Vibrant Gemstones Bring Fall Colors to Life. Tips for Jewelry Makers


Scents of pumpkin, apple, spices, and burning leaves bedeck the season of autumn. As the leaves change from deep green of summer to nature’s rainbow of red, orange, yellow, and every shade in between, a shift begins in fashion styles. The weather gets cooler and out come the sweaters, jeans, and hoodies to keep you warm on chilly fall nights.

Keeping up with the trends is necessary as a jewelry maker in order to maintain and grow your business. One such helpful place to learn the hottest trends is the Pantone Institute, which is the authority on color and what will be the most sought-after in fashion lines for every season. This year, the palette is stunning, inspiring optimism, strength, and tranquility. To assist you in your planning for a banner sales season, we’ve chosen gemstones that are a must-have to go with the colors of autumn.




Inspiring tranquility is done best in shades of blue, reminding us of the sky above, and giving us a sense of openness and freedom. The two new blues added to the Pantone line are Airy Blue and Riverside. They pair beautifully with the grays and dark browns of traditional autumn fashion. The gemstones that pair best with these appealing colors are sapphire and blue topaz.


The pairing of blue fabric with the sparkle of blue topaz is a stunning, monochromatic effect. If you are looking to contrast with your outfit, try going with a combination of orange chalcedony and blue topaz for a head-turning look. Coordinate your couture with orange accents like shawls, purse, and hair clip.



Another new, humorously named color is called “sharkskin,” and this one is true to its name. Not just simply gray, but that gritty, smoky gray that appears to change color in various lights marks this fabulous fall color. And what gemstone doesn’t go with gray?? The scope is wide, here, so it all depends on your style preference.


A beautiful, classic choice with the sharkskin would be a deep red ruby or garnet. Gray being a cool color, the warmth of the red lights a fire in contrast. Whether a single pendant or a series of stones used in your creation, the red gems will create a fall look that makes fashionistas look twice.


As mentioned, gray is a very versatile color. Pairing it with a variety of pearls can create a new look for each necklace you choose. The traditional white pearl is stunning because of the candlelight luster it resonates. It literally enhances any skin tone and any outfit you desire. You can also take a break from the norm and try freshwater pearls, which come in almost every color imaginable.




The color of the year is rose, like that of the rose quartz. As a nod to this color, wearing pink freshwater pearls with your sharkskin colored sweater is a perfect combination for autumn.


Perhaps you want to match the sharkskin color in your jewelry because it is such a great fall color and goes with anything. In terms of gemstones matching that color, you could choose a freshwater pearl or a smoky quartz.


The hues in the smoky quartz vary, depending on light, as well as color and clarity. This chameleon-like stone is so luxurious, it is a wonder it is not considered a precious stone. Colored by natural irradiation and varying amounts of aluminum in the stone, it can take on the look of a wisp of smoke or a dark rain cloud.






For strength and confidence, aurora red is Pantone’s incredibly warm color of the season. It embraces all the wonderful connotations of autumn and pairs beautifully with a myriad of gemstones. Perhaps the most unusual and colorful stones to match aurora red with are Mexican fire opals. Ranging in a fiery array of red, orange, and yellow, these beads add flame to the aurora red fashion this season.


The color of these gemstones comes from the amounts of iron oxide in the formation. They are typically translucent to opaque, though some can come in transparent form. These are sure to fire up your autumn style.


Warm taupe is an earthy color, keeping the wearer grounded and stable. In combination with the centered feeling the color offers, the perfect gemstone would be hematite. Keeping you grounded and absorbing all negative energy that you come in contact with on a given day, hematite is perfect to wear with the warm taupe color for an earthy style.




As a continuation of honoring the color of the year, rose quartz, the new color “dusty cedar” is a complex, dusky pink with more red in it than the traditional rose. It is full of warmth and is a very welcoming color without the innocence of soft pinks. This is a mature color, and the perfect stone to pair with it is, no surprise: rose quartz.


The power of rose quartz is undeniable, opening the heart to all kinds of love, from friendship, to family, to passion. Combine the rose quartz in your jewelry design with mother of pearl for an iridescent, beautiful look that will turn up the heat for your autumn.


Summer doesn’t dissipate without a fight, and sometimes it takes longer for those deep greens to change over to the fall colors. Pantone’s creation of “lush meadow” makes us feel a lingering summer warmth in rich green tones, bringing to mind the evergreen that never loses its color. So, which stone would be best to complement this stunning color?




Depending on which season you wish to honor, the two stones that would look amazing are lemon quartz or citrine. The lemon quartz is pale greenish yellow, a refreshing color that reflects the days of summer that have past. The citrine has a darker, almost amber hint to it, reminding us of the leaves falling from trees. These two stones will match beautifully with the lush meadow color for the season.


An uplifting and unusual color for the season is “spicy mustard” which looks exactly as it sounds. A very rich, gold color enhances darker skin tones and will spice up your wardrobe. Wearing an opposite color will add to the exotic look this color exudes, so the ideal stone would be the sapphire.




The stunning, deep vibrant blue of the sapphire stone will complement the spicy mustard color, creating the knock-out look of the season. A tip for jewelry makers: Go big and bold with stones for the exotic look, matching deep blue sea glass or other beads to match the sapphires for a stand-out necklace. Pair with sapphire drop earrings, and you are sure to have a top seller.


If you are looking for the quintessential color for the fall, potter’s clay is definitely your choice. This rich earth tone encapsulates leaves, wood, and soft brown leather all in one color. It is in the brown family, but has such a warm red tinge to it, it feels like a rust. There are a variety of stones that would be spectacular with this color, including any reds like garnet or ruby-type stones.


To enhance your autumn look while wearing the potter’s clay color palette, try amber stones. This honey colored stone has a waxy finish that will add warmth to any fall fashion, not to mention the added benefit of assisting with clearing your mind and calming properties.



For vibrant color combinations, try “bodacious” which is a rich purple, unusual for the fall season, but a spectacular color. Because of its versatility, it can be paired with reds or pinks, or offset by deep yellow or “spicy mustard.” This isn’t your everyday purple, and it gives the wearer a sense of calm as well as energy. Creating jewelry to match this fun fall color should be an exciting craft experience.


For a monochromatic look, try amethyst or ametrine, which will set off the purple beautifully. Conversely, going for a flirty look, try variations of pink, such as rose quartz or pink freshwater pearls for a necklace combination.


Finally, for a more mature, elegant look, create an eye-catching piece with garnet and ruby colored stones. No matter which style you are looking to portray, there is a stone to bring out the personality of the outfit and the wearer.


Whether apple picking or relaxing in front of the fire with some hard cider, autumn has all types of activities in which you will want to look your best. Creating jewelry to match Pantone’s color palette for the season, as well as pieces for all occasions, will be a blissful experience with so many options from which to choose.