From Emerald to Ruby Beads: Spice Up Your Christmas Jewelry

The holidays are almost here, and that means your calendar will soon fill up with seasonal parties and family gatherings. Many of these affairs are formal social events, and you will need to accessorize appropriately. This is the perfect time to pull that fancy dress out of your closet, throw on some heels, and wow onlookers with elegant jewelry.

This Christmas, enhance your jewelry collection with beautiful, rare, precious gemstone beads. These hand-picked, quality focal stones and beads will create a gorgeous high-grade keepsake for you to add to your jewelry collection.

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with a personally crafted creation made of precious gemstones. From emeralds to rubies, there are many beautiful beads you can select for your handmade jewelry projects. Here is a handy buying guide to help you spice up your Christmas jewelry:

beautiful emerald necklace

Precious Gemstones

Beads come in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. Some of the most luxurious types of beads are those made of precious gemstones. These are available in high-quality emerald, ruby, sapphire, or diamond, ranging from typical gem colors and facets to much rarer ones.

Gemstone beads are typically sold in strands, ranging from less than ten to many thousands of dollars. The wide price range comes down to the stone source, quality, rarity, and size. Rare gems, in particular, garner a lot of attention as they dazzle with their multi-faceted sparkle.

It is essential to make sure the precious gemstone beads you purchase are from a reputable seller to ensure you are receiving the quality that is claimed online. Look for a seller that describes the beads being purchased along with photographs of the product being sold.

In addition to beaded strands, gemstones are available as stand-alone nuggets. Consider selecting gemstone focal beads for pendant necklaces or a truly distinctive jewelry piece that is ideal for Christmas.

Enticing Emeralds

Emerald beads are known for their depth and enticing green color. Given that it is one of the primary colors of the Christmas season, this is the perfect bead for your holiday collection.

This variety of emerald beads can be used to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Emeralds pair particularly well with gold-based chains and braces. Here is a tutorial for a beautiful custom emerald and gold charm necklace that is the perfect jewelry piece for Christmas.

emerald necklace jewelry

Go Bold with Rubies

Rubies have been seen all over the runways during this season's Fashion Week and are considered the gemstone of the year. These bold gemstones attract a lot of attention, and those wearing them exude confidence. They are well-suited for a statement necklace or big ring and can be easily paired with any metal base.

The bold red color of ruby beads adds drama and intensity to your Christmas jewelry collection. They are known to be the color of wealth and nobility, and they range from pinkish-red to bright red, to deep purplish-red.

Many beading projects can be created using precious rubies. Here is a gorgeous ruby necklace that you can create. If necklaces aren't your preference, consider using ruby beads for these peeking-out earrings this Christmas.

beads of natural stone ruby

Shiny Sapphires

Sapphires are available in a wider range of colors than any other precious gemstone. The deep blue sapphire made famous by the movie Titanic is the gemstone's most traditional color.

Sapphire beads are also available in colors such as yellow, orange, red, and even brown. Chocolate sapphire beads are an especially unique and decadent type of sapphire. This brilliant gemstone is just what you need for your Christmas jewelry collection in order to stand out.

Create your sapphire bead ring just in time for Christmas with this tutorial on how to create a bezel to hold your gemstone.

Diamond Perfection

There is no precious gemstone more well-known and widely admired than the diamond. Diamonds can be costly investments, but their brilliance, glamour, and faceted sparkle are unparalleled by any other stone.

Champagne diamond beads are one of the best jewelry beads that money can buy. These bead strands should be reserved to create the centerpiece of your Christmas jewelry collection.


Christmas is the best season to show off your jewelry collection at the many parties and social gatherings happening throughout December. Gorgeous beads are available in precious gemstones, such as rubies, sapphire, emeralds, and diamonds.

These precious gemstones are a perfect complement to your Christmas attire, and they truly enhance any beading project. These handmade keepsakes are sure to be cherished for years to come, and they will also hold their value well beyond other jewelry creations.

They will surely spice up your Christmas jewelry collection as you sip a mulled cider.