Incorporating Black Spinel into Your Holiday Party Outfit

Black Spinel Jewelry


The holiday season means there are plenty of opportunities to look fabulous. A head-turning holiday outfit should be glamorous but timeless, sophisticated but unique, classic but with a sparkle. And that means one thing: black spinel beads. From the Greek word for spark, this stone is sure to make you sparkle in a room, and it will be a conversation piece. Spinel beads, with colorful hues and their differences in transparency, are a perfect addition to any holiday look.


Starting with Your Head

If you are looking for a jaw-dropper, a headpiece is a great place to start! Imagine a delicate crown of beaded spinel black beads with your hair down or in a slick low bun, styled with a simple black dress.

Spinel beads also make gorgeous earrings, bringing out the colors and sparkles of your eyes. Of course, a spinel necklace is a luxurious addition to any outfit. Weave some strands together and make an elegant and sexy choker, or bead a single strand and make a Y-shaped necklace to pair with a top or dress with any neckline. Get some inspiration for your DIY projects here! These designs will look fabulous at any holiday function or celebration.


Complete Your Look

You shouldn’t limit your glam to your head; that would be a disservice to the beads and to your sparkle! Have a tunic dress or boxy top you love to wear but it is missing something? Make a dressy belt with black spinel beads and wear it for the holidays and beyond.

With bracelets, the options are endless. Get creative! You can rock a single strand or a bracelet that crawls up your arm. You could even make a bracelet and ring combo, perfect for those social media shots of you and your crew clinking glasses. While you’re at it, for the perfect shot, make a cute set of glass rings to make your drink glasses special.


Upcycle Everything!

Black Spinel Bracelet


There are plenty of opportunities for those who are more excited about using a glue gun than a needle and thread. Upcycling is a new trend that is easy and which saves money. Most importantly, it’s environmentally friendly.

Shock your friends and family when you tell them your fabulous new accessory used to be a beat-up two-dollar thrift store find. Bedazzle a small clutch you don’t wear and transform it into a fabulous piece you will treasure. With your glue gun in hand, take a pair of simple or worn black heels and sprinkle on some spinel beads.


Share Some Sparkle with Your Friends

In the spirit of the holidays, don’t forget that your family and friends would all love some sparkle in their lives. After you’ve gotten all those compliments at your first holiday occasion, sending some spinel beads to your loved ones seems only fair.


Gift Ideas!

    1. Make a Posh Key Chain

This is a simple and practical gift that would make anyone feel special. Just imagine sprucing up a set of bulky keys with sparkling and elegant black spinel beads.

    1. Knitted Socks or Slippers

Warm socks are an essential for the winter. They are one of those gifts that no one ever buys for themselves, but everyone appreciates. Take a regular pair of knitted socks and add some spinel beads at the top, and there you have a super sweet and cozy pair of socks that would look great peeking out of a pair of boots or Mary Janes. Or bedazzle a pair of slippers for those extra special nights at home.

    1. More Winter Accessories

While you are excited about the winter socks, why stop there? Add spinel beads to your scarves and hats, add some as a trim to a pair of black leather gloves, or knit yourself a fabulous blanket studded with beads, so you can be glamorous while cuddling on the couch.

 Pet Collar

    1. A Cat or Dog Collar

Don’t forget your furry friends! Your kitten or pup would look absolutely stunning in a black spinel heart bead collar, and who’s to say they shouldn’t have a little extra for the holiday season, too? Be sure to use an animal-safe closure or simply bedazzle an existing collar to glam up your pet for the holidays.


Go for It

With their signature luster and luxury quality, black spinel beads are the perfect elegant accessory for your holiday party outfit. Whether worn as a hairpiece, statement necklace, or bracelet or adorning your clutch and shoes, you are sure to be a twinkling star for this upcoming Silent Night!