diffraction of light is known as labradorescence. 

The magnitude of labradorescence depends on the quality of the stone. To find quality labradorite, check the crystal's iridescence. Also, consider checking for strong color patterns and striations in labradorite beads. The patterns in beads add depth and interest to any jewelry they make. Bad labradorite may have a duller luster or even no luster at all.

  • Size

Labradorite is best when it's large enough so that its patterns aren't hidden. Large labradorite beads are generally beautiful, as their huge size provides a platform for labradorescence.

  • Texture

Labradorite has an interesting texture, almost like tiny bumps all over its surface. Quality labradorite's texture should be consistent across all of your beads. If they've been cut poorly, it's easy to tell; they'll be dull and uneven, with rough edges. On the other hand, if there are any inconsistencies in texture, then your beads may not be authentic ones from nature.

Are there Stones Similar to Labradorite?

No minerals or stones are identically similar to labradorite and its labradorescence. Labradorite has several colors at play, which makes these stone crystals stand out.

 However, moonstone pieces are known to have some labradorite resemblance. Both moonstones and labradorite belong to the feldspar family of earth's minerals. The feldspar group has adularescence, which is also a pattern of colors. However, the labradorite’s color and hue are more intense, while the moonstone's shade is lighter, with a light gray base color.

Once you remove labradorescence from the labradorite's equation, you might not be able to point it out from the rest of the other feldspar stones. Hence, many plagioclase-series minerals may be reasonable surrogates.

Which Chakra is Labradorite?

Labradorite chakras include the eye, the throat, and the crown. It is also believed to have charm chakras in its realm of power. Crystal healers believe that the throat chakra helps you breathe, and the eye will increase your awareness. 

The Crown Chakra helps users attain their optimum potential. The beads also allow people to observe and see things from an informed position with a universal perspective. When the labradorite crown chakra is balanced, it helps you feel connected to the universe and gives you wisdom in return.

Can You Get Labradorite Wet?

Yes, you can wet your labradorite beads with water. Labradorite's Mohs scale values range from 6.0–6.5. Hence, it will not dissolve in water or be destroyed. However, you should not soak your labradorite for an extended period of time as it may get damaged.

The Mohs Scale is used to assess a mineral's scratching resistance. The scale also shows how labradorite can interact with water. You can safely put minerals in water with a value above five.

Can I Shower With My Labradorite?

Yes, you can have a shower while wearing your labradorite beads. Labradorite stone is hard enough to survive underwater. However, leave your jewelry in water for a short time. Also, you shouldn't wear your jewelry in salty water, as salt accelerates the wearing off of labradorite.

Also, while taking a shower, ensure you are not wearing loose jewelry. Otherwise, it will slip into the water or any nearby surface and break.

What Is the Best Color of Labradorite?

Labradorite is known for its labradorescence, with various colors depending on the light source. Hence, a labradorite stone can exhibit a broad spectrum of colors. 

The best color of the labradorite is brilliant blue, and it's the most dominant. However, the crystals shimmer with rich oranges, emerald greens, bold yellows, and fiery reds.

What Is the Rarest Color of Labradorite?

Quality labradorite beads have vibrant, true blue colors, which are very rare. True purple flashes in labradorite gemstone beads are equally rare.

Colors in the crystals of labradorite aren't present in the gemstones; they result from light playing within the gemstone. Labradorite flashes range from fuchsia and purple to dark blue, light blue, and light yellow. 

Who Can Wear Labradorite Gemstone?

People born under the Tula (Libra) sign are believed to benefit from labradorite gemstones. According to astrologers in the west, labradorite is a Libra birthstone.  However, anyone looking to enhance their outfit, change their lives, and experience more peace can wear labradorite beads.

Labradorite gemstone beads will help you stay calm by enhancing your mood. By helping you deal with anxiety and depression, labradorite gives you the courage to face your fears and step into the unknown.  

Labradorite bracelet beads have also been reported to help improve the body's metabolic functions and boost overall immunity. These features will aid weight loss. 

If you want to remove negative energy from your life and enjoy its magical potential, you should buy labradorite beads, regardless of your zodiac or horoscope sign.

Is Labradorite a Real Gem?

Yes, a labradorite is a real gemstone. The stone belongs to the feldspar family of minerals and is one of the most sought-after gemstones for modern jewelry. However, it's one of the most powerful gemstones ever known. 

Whether in its natural state or upon furnishing, natural Labradorite displays a wide range of colors that suffice its healing powers.

Is Labradorite Good for the Skin?

Yes. Labradorite makes people look more beautiful by enhancing skin health. Many believe labradorite rondelle beads improve their health by protecting them from negative energy and keeping them grounded when feeling out of balance.

 The stone is not only natural but also organic. It has natural healing powers trapped in each crystal that, once used, will enhance beauty and physical health. 

Labradorite also balances your body's chakras, boosts mood, enhances mental health, and may help in holistic healing. 

Where Can I Find the Best Labradorite Beads for Sale Online?

Beads of Cambay offers labradorite beads for sale that will satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers. We have different jewelry designs that fit your style, from AAA-grade labradorite beads to chains and charms. 

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Can I Buy Labradorite Beads Wholesale from BeadsofCambay?

Yes, you can buy labradorite beads wholesale from BeadsofCambay.  Our beads are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Check the Beads of Cambay website for labradorite beads for jewelry making. You can also contact us now for wholesale pricing offers.