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Copper Beads

Copper beads are made of the same material as the US currency in coins. As copper is a universal metal, you may wonder where exactly it comes from and what purposes it serves. Here, we will address your curiosity and discuss the benefits of wearing this versatile metal. 

What is Copper?

Copper is popularly used in jewelry pieces. It is an important mineral as it naturally occurs in the human body and nature. The reddish-brown metal is a soft, natural, and malleable substance. With time, the metal develops a green patina over it, similar to what the Statue of Liberty has in New York City. Currently, many types of copper are used, from industrial construction to currency, copper bead jewelry, roofing, and more. 

History of Copper 

We can trace the usage of copper back to the ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations. The metal was used for many purposes, including creating tools and artifacts and also part of medical treatment. Copper bead bracelets and rings were worn as early as 5000 BCE. The metal also became a potential source of relief givers, and many people donned it for its therapeutic properties. Copper jewelry also makes a fashion statement and is said to benefit a person in terms of their emotional, physical, and mental health. 

Ancient Egyptians used pure copper beads for medicinal reasons and as an important element in water pipes and tools. Ancient Greeks, too, used the metal for its healing properties in treating infections and wounds.

Benefits of Wearing the Copper Beads

It is believed that copper has many health, spiritual, and holistic benefits. The reason why copper beads for jewelry making are popular is because of their healing properties. The metal goes through an oxidation process over time, causing its surface to turn green. The same also happens within the human body. Naturally present in our bodies, this essential mineral is sometimes deficient in some people. The symptoms include pale skin, cold sensitivity, weakness, and fatigue. However, wearing copper jewelry and allowing the metal to enter your body in small quantities will help you combat these symptoms. Ancient civilizations used the metal for healing as well as symbolizing balance and love.

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Copper Beads - Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wearing Copper Have Health Benefits?

Yes, wearing a copper bead necklace or any other form of jewelry is said to have physical and holistic benefits. If you are deficient in copper, wearing this metal jewelry will increase its content in your body gradually. As well as physical and mental balance, it also brings about emotional balance.

How is Copper Used in Making Jewelry?

Copper is malleable and, hence, easy to use in jewelry making. It has a natural, earthy orangeish tone, and its properties make it a versatile metal that can easily be engraved or imprinted upon. Rings, cuffs, and pendants are common copper jewelry pieces. The metal also goes well with gold or silver and complements other precious gemstones

How Do Copper Beads Work?

Copper beads can be used in jewelry pieces easily. The beads, too, can be imprinted upon to give you different designs. The malleable metal is easy to work with for designers to choose the type of shape and design they want it in. Check out the Beads of Cambay website to see our collection of beads of this metal.

What Color Beads Go With Copper Beads?

Copper has an orangish-brown earthy tone, making it a versatile base for every color. You can pair almost any colored gemstone with this metal, such as a white diamond or blue/yellow sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, amazonite, and many more. 

Can You Wear Copper Jewelry Every Day?

Yes, you can wear copper jewelry every day. In order to prevent oxidation, make sure it is kept clean and stored properly.