9 Amazing Bead Creations That Aren’t Jewelry

There is an explosion of creative jewelry makers online. Etsy alone has an abundance of shops – crystal necklaces, drop earrings, beaded bracelets, and every kind of body jewelry. But, beads, stones, and gems can add bling to your life in so many more ways than simply with body adornment. From the simple beauty of an ornate bookmark to the extravagant detail of a gemstone bridal bouquet, beading is reaching new heights in artisan creativity.  Here are ten ways to use your beading skills that you may not have thought of.


Gemstone Bridal Bouquets


This new trend in bridal bouquets literally adds sparkle to your wedding day. Choose something subtle and delicate made from off-white biwa, keshi, baroque, and rose coin freshwater pearls with pink Peruvian opal, and mystic prehnite teardrop briolette beads. Go vintage with stones, gems, and brooches in your chosen color scheme, or mix silk flowers draped in dainty sterling silver chains of your favorite gemstones. Your gemstone bridal bouquet can be as personal and luxurious as your taste and imagination.


Beaded Bookmarks


Here’s an idea from Happy Hour Projects that will delight booklovers. Michigan designer and artist, Adrianne Surian, shows you step-by-step how to make a classy bookmark that is both inexpensive and interesting with waxen linen twine, beads, and charms. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities for creating these useful bookmarks are endless. Go rugged, playful, and beautiful in your bead and charm selections, and make one for every reader you love.


Gemstone Frame


Make something really special for your wedding photo by taking a plain wood frame, a tube of e-6000 glue, and your favorite stones or gems. A delicious choice for a wedding photo frame is sterling silver plated copper flat brushed square beads. They’re flat with just the right amount of bling to add to your photo without taking anything away from it. Because they’re flat and square, they’re easy to place. Choose funkier or more colorful beads for a more playful look. Wrap a rope of ruby red rondelle beads around a mirror for a glamorous statement.


Beaded Buttons


If you’ve lost a button from your favorite sweater or blouse, don’t search for something similar that looks like a repair job. Instead, take the opportunity to add some glam to it with all new beaded buttons. It will not only add new life to your garment, but personalize it to your good taste. If that sounds like too much work, replace all of the buttons with 22-karat gold plated copper button beads – voila!


DIY Bead Magnets


Is your fridge covered with boring refrigerator magnets from your car insurance company, realtor, or your last vacation to Las Vegas? Maybe it’s time to add a touch of glam to your refrigerator magnets, so someone will actually read the notes they display. Virginia from Live Love DIY shows you how to turn your favorite gemstones into eye-catching magnets.


Christmas Decorations


Pearls, rubies, emeralds – this is their chance to shine in a plethora of Christmas decorations for your home this year. White pearl snowflake ornaments, Victorian gemstone beaded patterns over clear Christmas balls, gorgeous light reflecting Christmas stars that shimmer, or glittering Christmas wreaths that sparkle. If you prefer simple, yet elegant, use tiny white lights on your tree and strands of gold-filled chain with frosted beryl, frosted peridot, amethyst, or labradorite beads.


3D Bead Projects

Have you ever heard of beaded art dolls? These 3D depictions of various animals, fantasy figures, and dolls are utterly enchanting. Artists have created a number of patterns online – some of them free – to make your own beaded art doll. Use them on holidays, as quirky home accents, or fun gifts.


Beaded Wall Art


Instead of making a painting to go over the couch, how about beaded wall art? Draw out your pattern, choose your colors and start beading. Using beads of different shapes, sizes, and colors adds a dramatic texture to your piece. Beaded artwork would make an excellent choice for a triptych. Or, create a shimmery masterpiece over the long, cold winter instead of watching all those TV shows.


Beaded Monogram


Here’s a cool idea for the front door. Cut out a fancy pattern of your initial. Choose your favorite opaque beads like ocean blue larimar, amazing amazonite, sophisticated black obsidian, flaming red fire opal, or traditional turquoise. Cover the entire letter with the beads and hang it on the front door with gold decorative ribbon. Don’t have monogrammed towels in your bathroom? Hang your initial above the towel bar instead.

There are tons of beading patterns, ideas, tutorials, and projects online. Find one that appeals to you, choose the best beads for the project, and happy beading!