Here’s a Quick Way to Be the Next Golden Child

Everyone wants to be the star of the show, but to do so you have to dress the part. Being the darling of the party or the golden child of the gala takes careful crafting of your appearance to reflect the parts of your personality that you want to shine through. Therefore, when dressing, you want to show yourself at your best and you must remember: Good taste is always in style and gold jewelry is always in good taste.

Gold is bold, but it is also a marker of elegance and grandeur. This timeless mix that gold offers to your chosen accessories is becoming more available as the price of this precious metal is dropping. So, whether you choose to invest in a fine piece of statement jewelry, or want to play with some golden accents, infuse your life with a little luxury and invest in some golden jewels to make your personality sparkle for any occasion.

Tastes and preferences in jewelry trends are like the weather. They change with each coming season. So why not choose to wear an element that comes from nature itself and which can be adapted to the changing seasons? Gold has unique physical properties that make it unparalleled in the jewelry world. Its combination of malleability and resilient radiance makes it an ideal combination for designers and jewelry aficionados to express their creativity and passion to the world. 

This irresistible fusion of elements is what makes gold continue to trend throughout the ages. Although golden designs are often purchased regardless of the price, today the cost of this classic metal is dropping sharply, making it much easier to incorporate into your jewelry arsenal.


Why Is the Price Dropping?

The price of gold strongly correlates with the strength of the economy, and the price and demand of gold jewelry tends to reflect the average income levels of a nation. In America, when the Federal Reserve initiated its Quantitative Easing program, the price of gold fell sharply and has maintained its subdued level. However, with the expectation of economic and job growth, both the demand and the price of gold will increase in parallel. This means that before the prices begin to rise sharply, you should purchase some timeless golden pieces. Long term trends in gold predict that the demand for this metal will remain robust and will provide long-term support on any gold investments made today.

This prediction makes gold a smart purchase, since this metal can not only be worn, but it can also turn your personal accessories into an investment for your future. Thankfully, today’s lowered gold prices make purchasing this precious metal the most affordable it has been in recent years, and the easiest way to invest is through gold jewelry, which accounts for 55% of the overall demand for gold.

If 55% percent of gold demand is seeing the lowest prices in years, that means that you should snag that lifetime piece that you have been eyeing, or, instead, purchase some high-quality DIY equipment to make your own perfectly unique gold jewelry. The gold standard can now be your standard.


Popping Up in Trends


Aside from being a great economic investment, gold is also trending in the fashion world. Over the centuries skilled artisans have breathed symbolism and expression into this natural element. Through tradition and innovation, we have arrived at a new contemporary approach to gold. One where passion exists within the extraordinary variety of gold jewelry available, and this innovation is coming from all corners of the world. With the increased ability to buy gold in the developing world, innovative crafted pieces are beginning to emerge with less traditional Western designs in favor of pieces that reflect the motifs of other cultures. This new demand coupled with the intrinsic value that gold holds has encouraged designers to reinvent the classics to answer the challenges of today’s market.

You, too, should take a contemporary approach to this classic metal. What was once classic, will still be classic, but you have more freedom to invent yourself through your accessories. Contemporary times call for contemporary approaches. Use redefined aesthetics of the 21st century in your jewelry. Perhaps even create something yourself. Go ahead; hold yourself to the gold standard. Perception is, after all, reality. Whether your objective is to be timeless or modern, sophisticated or simple, each design you adorn yourself with should express yourself as an individual and be used to enhance your inner beauty of self when you walk into the room.