The Gardener's Stone: Moss Agate

Named for the moss-like inclusions in the gemstone, moss agate is one of the most powerful and eye catching of the agates. Technically, this stone isn't even a true agate, because it is lacking in concentric circles that denote an agate stone. It is a form of chalcedony, formed from silicon dioxide and green minerals embedded in the stone which give it the mossy look.



Where Is It Found?

Like traditional agate, moss agate can be found in volcanic rock. There are large deposits found in Montana, and originally in the alluvial gravel beds of the Yellowstone River. Moss agate can be found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, central Europe, and western United States. Interestingly, there are moss agates that have a red hue due to a high content of iron oxide, and those with a black hue from increased magnesium oxide.


Most Powerful Agate

The moss agate is known as the gardener's stone because of its metaphysical properties, which include agricultural abundance. It is also the stone of warriors, creating balance within because of its low vibration and intensity. This stone will rein in emotions and bring peace to the wearer.


In ancient Egypt, they believed the obelisk was the most powerful structure for protection and defense. With an obelisk of moss agate, negativity is dispelled by the point of the stone. Keeping one in your home is said to keep harmony for all those under the roof.




Whether the color of the stone (green and milky white) or the power of the agate is the reason, anyone who wears jewelry made from moss agate will find health, wealth, and many friends. It is an earth stone, which lends itself to keeping you grounded as well as in touch with your true self. The balance mentioned earlier comes from this power of the stone, also.


Healing and Good Health

Because the properties of moss agate include a deep connection to earth, it helps to heal emotional and physical ailments. If you are experiencing high levels of stress at work, try wearing a moss agate around your neck, close to your heart. The same goes for any imbalances or overwhelming stress at home. The moss agate will dispel these feelings and restore balance.


Gemstones all emit vibrations; the makeup and color of the stone determine the level of energy that is emitted. Moss agate has a relatively low vibration level; however, that is where its power comes into play. It promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid, which reduces inflammation in the body. It can help with fevers, mucus building illnesses, and the flu. By wearing the stone, it is like having a secret weapon to help your immune system battle anything with which it comes in contact.


Every gemstone has unique qualitiespile-of-gemstones 


as well as adding a certain flair to our personal fashion. Choosing the best stones is easy to do once you know how they can help you with issues you may be facing in life. Whether overcoming obstacles, promoting good health, or increasing the love and abundance in your life, there is a stone out there just waiting for you.


Moss agate is a must-have in every jewelry box because of its versatility, strength, and natural beauty. Wearing a pendant or earring (or both!) made of this gemstone will not only keep you optimistic but in touch with the earth and your true self.


Take some time to analyze what you want in your life and what you don’t, and then choose the stones that best fit your needs and fashion sense.