Best Fall-Inspired Beads for Jewelry Making This Upcoming Season

Amber beads in the market

The fall season is fast approaching, bringing with it gorgeous color changes in nature and the beginning of the holiday season. Drawing inspiration from nature and holiday festivities can be a great way to add some seasonal charm to your jewelry making. To help you get started, here are some of our picks for the best fall-inspired beads for jewelry making this season.



The warm, rich honey tones of amber beads make them the perfect gemstone for creating fall-inspired jewelry. The irregular bead shapes add instant interest to any of your designs, and although they look amazing on their own, they also pair well with brown and yellow gemstone beads.

Amber is also said to have healing properties, so it can be used for creating homeopathic healing jewelry to help protect you during the coming colder months.



Although oranges, reds and yellows tend to be the dominant color palette for fall, you don't need to be limited to these warm tones for your jewelry designs. Vibrant amethyst is a bold alternative to the traditional fall colors and complements gemstone beads in deep green colors.

Large or druzy amethyst beads make for stunning focal beads, ideal for statement fall earrings or necklace pendants.



Carnelian is an ideal gemstone bead for creating fall jewelry projects because it comes in a vast variety of shades of orange, red and brown that can vary from waxy to semi-transparent in appearance, making them amazingly versatile.

Carnelian is also another gemstone with reputed healing properties. It is said to bring warmth, energy and creativity to the wearer, making it the perfect stone to have in your designs this fall.


Chocolate Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls may not be the first thing that comes to mind for fall jewelry. However, freshwater pearls are renowned for coming in an assortment of colors — including rich chocolate.

Chocolate freshwater pearls add drama to any piece of jewelry. The rose, copper and chocolate tones intertwine to give the pearls a unique glow that looks equally dazzling as a singular pendant or long strand.

Gift jewelry for women beautiful golden pearls


Golden Freshwater Pearls

Another gorgeous alternative to traditional freshwater pearls is the golden freshwater pearl variety.

Try using golden Keshi pearls in your fall jewelry projects. Their irregular shapes will add texture and dimension to your pieces. Or create an elegant piece using rose and copper-toned round golden freshwater pearls for a timeless classic addition to your fall wardrobe.


Cat's Eye Quartz

The intertwining veins and ribbons of brown and shades of green make the cat's eye quartz a beautiful way to incorporate the transitory feeling of fall into your jewelry. Cat's eye quartz pairs well with the entire fall color palette and adds instant interest to any of your designs.


Mandarin Garnet

Most spessartite garnet stones come in varying shades of orange and yellow, but to really pack a fall-inspired punch, the mandarin garnet offers you a bold, vibrant orange that can't be surpassed.

The brilliance and color of the mandarin garnet gemstone make it ideal for fall statement jewelry, and its relative hardness means that you can use it for a broader range of jewelry pieces, including high-impact items such as rings and bracelets.



The beauty of jasper gemstone beads is that they come in such an enormous range of colors, from dazzling yellows and oranges to muted browns and reds, many with stunning streaks and flame patterns interweaving through the stone.

Try emphasizing the streaked red and oranges in the jasper with deep chocolate brown or dark green gemstone beads or use them on their own and watch them bring dimension and life to your designs.



Early fall gives us the last glimpse of green before winter, and the muted oily luster of serpentine beads makes them a beautiful addition to any fall jewelry design.

Spotted serpentine is often dyed to complement the deep green hue, which can add eye-catching detail to your pieces. Or try using matte serpentine beads combined with faceted beads for depth and texture.



Soak up the last of the sun's rays this fall and draw inspiration from the stunning yellow of the changing fall leaves with citrine beads. The magnificent clarity and transparency of citrine beads make them an alluring gemstone to add to your jewelry making repertoire.

Citrine stones are often found alongside amethyst, and their colors complement each other well in most jewelry designs. Just like amethyst, citrine druzy pendants work well as focal beads or try using faceted citrine for more depth and brilliance.

red gemstone on diamond ring




Rubies are synonymous with elegance and style, and the deep red color makes for a dazzling addition to your jewelry collection. Ruby beads make stunning focal beads but also pair well with amethyst, which brings out the warm tones in the ruby without getting lost in the design.


Bead Caps

Another way to incorporate the love of nature that comes with fall into your jewelry is with nature-inspired bead caps. Copper or brass bead caps integrate well into the fall color palette, while bead caps with filigree or leaf and flower motifs add beautiful detail and help to show your gemstones off in their best light.


Final Thoughts

Take inspiration from the wonderful array of fall colors when selecting your beads for jewelry making this season.