Outshine Them All: Wear Diamonds

Fashion trends change with the seasons, but diamonds are forever. Always in style, diamonds can elevate any casual outfit or put the finishing touch on that perfectly planned ensemble. Often the statement piece of an outfit, diamonds bring a story along with their beauty. They’ve endured some of the most intense pressures on Earth, so when they appear in jewelry they reflect a balance of strength and beauty. It is this paradox that has allowed diamonds to come to symbolize love, wealth, and elegance. Adorning yourself with timeless stones underscores your respect for the traditional while highlighting your willingness for change.

Diamond trends do not remain stagnant. Through the decades they have been cut in a variety of ways to highlight different facets of their complex brilliance, and today their colored varieties are beginning to shine. Just like people, these precious stones are ever reinventing themselves, proving that, in any outfit, they really can be a girl’s best friend.


How Is a Diamond Formed?


These coveted stones are made from one of the most basic elements on earth: carbon. They are not, in fact, formed from coal, as most diamonds are older than the first plants on Earth. This means that many diamonds that we wear today were formed over a billion years ago. Talk about an heirloom. However, although it takes time, the process by which these glittering rocks were formed only takes a couple simple steps.

    1. Bury carbon dioxide approximately 100 miles beneath the Earth’s surface.

    1. Heat this carbon dioxide up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

    1. Squeeze this heated carbon dioxide as hard as possible. (Approximately 725,000 pounds per square inch)

    1. Eject this crushed and overheated carbon dioxide as quickly as possible to Earth’s surface.

The key ingredient in this process is time. It is only after patiently waiting within the Earth’s mantle that a diamond appears to sparkle in the sunlight. Once these stones exited the Earth’s mantle, they became instantly desired and coveted. These little rocks turned out to be wonderful to use in a variety of jewelry and, in 2016, they have really stepped into the spotlight to glitter in a whole host of personal pieces on the runway and on the street.


Diamonds for Spring, 2016


The year may be just beginning, but fashion week has already shown us some definitive trends for 2016. When it comes to diamonds, colored stones, and vintage cuts and styles are particular trends that stood out as those that will hold strong until next season.


Colored Diamonds


Colored stones are popping up everywhere – cocoa, rose, champagne, and chocolate diamonds are a few trendy favorites. Whether you choose to set them classically with four prongs, or wear them in a more modern way with uniquely designed jewelry, these stones will set you apart from the crowd and make a stylish statement.

This trend is not necessarily new, but it has continued to gain momentum as women choose to incorporate more pops of color into their diamond jewelry. Although these diamonds are becoming a more common choice, they are hardly common in nature. The formation of these colored diamonds relies on very specific environmental conditions within the Earth, making it rare to come upon natural, high-quality colored stones. However, the demand for these stones remains unhindered. Therefore, jump on this bandwagon early because, with diamonds, rarity equals a high price tag.


Vintage Diamond Jewelry


Old is now new. The look of vintage-inspired or genuine heirloom jewelry is both glamorous and timeless. In terms of diamonds, this means that jewelry buyers should be looking for more traditional cuts like the Princess, Marquise, and Ascher cut diamonds. Old European round cut and emerald cut diamonds also work very well in filigree-laden settings which will give each piece of jewelry a unique flavor of a bygone era.

Another way to achieve the vintage look is a necklace with a rose gold chain and champagne diamond bead bow tie design. A single strand of chocolate diamond beads is both sophisticated and delicate. A necklace with hand wrapped sterling silver chain and silver champagne diamond beads will lend elegance to any formal wear. Strands of cocoa and rose unfaceted diamond nuggets have characteristics of uncut diamonds, making them a quirky choice when paired with a vintage pendant.

Diamonds are here to stay. So, whether you choose to wear these stones traditionally or give them a modern twist, consider a statement diamond masterpiece for 2016. If you can’t find something that suits you, perhaps continue your search in a way that allows you to create your own jewelry. Just remember, the most important consideration when wearing diamonds is this: How do you make it your own?