Semiprecious gems have enchanted us for years, but there are certain kinds that compel us more than others. Case in point—the ruby.

With its deep, clear color, and passionate hue, the ruby has cast its spell over jewelry lovers the world over for thousands of years. Its color has come to represent many different things, and, with 2017 being the year of the statement necklace, consumers seem primed for a ruby rush.

ruby pendant gold chain

Rubies Put a Spell on You

With their high density and beautiful red color, rubies have a lot going for them even without their many myths and magical properties. However, something about ruby beads has inspired stories throughout history.

Chinese emperor Kublai Khan is reported to have offered an entire city in exchange for a single, sizable ruby. While it’s hard to know if this story is true, the image of an emperor gazing deep into a red stone for hours on end isn’t much of a stretch.

Other claims include the ancient belief that a ruby added to a pot of water would make it boil; placed in wax it would melt all of it.

Rubies are said to be proponents of a healthy circulation and physical passion, protect the wearer, and bring prosperity to the owner. Talismans made with rubies were common among the wealthy elite and rulers of many different ages, all seeming to agree that this was no common stone.

Beyond their myths and legends, those who uphold the more magical side of stones believe rubies can conquer shyness, as they are a physical representation of confidence. They represent our chi or essential life force that flows through us and keeps us healthy and vibrant. They are also a reflection of our base chakra, the creativity and power that live at the base of our spine and propel us to do great things.

Even if magical stones aren’t your thing, it’s hard to deny the energy of the ruby. Once it’s on, it can change your evening from ordinary to something special as you allow everyone around you to take in its glory. Try some new ruby pieces if you’re uncertain, and you’ll see—this stone brings a new life to any party.

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Rubies and You

Already big stars on Instagram, rubies seem to be experiencing a big comeback. Big, bold necklaces took over the runways during Fashion Week of 2017, and their influence has spilled over the edges of high fashion and dripped down to the common consumer.

Statement necklaces are always a great way to go if you’re creating your own work of art or looking for one to pair with an equally bold and dangerous dress. The red with red combination speaks of confidence and a refined sense of style that will always impress.

For those who like a darker look, big, bold rings with an elegant black dress or top make for a stunning combination. Yes, it’s a bit of a throwback to the Gothic era of the 1990s, but who cares? It’s high drama, and far more than jewelry; it’s fashion.

To go back to the ruby’s roots, look to Russia. Long-time fans of the deep, red stone, the Russians have incorporated the hue into fashion for royals, dancers, and even politicians in their own, unique style. For something fun, try a small, jeweled headpiece to bring in the holidays. You’ll be the star of every Christmas photograph.

If all you need is an easy, basic bracelet to dress up your everyday looks, this one is it. It gives the appearance of a huge ruby carved into a single, continuous piece, and then textured with a gold weave. Ruby bracelets that rise above the standard beaded look and into a realm all their own are something all your customers will run to buy. Of course, you can always keep them for yourself.

Ruby Maintenance

portrait woman ruby necklace


Ruby lovers will be relieved to know the red gems are some of the most durable on the market, second only to diamonds. This means rubies are perfect for daily wear and won’t need a lot of protection as you move from home to taxi, to park. However, there are some basics you should keep in mind to keep your red gems sparkling.

First, despite their tough guy act, rubies can chip. So, don’t wear your gems if you’re doing anything that involves a bit of labor, as you may scratch up a bracelet or ring featuring your precious ruby.

As you wear them, your rubies may cloud. This can be a result of perfume or lotion residue. Remember to take your jewels off before applying anything on your skin, as it’s sure to make an unwelcome appearance on your jewelry.

If your red gems start to get a little dull, all you need to brighten them back up is a mild solution of liquid soap, warm water, and a toothbrush. Wash the stone with gentle strokes of the brush, and then rinse it off with clean, filtered water right away.

October 20, 2017 — Arun Yadav widget logo