Passion for Purple: A Guide to Wearing Plum Sapphire Beads & Gems

Plum sapphires are for true lovers of the rainbow’s most magical shade. It’s a bold and lovely color that manages to capture everyone’s attention with a whisper as opposed to a shout. For artisans who want to take their creations to the next level, it’s an essential gem to have in your workshop.

Sapphire jewels

If you’ve never had the chance to purchase plum sapphire beads, this spring and summer is a great time to relax with a deep gaze into a lush purple stone. Not familiar with this gem? Let us change your mind.


Pairing Your Plum Sapphire

For jewel enthusiasts who can’t walk out the door or be seen at any gathering without a minimum of five pieces, a plum sapphire makes a great gem to mix and match with other pieces.

Start with the Australian opal. These two gems set each other off in a unique way that brings the night sky to your clavicle and fingers. A gold setting is perfect to balance out the deep and unusual colors as they send fabulous vibes into every room you enter.

Another wonderful pairing is plum sapphire and the softer pink sapphire. Who says you have to choose between these two beautiful shades? Grab one or two pieces of each and let them sit side by side. Better yet, find or make a stunning statement piece that puts the two together and lets them take your look to a whole new level.

Model in sapphire inspired fashion

Go Beyond Accessories

For a beautiful pair of plum sapphire earrings or a lovely plum ring, consider a face to match. Plum lips and eyes are perfect for a night out, for cooler cloudier days, or for times when you want to feel as magical as possible.

To make this work, you want to choose one memorable piece that isn’t too large. A nice, modest pair of plum sapphire earrings is perfect. Then choose a shade of sapphire that matches your piece to paint your eyes and lips. Keep your hair simple with a bun or stylish ponytail. This is a great look for women with shorter hair, as well.


Make a Memorable Outfit

Plum is a really fun color for jewels as well as your wardrobe. Why not find a stunning pair of plum jeans or a plum denim skirt? They would look great with a white top and drop plum sapphire earrings or a gold and purple necklace.

You can also accessorize with pieces beyond your jewelry. Find a pair of purple shoes you love, to tie your jewelry to your outfit like never before. Most shoe companies are offering styles from ballet flats for work to metallic sneakers for a fun live concert. Pair them with bracelets or earrings to highlight the color without over-stating the purple. However you choose to wear your shoes, make sure you have a plum option mixed in with your color choices.

Sapphire necklace

Find One Unforgettable Piece

As plum sapphire is such a fabulous color, it can work best as a stand-out piece that shows off the color and shine of the gem. Some plum sapphire beads even change color, making your pieces even more unique!

If you’re making your own, go big and bold. A large brooch that makes the most of the color and helps it sparkle can be a nice way to start. Play with size and shade to make your pin a piece that you will want to wear every day and will light up your Instagram account with tons of new fans.

If brooches aren’t for you, keep an eye out for a new and different ring. This opal brooch puts a huge opal in the center and then surrounds it with two layers of petals; one plum and one crystal. The cut and quality of the stones will make or break this piece, so, if you’re doing this one yourself as a gift or to get ready for a show, you will want to invest in the best stones you can afford. Purple is a reflection of the more magical side of nature, so take advantage and play around with natural shapes.

Fly off to ancient lands with the help of an elaborate necklace adorned with one large, shining gem as the centerpiece. Use your plum sapphire to dress up a silver chain or to set off a deeper stone. Use plenty of texture and shape to create extra dimension. For inspiration, check out this regal piece that uses pewter to create a base for these beautiful gems. The finished product is a nod to Cleopatra herself, thanks to its beautiful balance of neutrals and deep, intense colors all in one place.