20+ Ideas for Using Labradorite Beads in Your Jewelry

Gemstone beads grouped by type

Labradorite is a gorgeous semi-precious gemstone that has varying hues of green, gray and blue, depending on its facets.

It is said that the Inuits believed that labradorite was taken from the frozen lights of the Aurora Borealis, when they fell to Earth. With that wisdom in mind, why not add some mysticism to your beaded jewelry by using labradorite beads. Here are some creative ideas to incorporate labradorite beads into your jewelry creations.

Stud Earrings

Creating labradorite jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult. These simple, but gorgeous stud earrings can be made in just a few minutes, as easy as gluing a post and backing to your labradorite bead. Why not use two different shades of labradorite for a look that plays into this year's mismatched earring trend?

Wire-Wrapped Stud Earrings

Alternatively, if you don’t have the tools or equipment for setting the beads in place, you could try these wire-wrapped stud earrings. The delicate wire won’t overwhelm the striking patterns and colors of the beads, and will allow you to be as creative as you want sculpting the wire.

Double-Sided Earrings

Double-sided earrings are the “it” piece to wear this season, and they add effortless “cool” to your wardrobe. Create your own pair using a mid-sized labradorite bead for the stud and a contrasting colored bead for the backing.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are always a show-stopping addition to your jewelry collection. Plus, combining labradorite beads with complementary gemstone beads and chain is a great way to create unique and interesting designs.

Drop Earrings

Though this drop earring tutorial uses “faux” labradorite pendants, you can make this craft even more simple by using pre-set real labradorite focal beads in place of cheaper-looking polymer clay.

Trapeze Earrings

These contemporary geometric trapeze earrings can be made with cube-shaped labradorite beads, with silver links and pins for a striking modern look. The grayish-blue tinge to the labradorite with its vibrant iridescence will add a sleek element to the design.

Silver and Resin Earrings

These silver and resin earrings are another beautiful modern design, and the resin can easily be replaced with an elongated labradorite bead for an amazing pop of color. These earrings will add minimalist glam to your jewelry collection.

Dreamcatcher Earrings

Labradorite rondelle beads come in a variety of complementary colors, which are perfect for this dreamcatcher earring tutorial. You could even try using labradorite beads in gradually darkening shades to create the popular “ombre” look for summer.

Labradorite focal bead pendants

Long Line Necklace with Pendant

This piece is quite possibly the easiest jewelry craft you will ever make. In fact, I’d hardly say you are “making” anything. Simply string one of these gorgeous labradorite focal beads onto a long length of sterling silver chain, and you have a beautiful, understated piece of jewelry that will complement your wardrobe.

Layered Necklace

Layering necklaces is a great look to update your wardrobe, but it can be difficult to find necklaces that work well together. Solve this problem by making your own layered necklace using a selection of gorgeous labradorite beads to tie the look together.

Boho Leather Strap Necklace

Add a laid-back boho vibe to your wardrobe this summer with this easy boho leather wrap necklace. Add a couple of mismatched labradorite beads to the ends of the straps to give the look some mystique.

Statement Necklace

One of the biggest trends in jewelry for 2017 is bulky statement necklaces. Be bold and craft this stunning statement piece using an alluring combination of labradorite and other gemstones in varying sizes.

Seed Bead Necklace

This seed bead necklace is so simple to make, but the combination of metallic and colored beads make a real fashion statement, and they can be used to spice up your trusty “t-shirt and jeans” ensemble. Use two shades of round labradorite beads with gold seed beads, and watch the colors in the gemstones really shimmer.


Chokers have recently come back into fashion, and a beautifully set labradorite focal bead, dangling from a velvet choker, will give you ample fashion street credit. Try this easy velvet ribbon choker tutorial that requires almost no sewing skill.


A collar necklace is another statement piece that can be used to add glamor to plain wardrobe staples, such as t-shirts or a little black dress. Use varying shapes and shades of labradorite beads to create this stunning collar.

Wire-Wrapped Pendant

A simple wire-wrapped pendant is a versatile piece that can be used on long or short necklaces. Use a large hammer faceted labradorite bead for this wire-wrapped pendant tutorial.

Delicate Necklace

Jump on the minimalist trend with a delicate labradorite necklace. Making delicate necklaces can be difficult. Use this tutorial to help you create a necklace that is not only beautiful, but strong, and then thread a tiny set labradorite bead onto the chain for your perfect delicate piece.

Memory Wire-Wrapped Bracelet

Memory wire is a great material for creating quick and easy jewelry crafts. Make a gorgeous beaded wrap bracelet using labradorite rondelle beads and other small round beads in complementary colors.

Labradorite sterling silver toggle

Chain Bracelet with Labradorite Toggles

You don’t need to use hundreds of beads in your jewelry, hoping to make a statement. This simple chain bracelet uses leftover pieces of chain from other crafts, and you can add these gorgeous labradorite toggles as an accent.

Cluster Cocktail Ring

Using wholesale gemstone beads for this gorgeous cocktail ring will really add some glamor to your evening. This beaded cocktail ring tutorial shows you just how simple it is to use beads when making rings.

Wrapped Wire Ring

Just like with earrings and pendant, you can make gorgeous rings using this wire wrapping technique, combined with a single beautiful labradorite bead.