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Amber Beads

Amber is an Organic Gemstone created of fossilized resin which is estimated to be in the range of 30-90 million years old. Amber beads have a warm honey color to light yellow hue and is waxy to the touch. Amber is known to encase insects or fauna that had the unlucky prospect of being in the glue like substance in its liquid state. Made famous by the movie `Jurasic Park`, Amber is mined in marine sand of the Baltic Sea and in areas of the world where the seas once flourished. Although amber is found along the shores of a large part of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, the great amber-producing country is Sambia, Russia. Heating amber will soften it and eventually it will burn, which is why in Germanic languages the word for amber is a literal translation of burn-Stone. Amber can be dissolved by emersion in oil of turpentine or in linseed oil so clean your Amber with tepid soapy water and a soft cloth. Amber can be heated slightly to cause liquid inclusions to burst and create a spangled inclusion within the gem.

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Baltic Amber Necklace 16 inch 42 pieces
# 42676
  • $160.00
11x9-23x12mm Baltic Amber Plain Nugget Beads 24 inch 115 pieces
# 42847
  • $85.00
15x10-23x17mm Baltic Amber Plain Nugget Beads 20 inch 90 pieces
# 42848
  • $75.00