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Amber Beads

When you think of gemstones, many options are available, like diamonds, sapphires, amber beads, emeralds, rubies, pearls, crystals, etc. While these are just a few that we have named, and each has its uniqueness that makes them so special, here we will discuss the mineral amber, what it is, how it can be worn and used, its color, properties, etc. So let us begin. 

What is Amber?

Like all minerals, amber naturally occurs in the earth. It is essentially sap or fossilized tree resin. When the protective layer of the tree breaks down, sap leeches out of it. All trees, big or small, produce sap in varying quantities. It may be higher for some and lower for others. Once the tree resin is collected, chipped, and polished, amber beads are formed. 

The resin chunks are smoothed and shaped, following which holes are drilled into them individually. Then, depending on the requirement, the beads are threaded to form jewelry like bracelets, anklets, necklaces, etc. Making amber stone beads is a tedious task, but their beauty makes it all worth it!

Metaphysical Properties Of Amber Beads

Amber helps absorb all the gloomy, negative, pessimistic, obstructive energy and helps release a soothing, bright, calming, sunshine energy. The amber colors are usually used for healing and centering the chakras, allowing them to open up and cleanse their energy. Traditionally, healers would utilize yellow natural amber beads to improve mental flexibility and memory and help make decisions in a balanced and centered manner. 

It has also been used as a talisman for self-confidence and courage and was said to bring good luck to warriors going into battle. In a few cultures, amber beads signify that marriage vows are renewable and are utilized to assure promises. Elders also wear it as a symbol of their wisdom and endurance capacity. 

Origin of Amber Beads

The records of Amber can be traced way back to 200 BCE in China. Also, the first reports of the discovery of the gemstone were from North America in the 19th century, in New Jersey, near Crosswicks Creek, close to Trenton at Camden and Woodbury.

And then the TV show Vikings and the movie Jurassic Park made amber beads popular recently. It has now become prevalent and difficult to find.

The Vikings believed Amber to be the tears of the goddess Freyja of beauty and love. She wore a brisingamen, a necklace made by four dwarf craftsmen of amber and gold. And the ancient Greeks believed amber gemstone beads were the tears of the daughters of the sun god Apollo. 

It is an extremely popular gem. It is said Frederick William I, the Prussian king, gave the entire room of the gemstone to Russia's Czar, the Great Peter. Over the years, the decor expanded and eventually covered 590 square feet using more than 13,000 pounds of amber beads

The same room disappeared under Nazi hands; it was never to be found again. It took two decades to recreate the room when the last mosaics were put up in St. Petersburg. 

Benefits of Amber Beads

Amber beads have many benefits for adults besides just making you look beautiful. 

It helps relieve pain and inflammation. The succinic acid inside the gemstone enables this power. When you have the amber stone on you, it warms up naturally with your body heat, releasing the succinic acid within the stone. 

Amber beads help give relief from anxiety and are also utilized in supplements to treat menopause symptoms such as irritability. 

Amber jewelry beads are also known to help those facing thyroid issues. It helps soothe the inflammation. 

And lastly, it helps you heal. It will catalyze your healing process. Absorb all the negativity, recycle, and breathe out all the positives. 

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Amber Beads - Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to Find Amber Beads For Adults?

The traditional uses of Amber were so many; they were used for peace, good luck, prosperity, healing, etc. These beautiful gems are a product of the tree's healing ability. Amber is a beautiful gemstone, and you can wear it every day. And if you are thinking about where you can buy amber beads, then Beads of Cambay is the best place for you. 

How do you Clean Amber Beads?

Amber is a very sensitive gemstone that needs to be handled delicately. It can be scratched easily, and chemicals, acids, abrasives, perfume, alcohol, and solutions can easily affect it. Amber beads can also catch fire easily. Ensure you keep it cool and away from hot water, steamers, and ultrasonic cleaners. These can damage real amber beads. To clean and care for them, you can use mild soap with water that is at room temperature and a soft microfiber cloth. If you want more details regarding wholesale amber beads and how to purchase them at the best rates, head to the Beads of Cambay catalog. 

What does Amber Symbolize?

Amber symbolizes hope, prosperity, good luck, and healing. It helps take in the negativity from your surroundings and helps give out positivity easily. 

What is the Amber Stone Meaning?

Amber beads symbolize prosperity, harmony, healing, and good luck. It was traditionally used for various purposes, especially for healing, opening, and centering your chakras. It helps bring balance to your life. It removes negative thoughts and emotions, absorbs such energy, and only radiates positivity in a way that you become it. If you are looking for amber beads for sale, check out the Beads of Cambay website. 

What is the Color of Amber Beads?

Amber gemstones come in a lovely yellow. It is a bright, lovely sunshine color that will bring you positivity just by looking at it. 

What is Amber Used For?

Amber is mainly used as a gemstone. If you are looking for amber beads for jewelry making, then the Beads of Cambay online store has you covered. All our products are available at amazing rates. We are certain that after purchasing from us, we will become your go-to place to source bulk amber beads. 

Who Can Wear Amber Beads?

These gemstones are suitable for almost everyone. If you are an adult or want to give it to a child, these gemstones work wonders for everybody. Genuine amber beads have the power to calm one down and also bring prosperity and good luck into your life.

Which Chakra Is Amber Good For?

Amber, the healing stone, will help balance out all your chakras. However, amber beads are the most suitable for your sacral chakra, which is situated around 2 inches below the navel of your lower belly. This chakra is related to the functioning of the urinary system, lower back, lower digestive system, sexual organs, muscle pain, PCOS, etc. So those who require help in these aspects of their lives can work with the amber beads to see a difference. 

How to Wear Amber Beads?

You can wear these gemstones however you please – whether you want to wear them as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Amber beads are not just healing stones; they also look exquisite. 

How Do Amber Beads Work?

Amber is a natural mineral from the planet we call home, Earth. This gemstone brings positivity, good luck, and a lot of peace, calm, and healing.

Why Are Amber Beads So Popular?

Amber beads are natural gemstones that are so beautiful that you will feel like owning some yourself as well. In necklace form, these gemstones are also famous for being safe for kids to use and helping those with teething problems.

Where Can I Find The Best Amber Beads For Sale Online? 

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Can I Purchase Amber Beads Wholesale from Beads of Cambay?

Yes, you can! Many renowned and upcoming jewelry designers and stores trust the Beads of Cambay. So be at ease and purchase amber beads bulk from us.