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Citrine Beads

If raindrops could be gemstones, they would be citrine beads. Quartz crystals have many varieties, and citrine is one of them. These raindrop-like gemstones usually have a tinge of yellow and are also called 'sun stones' because of this. This gemstone is also called the mind's stone or the stone of the merchant. There are a number of minerals that are abundant on our planet, including quartz. So when you purchase any quartz product with us at Beads of Cambay, know that we pick out only the best citrine beads for you. 

Significance of Citrine Beads

This beautiful sun-kissed yet raindrop-like gemstone has the same hardness level as any other quartz crystal or amethyst type. This makes the gemstone beads durable and perfect for everyday use. The crystal is also known to have metaphysical and healing properties. They can help one become richer. Citrine beads are said to be lucky stones, and they help a person attract money into their life. You can keep the jewel in your pocket when playing the lottery or going to a casino. It is called the stone of the merchants for a reason. People who run businesses, especially shops, usually keep citrine crystal beads with them to attract luck and enable their businesses to grow. 

History of Citrine Beads

In ancient times, citrine was adored. The term was referred to as yellow stones in 1385. That is the year when 'citrine' was first recorded in English. Citrine beads also resemble topaz; hence, these stones suit people born in November the most and are often confused with each other too. 

However, topaz and quartz are not similar minerals at all. 

In olden times, people believed natural citrine beads could help calm a person, help them get rid of their anger, and enable a person to attract luck and manifest their dreams and desires. These gemstones are synonymous with prosperity. To leverage the powers of the citrine beads, the Egyptians used them as talismans, while the ancient Greeks carved images into the gems. Meanwhile, Roman priests made them into rings of citrine beads. 

Benefits of Wearing Citrine Beads

This gemstone is associated with prosperity, good luck, power, and abundance. Citrine gemstone beads will help you radiate positivity. If you wear these gemstones, you will notice a little more bounce in your step and a light mood, as they enable you to feel happy from within. 

Gemstones will only help you attract great things in life if you wear jewelry made of citrine beads. We at Beads of Cambay ensure that you only receive the most amazing gemstones at the most spectacular rates. 

After you purchase these gems from us, you can start wearing them and see the difference. As a result, your life will begin to improve. The changes you will see in yourself will be dramatic. Citrine beads only help those who wear them. So you need to get these soon to see the results for yourself. 

Why Choose Beads of Cambay To Buy Citrine Beads?

Beads of Cambay is one of the most sought-after platforms to purchase gemstones, such as citrine beads. Top jewelry brands and designers source jewelry from us because of how well-priced it is. Our jewelry portfolio is quite eye-catching. So if you are also looking for citrine beads for jewelry making, Beads of Cambay is your go-to place.

We understand that buying jewels is an investment, and at Beads of Cambay, our goal is customer satisfaction. Hence, we do our best to get you the gems you will be happy with at the prices you pay, which are pretty competitive according to market standards. You will not have to worry about faceted citrine beads when you shop from us. Also, our gemstones are available at wholesale prices, so you can shop for them in bulk!