Everything You Need To Know About Labradorite Beads

Labradorite Beads 

Beads have been widely popular for jewelry making for ages, and there are different types of beads available in the market today to design your jewelry.  Labradorite beads are one among the popular ones mainly used in jewelry making.

What are Labradorite Beads?

Labradorite beads are unique magical gemstones widely known for providing health benefits. From physical illnesses to spiritual and emotional needs, they help improve different aspects of health.

Labradorite is a semi-precious gemstone in eye-catching color combinations-bright greens, deep blues, and subtle yellows. The beads sparkle in the light and are instantly recognizable. It belongs to the plagioclase Feldspar gemstone family and is found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

The Origins of Labradorite

Labradorite is said to be first discovered in North America and documented with Native legends. Some native tribes called Inuits believed that the gem was an intermediate between the Earth and other planets and referred to as the “firestone” or “fire rock.” The Beothuk tribe, on the other hand, thought that the glowing stone contained some of the Northern Lights with its blue and green dazzling patterns.

Labradorite was then discovered in many other locations worldwide, such as Russia, India, Finland, Madagascar, the USA, Mexico, and Australia.

Labradorite Beads in Jewelry Making

Labradorite is a popular gemstone used in jewelry-making for centuries. Due to its fluorescence, the bead is commonly used for making a variety of jewelry pieces. The labradorite jewelry is said to energize your wardrobe and add a vibrant touch to your look.

This precious gemstone is rising in trend now as more and more people started using natural labradorite beads for their jewelry.

Types of Labradorite Beads

There are three subcategories of Labradorite beads which include:

  • Spectrolite: This Labradorite Bead is found in Finland and is quite a rare variety. It displays a rainbow spectrum of colors.
  • Andesine-Labradorite:  It is a treated labradorite bead variety where the stone color is enhanced.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: Known as schiller, this bead variety has a solid blue iridescent luster. It is found in Madagascar and is also referred to as the Madagascar Moonstone.

These natural labradorite beads are also available as Nugget, Chip, Round, and Faceted Rondelle beads.

The round faceted labradorite beads are high-quality beads with beautiful flashes of colors in blues and greens. They exhibit a highly metallic luster on the well-crafted beads giving away excellent symmetry and brilliance. Originated in Africa, these beads are relatively small and go well with sterling silver beads.

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The Specialty of Labradorite Beads

Labrador beads are best known for their supreme quality and vibrant colors. They are multi-functional, which helps enhance your physical as well as mental wellbeing. It is said that a Labradorite necklace connects the stone to your throat Chakra and calms your stresses and anxieties.

Darker color labradorite gemstone beads are best for this purpose that helps you against negative energy and give you confidence and strength.

A Labradorite bead looks beautiful in any metal type but especially looks attractive and stunning when set in yellow or rose gold. Moreover, it is an affordable gemstone to make intriguing large jewelry pieces, especially statement necklaces and large cocktail rings.

The labradorite beads are so unique that they look like ordinary black rock when viewed from one angle. If they are rotated, they seem magical, glowing in mysterious blue and green lights. This distinct iridescence feature or striking effect is called Labradorescence.

Keep Reading to Understand the Benefits of Labradorite Beads

Wearing high-quality Labradorite bead jewelry provides immense benefits impacting your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Physical Health Benefits

It is believed that Labradorite could locate pain within the body and alleviate discomfort. The gemstone also helps tackle respiratory infections and other lung conditions like common cold and bronchitis. Labradorite further helps aid in digestion, boost metabolisms, and treat brain and eye disorders.

In women, the natural labradorite beads help calm down irritating premenstrual symptoms and soothe painful, heavy periods. Rubbing a piece of Labradorite on the stomach is claimed to give some relief while experiencing pain, bloating, or cramps.

Besides these, they help provide relief to other health conditions such as inflammation and discomfort caused by rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

Emotional & Spiritual Health Benefits

Labradorite is often used to help people deal with mental health issues like stress and anxiety. It also helps balance your emotions and cleanse your mind. The natural labradorite beads are commonly used during meditation.

Spiritually, they help balance your energy by evading negative forces and accumulate positive energy to improve your wellbeing.

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Labradorite Beads FAQ’s: 

How can I tell if my labradorite beads are real?

The specialty of labradorite beads is their unique Labradorescence features- a striking color-changing effect. Fake labradorite beads will not display this characteristic of showing color change when they are twirled and viewed from different angles. They will remain still and appear dull and grey at one of the stones.

Are labradorite beads expensive?

High-quality labradorite beads in the electrifying blue, stunning sheen green, or dark grey and black shades are valuable. The price starts from a reasonable US$40 per carat and can go higher based on the gemstone’s weight, color, and luminescence.

What is the rarest color of labradorite beads?

Fuchsia and purple labradorite gemstone beads are rarely found. Some transitional shades of pink-copper, very light blue, and true white flash are also the rarest labradorite beads.

What are good quality labradorite beads?

High quality labradorite beads will exhibit the iridescence feature. Besides, check for the existence of a strong mixture of colors and striations. The clearer striations and a broad spectrum of colors set forth the excellent quality labradorite beads.

What causes labradorite beads to flash?

The unique characteristic of labradorite beads causes them to flash. The internal fractures in the mineral make them reflect back and forth and disperse into different colors. This beautiful iridescent play of colors causes them to glow, and this striking effect is called labradorescence.

What do labradorite beads look like?

The labradorite gemstone beads are eye-catching with a mixture of vibrant colors like dark green, deep blue, and subtle yellow. They glow and sparkle in the light, exhibiting an iridescent rainbow finish. The colors range from intense blues to oranges and vivid greens during labradorescence.

Do labradorite beads scratch easily?

Labradorite is a soft stone with a hardness level ranging from 6–6.5 on the Mohs scale. The beads are more delicate than quartz and can be scratched if not correctly used or placed.