It’s time to look at beads in a new light

If you’re up to your neck in bracelets and necklaces, perhaps it’s time for you to start seeing your beads in a new light. For those with the crafty touch, you’ll know that re-purposing materials for something else can sometimes create something completely new and beautiful.

If you have spare beads lying around or you can’t decide what to do with a few outcast shapes and colors, consider some of these great ideas that you can use to put them to good use. This way you know you’re not wasting your beads, and you’re incorporating a hobby you love into your everyday belongings! Consider these 10 creative ways to use your beads:



Using extra beading for a bookmark is an easy way to make your bookmarks more colorful and personal, and they can also make great gifts! Simply create a hole at the top of the bookmark and loop through some string or ribbon. Slide on whatever beads you’d like and tie at the end. Not only is this a great weight for the bookmark, but it will also help to avoid fraying if you’re using string!



If you’re also quite handy at knitting or sewing, you can use more delicate beading to decorate winter hats and scarves! Small white beads are perfect for small snowflakes, or you can use festive colors like red, green, and gold beads to add a festive touch.



For those who have trouble pulling their zippers up and down, a beaded zipper pull is a simple and colorful solution! You can choose colors that match the coat or jacket, and use as many as you’d like to make the zipper easier to access.

Generally you’ll want to use a strong object or fabric for the base of the pull, which will have to retain the most movement and force. Use an object like a clip, small carabiner, or strong string that can carry the weight of the beads as well as be pulled fairly often.



Beads can be so fun and stylish, so why should your pets have to miss out on it? offers a full tutorial on its website, so that you can use your extra beads to create an adorable, fashionable collar for your furry friend! Keep in mind, these leashes are meant as a trendy look only, and not to substitute for a walking collar and leash!


    1.     GARDEN ART

This is the kind of project that you can really let your creative juices flow with. There are so many things you can do to dress up your garden with bright beads and chains that are sure to dazzle any guests – insect or human! Use your beads to decorate wind chimes, birdhouses, and pot decorations, or mold them into garden stepping stones! The ideas are endless, and the more color you add, the more the sun will light up your garden in an array of beautiful hues!



Glass markers are the perfect party favor so that everyone knows whose drink is whose! And while some of these small kits can be expensive, you can use your own beading to create your own glass markers at home! All you’ll need to do is purchase some clips from your local craft store, and then start getting crafty with your own shapes and colors.

You can also personalize the markers, if you know who is coming, by using their name letters, their favorite color, and more. This is also a great gift to give as a set.


    1. FAN PULLS

Fan pulls may not be as modern as we’d like them to be, but you can swap your original fan pulls for creative ones you can make on your own! Choose colors that go with the room’s theme and wall colors, or let family members pick their favorite colors and shapes themselves.

This is a great way to use up extra beads that aren’t being used, and using styles that are more translucent can add a nice color to the walls when the sun hits it just right!



Give your kitchen a facelift without ever having to break the bank! Beaded cabinet knobs are a great way to change the look of your kitchen, while adding new splashes of color and a personal touch.

This project may require a specific shape, depending on the cabinet knobs you already have, so make sure that the project will work before you start taking things apart. Generally, if you’re using smaller beads, you’ll have to work with a flatter surface, while larger stones and gems may be able to act as the knob itself.


If you’re looking for a large selection of beads, chains, and stones to search from, has a wide variety of shapes, colors, and stones for you to browse through. These high-quality pieces are perfect for all of your beading projects and do-it-yourself ideas, so feel free to try out a variety of different types to find out what kinds you like best!

Be sure, when doing home projects, that you have all of the necessary safety precautions taken care of, and that you are always present if a child is doing the project with you.
January 27, 2016 — Arun Yadav widget logo