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Chalcedony Beads

Chalcedony is the term applied to most cryptocrystalline quartz. Cryptocrystalline means that the crystal structure is too small to be seen with a standard microscope. Chalcedony beads range from Semi-Transparent to Opaque in quality. They come in a variety of colors and can be color enhanced. Chalcedony and Agate are Quartz Varieties which may discolor or loose color when color treated by dye. Please allow for possible color change in any treated Chalcedony or Agate. The treatment may not be stable due to environmental factors such as heat, sun, or other adverse conditions on these gemstone varieties. Deposits of chalcedony form from solution and are often found lining cavities and crevices in caves or interiors of rocks. Agate is chalcedony that often forms as multi-colored bands. Onyx - Multi-colored chalcedony layered in parallel bands. Chrysoprase - An apple-green chalcedony colored by nickel-oxide. Carnelian - A red chalcedony colored by iron. Sard - A dark Brownish Red Chalcedony colored by iron. Jasper - A granular microcrystalline variety of quartz colored by elements or inclusions.

The chalcedony beads are ideal for you if you love the outdoors and are looking for jewelry that is not only inspired by but also made of natural materials. They come in various colors and varieties. These gemstones originate from volcanic rocks from across the world. 

Beads can be easily cut into different shapes and are easy to work with. Beads of Cambay is where you will get the best quality chalcedony beads. These gemstones come in natural colors as well as treated hues. Read on to learn which of these natural gemstone beads suits you the most.

History of Chalcedony 

Chalcedony was a precious jewel in ancient times. The Romans used this material on their amulets, seals, and signet rings. The Victorians were known to use Chalcedony for intaglios and carved cameos because the fine texture of this material allowed the craftspersons to carve intrinsic designs on it. And now, jewelry designers love this gemstone for the same purposes. It comes in a variety of colors, and blue chalcedony is the most famous one of them. 

How is Chalcedony formed?

Chalcedony beads are formed from various volcanic rocks from across the world. They are a type of silica that has a cryptocrystalline structure. These rocks have tiny crystals and are made under intense heat. 

Types of Chalcedony

Chalcedony comes in various shapes, types, and colors. While the blue Chalcedony is the most famous type in this jewelry category, many other pretty options are available. There are many forms of chalcedony beads, such as onyx, agate, mtorolite, and chrysoprase. The moss and fire variety is called agate, while heliotrope is red chalcedony beads, also known as bloodstone. There is a black form as well, which is called onyx. If you are looking for a more coral shade, you can also go for the orange chalcedony beads. They get their orange color because of the iron ore content present in them. 

Shapes of Chalcedony

Chalcedony beads also come in various types of polishes and cuts, which lead to their different finishes and shapes. Beads of Cambay has various types of these gemstone shapes available with various finishes like round, smooth, etc. Among the colors, blue chalcedony beads are the most sought-after. 

Benefits of Chalcedony beads

These gemstones possess healing properties that absorb all negativity and radiate positive vibes and goodwill. These jewels are said to bring good luck into all aspects of your life and balance. This stone is also said to help you sleep better, ensuring you do not get any bad dreams because of it. 

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