BeadsofCambay Wholesale Account:
Everything you need to know about your

Wholesale Account:

1- Create an Account with Wholesale Account Setup

2 - Provide your Resale Tax ID number (resale document) in the field provided when creating your account.

3 - Email us a copy of your Resale Document to

4 - Upon receipt of your resale document, your account will be set to wholesale. Discounts will apply ONLY when Logged into your account.

5 - Rewards point redemption is done post purchase in the form of  a refund towards your order. Please leave us a note on your order or email us with the qty of points to be used. 

6 - Discount codes are not applicable with wholesale pricing.

7 - Wholesale pricing will be visible on all product pages as well as the shopping cart once logged in. 

Questions About Wholesale Accounts & Registration?

Check out our FAQ page to find all the answers.