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Orange Beads

If you want to add a dash of bright color to your look, you should consider jewelry made of orange beads. From orange coral to gemstones, there is a shade of this color for everyone’s liking. Whether you prefer softer hues or bold and bright tones, the orange stones will always leave a striking mark. Orange stones are also known to promote happiness, passion, creativity, and success. So, whether you are a beginner or an established jewelry designer, you will agree that orange gemstones are some of the most fun jewels to work with. 

What Are Orange Beads?

Orange beads symbolize life, happiness, success, passion, and creativity. The jewels also have various healing effects. They are primarily known for their healing, enabling chakra cleansing and healing. The gemstones are also influential in protecting your aura and ensuring you attract opportunities and immense prosperity. The fiery energy of the orange gemstones signifies passion, power, courage, joy, and good fortune.

Benefits Of Wearing Orange Beads

Wearing orange stones can benefit your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. The orange gemstone beads are known to awaken your sacral and solar plexus chakras. The stones also encourage adaptability, creativity, and the ability to find joy and embrace change. 

The gemstones also contain fiery energy, which symbolizes passion, purity of gold, and good fortune. The orange stone beads will leave you feeling comfortable in your skin, empowered, and highly optimistic. Here are some more benefits: 

Sacral Chakra Healing

The stones will open your sacral chakra and let joy and creativity pour in. Orange crystals will also help clear any blockages you may have in the sacral region. The chakra is the epicenter of your emotions; joy and creativity flow from it, and it also enables you to feel passion. By healing the region with orange gemstones, you will be able to feel more energetic, passionate, optimistic, and artistic. 


Orange crystals will fill your heart with love and optimism. As your sacral chakra strengthens, it encourages you to explore intimacy and pleasure. Orange is the color of the sun, hope, prosperity, and warmth, and the crystals will help you radiate these qualities in your life. They will also help you mend and maintain relationships and live a harmonious life. 

Physical Healing

The orange gemstone beads will help ease any energy blockages or pain in the pelvic area. If you are struggling with reproductive problems, these crystals can do wonders for you with their healing powers. They also keep your lower organs like bowels and bladder in check. 

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Orange Beads - Frequently Asked Questions

Which Orange Gemstones Are Ideal For Daily Wear?

If you are looking for orange crystal beads for daily wear, you should opt for jewels with at least a 6.5 rating on the Mohs hardness scale. A rating above the 6.5 mark means the stone is durable and will resist breakage and scratches. You can pick an imperial topaz, carnelian, Madeira citrine, orange diamond, orange beryl, sapphire, garnets, spinel, or more. 

What Is The Rarest Orange Stone?

The padparadscha sapphire is the rarest form of the orange gem. It is a blend of bright orange with pink and yellow tones. Orange diamonds are another rare stone. 

Are Orange Crystal Beads Good For Luck?

Orange crystals attract good luck, charisma, freedom, protection, and energy. 

How To Cleanse Orange Gemstone Beads?

You can cleanse your orange gemstone jewelry by keeping it under direct sunlight after wrapping it in a white cloth. You can also keep it covered in rock salt overnight. This will remove all the negative energies the stone has imbibed from you and your surroundings and replenish and recharge it with positivity, light, love, and optimism so it can continue to work its magic on you and your surroundings. 

How Do You Charge Orange Gemstone Beads?

You charge beads orange by keeping them in direct sunlight. You can also wrap them in a white cloth and meditate with them to recharge the stones.

What Chakra Are Orange Crystals?

Orange stones are symbolic of the sacral chakra. They help heal your chakra and fill it with creativity, light, optimism, passion, and joy. 

How To Use Orange Beads?

Orange stones can be used as jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets. The items can also be used as decorative pieces in your home. If you do not wish to wear the stone, you can also keep it in your purse or wallet so it is always close to you.