Sapphires have been worn for many centuries and continue to dazzle us to this day. Widely known for its elegant dark blue color, the September gemstone is a classic that never ceases to impress. The sapphire is associated with loyalty, wisdom and mental focus. Historically, the ancient Greeks, Buddhists and Hindus wore this gem for spiritual guidance, and it has been associated with the divine across many religions and cultures.


While many of us may associate the sapphire with a deep shade of blue, this gemstone actually comes in a wide array of colors, including pink, orange, purple and green. The sapphire is versatile and can add a spark to your outfit no matter which color you choose. What better month to wear this gemstone than September?


Read on for our favorite five ways to make heads turn this month with sapphire beads.



1. Pair Plum Sapphire Beads with Other Cool Colors


The plum sapphire is a shade of purple that manages to be simultaneously subtle and extremely eye-catching. Plum sapphires can stand on their own and still look absolutely lustrous. However, cool colors are perfect for the fall and will completely set off this gemstone.


To make the plum sapphire seem even more enticing, pair it with blue gems like the blue sapphire or the Australian opal. The blue combines with the plum sapphire to give off a vibe that is almost electric; the Australian opal’s irregular accents make for a particularly striking combination. You can either combine pieces or use beads with these different gems to create a spectacular statement piece.


If combining different types of jewels isn’t for you, another great way to make plum sapphires stand out is to wear outfits that feature cool colors. A light blue blouse or sweater can nicely complement the purple gem.

2. Make Blue Sapphire a Statement Piece


A piece of jewelry that features blue sapphires is an excellent addition to your collection. The blue sapphire and diamond combination, for instance, is the perfect focal point of any outfit. A custom-made diamond with a sapphire bead necklace is a beautiful, timeless piece that you’re unlikely to tire of and that will instantly elevate any look.  


Following a few simple rules can make both your statement piece and your outfit look stunning. It’s generally best to limit yourself to one statement piece at a time. If you plan on combining the statement piece with other jewelry, avoid pieces with gemstones and look instead towards basic metals like silver and gold. You should also keep in mind that the best way to make a statement piece stand out is to wear clothing in muted colors like gray or black.

3. Showcase the Beauty of Padparadscha Sapphires


Padparadscha sapphires are among the rarest gems in the world. Meaning “aquatic lotus blossoms” in Sinhalese, these sapphires are known for their unique color: an uncommon mix of orange and pink.


Because of how rare these sapphires are, they’re hard to find, and most collectors buy them as soon as they appear on the market. The precious gem made headlines as the main stone for Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring. Nonetheless, if you get an opportunity to acquire one, Padparadscha sapphires are a fantastic investment. These gemstones can add elegance to any outfit with their delicate salmon pink tones, but bluebird blue is the best color to bring out this gem’s hues.

4. Embrace the Growing Trend of Pink Sapphires


Pink sapphires have become ever more popular in recent years, and it’s not very hard to guess why. Associated with sincerity, love and inner strength, the pink sapphire is an incredibly flattering jewel to all skin tones. Its color can range from baby pink to hot magenta — both beautifully feminine tones.


A pink sapphire will stand out no matter what color outfit you choose, with the possible exception of bright oranges and reds. Pale pink looks great with any fabric including denim, while hot pink sapphires stand out most with blues, light greens, pinks and white.

5. Incorporate Subtle Style with Chocolate Sapphires


Few gems are as refined as the chocolate sapphire. With a neutral, warm cocoa tone, this kind of sapphire looks exceptionally luxurious and stylish.


The chocolate sapphire can make you look classy at any formal occasion. It is best combined with white and other neutral tones. Beige or browns lighter than the gem itself will make the jewel stand out, and this combination is sure to impress.


Sapphires are an incredibly versatile gem, coming in all kinds of colors and sizes. They’re ideal if you need to make a good first impression, or if you just want a nice jewel to wear every day.

September 07, 2018 — Arun Yadav widget logo