For bead-lover beginners, here are some great tools you’ll love


If you or someone you know is starting to create their own projects with beads, rocks, and chains, it can be a lot easier to decide what to get them as a gift! There are lots of different tools that will help make their hobby  much easier, so consider this list of great gifts for beading to help you or your friend on their way to becoming a pro!



There is nothing more frustrating than finally gathering all of your beading supplies, only to realize that you cannot fit your needle through the hole of the bead! Help out your hobby by selecting a wide range of needle sizes, as well as thread sizes, so that you can be sure you’ll always be able to use the beads you’ve selected.

If you’re purchasing a specific type of bead, be sure to make note of the size of the hole so that the next time you’re shopping for thread, needles, or chain you can find the correct size.



Not everyone who works with threads and beading has small, nimble hands that can work flawlessly! Some individuals will need a bit of help, and that’s why a needle threader and cutter are the perfect gift. If you have any difficulty threading, this object will help you to make the incision much more easily, and the cutter is great when you’re done with your thread! The 2-in-1 tool is a great way to save some space and get the trickier part completed faster.



If you are working with a lot of metal or wiring when you’re creating your jewelry, then pliers will be essential to your beading belongings. Pliers will allow you to maneuver and work with sharper objects without have to use your own hands for the job, and they will also be able to cut wire safely and effectively.

There are all kinds of different pliers, so be sure to research what kind are best for the projects you are working on. Some different types include Flat Nose Pliers, Nylon Jaw Pliers, Pocket Pliers, and Japanese-Style Pliers.



When working with your beads, you will want to make sure that you don’t scratch or tarnish the finish with sharp objects. To hold them safely and securely, nylon-tip tweezers are best, because they give you a firm grip on the bead without doing any damage to the surface. These are especially important if you’re working with expensive beads, and you know that you’re going to be handling them throughout the process.



Bead reamers are a handy tool for everyone who works with beads to have. A bead reamer can come with a variety of different tools for different purposes, but the main purpose is to re-shape the holes in your beads.


If you would like to make a larger hole in your bead, a bead reamer will allow you to do this safely and easily. With other added tools you can also shine the beads, or gently sand down the sides to get rid of irregularities. Be sure, when you purchase a bear reamer, that you follow the directions carefully, as each brand will require specific ways that allow the reamer to perform efficiently. Some of these products will come with batteries and others will be motorized, so do some researching before you decide what kind to purchase.



Your friend will love you for getting them something as thoughtful as a magnifying glass, especially if they struggle to see what they’re doing while they’re beading! There are all different kinds of magnifying glass options for you to browse through, including ones with lights, ones to strap onto your head, and some with various levels of magnification.



Once your beading collection has grown, you’ll definitely want to keep everything organized and on display! An organization kit is a great way to keep your space clean while you work, and it also helps you to find what you’re looking for much more quickly.

If you decide to get a more intricate kit, there will also be compartments for your other beading accessories, including your tools, threading, needles, etc. This is a great gift for someone who likes to bead, because you can never have enough beads or storage!


If you’re still unsure what to get yourself or a friend, you can never go wrong with giving the gift of more beads! Beads of Cambay has a wide selection of high-quality options, from freshwater pearls and precious gemstones to hand-wrapped chain and unique charms. Find every shape, color, and style you’re thinking of to create the perfect piece of jewelry!
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