For those with so many beads, and so little time


If you love beaded jewelry, then you know how hard it is to decide on a certain color or cut when you’re putting together an outfit. Sometimes you can refer to the type of event you’ll be attending to know what type of jewelry is best for that situation.

While all beads, pearls, and chains are undeniably gorgeous, there are some rules you can stick to, in order to help you make decisions quicker based on the occasion. Consider these different outfit styles and corresponding bead types to help you put together the perfect outfit in no time at all.


Heading to the office today? There’s no need to think twice about what jewelry you’ll need to take control of that early morning and pile of meetings. You can look freshly pressed in anything, so long as you’re wearing your favorite white pearls.

White pearls are the best type of jewelry to make even a plain outfit look prepared and pulled together. Whether you’re sporting a pencil skirt, bright blouse, and heels, or a neutral dress shirt and work pants, pearls will complete the look.

Beads of Cambay offers a variety of freshwater white pearls that are perfect for a work casual occasion. Consider the 7mm-8mm white button pearls that are stylish but also sophisticated.



There is nothing better than wearing your favorite beads simply because you can, and because you love the way you look in them. If you’re going for something less fancy and more casual, then a great option is to consider earthy tones, and smaller beads that complement what you’re already wearing.

These pieces are not statement pieces, because they complete a look without making too much noise on their own. These Andesine Beads are a great example of a casual bead, because the blending of different hues makes it easier to match with garments, and the colors are calm and feminine. Beads of Cambay explains that these beads have a lustrous effect, as well as a fair amount of brilliance to add some light to your outfit.


Girls just want to have it, and they can when they’re wearing their favorite beads! Is your bright outfit missing something? You may have a more difficult time picking out beading if your outfit is already turning heads, but there is always a bead that will complement your look.

For beading that completes your trendy attire, consider Hammer Faceted Beads from Beads of Cambay. These unique beads come in all different kinds of exotic colors, such as kiwi, margarita, creamsicle, mango, and lipstick. You can choose from solid colors or mixed, and because of their shape and opaqueness, these beads are a great choice for a fun occasion.

According to Beads of Cambay, the distinctive shape of the hammer-faceted bead is created by using an ancient technique known as hand clipping, and the rocks are tumbled to smooth out coarse edges while upholding their rough and natural look. With so many colors available, these gemstones are the perfect answer to a fun outfit!


If you’re looking to put together an outfit that makes you stand out in a crowd, you’ll want to do it so that it looked easy and flawless. There is no enjoyment in being a statement piece simply because your colors clash or your jewelry is fluorescent.

Stand out in a classy way, with statement jewelry that really pops. Beads of Cambay has a wide selection of focal beads that use a lot of metallic colors and earthy tones to dazzle without trying too hard. The various shapes, unsymmetrical designs, and interesting textures are what make these beads so enchanting, and you can rely on them to make even a neutral outfit shine.

Focal beads such as the Silver Leafed Amethyst Crystals Focal Bead with Bail are a great example of a statement piece that doesn’t rely on bright colors or size, but rather its edgy texture and exotic amethyst rock to create a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Another example is the Red Pink Agate Drusy Freeform Focal Bead, which is a heavy-set stone with gentle colors of light pink and opal. Set within a silver chain, the piece appears to have small flecks of pink rock and is shaped in a unique oblong shape. The rock is not loud, but lustrous, and it makes a perfect statement piece.


Each bead and rock is unique and will be the perfect addition to a specific outfit. If you’re unsure what kind of beading will coordinate well with your occasion, consider shape or coloring that will blend well with your outfit to get a head start. allows shoppers to search for beading based on shape and color, to help you make your decision more easily.

Remember that you should not just rely on color or size to make your jewelry stand out; considering other factors such as shape and texture will do wonders to making your beading the centerpiece of your special outfit.
January 27, 2016 — Arun Yadav widget logo