Tourmaline Beads - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Tourmaline Beads

Tourmaline is one of the popular gemstones admired for its mesmerizing beauty and metaphysical healing properties. For this purpose, tourmaline beads have been widely used in jewelry making.

Derived from the Singhalese phrase “tura mali,” tourmaline means “stone mixed with vibrant colors.” Tourmaline beads are found in different colors, shades, and hues, such as green, blue, brown, black, and pink tourmaline beads. Many tourmaline beads come in multi-colored strands.

It is asserted that no two tourmaline stones are found in the same color. The pink tourmaline beads are the most sought-after in demand for jewelry making.

What is the Specialty of Tourmaline Beads, and Why Are They Famous?

Tourmaline beads are pretty famous for their healing properties. Tourmaline is said to prevent negative energies from entering a person’s body by creating a shield. The gemstone also helps balance chakras, calms nerves, fights genetic disorders, regulates hormones, and induces peaceful sleep.

Historically, tourmaline is revered as a magic stone for its protection against negative energies and healing powers. These semi-precious stones have an exceptional ability to generate an electric charge and emit negative ions and infrared rays (invisible waves of energy). Tourmaline beads are worn to evade negativity, dispel fear and grief.

Benefits of Tourmaline Beads

Tourmaline has many astounding benefits. The infra-red radiation emitted by them produces resonance in the body, which helps relieve stress, promotes detoxification, stimulates circulation, increases alertness, and boosts the immune system.

Here are some of the great advantages of wearing tourmaline beads. The beads

  • Reduce water retention
  • Support fat loss
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance mood
  • Support liver and kidneys
  • Reduce lactic acids and free fatty acids

It is also believed that the different color tourmaline beads are beneficial in different ways. Read on to know them.

Pink Tourmaline Beads: The pink tourmaline beads are adorable stones associated with heart and crown chakra. They encourage compassion and reduce fear and panic.

Blue Tourmaline: Associated with the throat and third eye chakra, the blue tourmaline beads promote spiritual growth and intuition.

Black Tourmaline: The black tourmaline beads are said to be affiliated with the root chakra. It is believed that these large tourmaline beads keep you grounded and reduce anxiety and stress.

Watermelon Tourmaline Beads: These stunning beads are concerned with the heart chakra, promoting feelings of self-worth. The watermelon tourmaline beads are also used to cleanse and balance chakras.

Brown Tourmaline: Also known as Dravite, the brown tourmaline beads are associated with the root chakra. They help overcome bad habits and move forward from failures.

Green Tourmaline Beads: The green tourmaline beads are also known as Verdelite, and they affiliate with the heart chakra. The beads help promote stamina, recover faster from hard workouts, and overcome jealousy.

Besides, Tourmaline beads also help enhance physical or sexual performance. Many professional athletes have reported improvements in performance after using this therapeutic gemstone. Tourmaline influences circulation, boosting vitality and vigor in both men and women and thereby may have increased sexual power as reported.

Overall, Tourmaline beads are genuinely one of the Earth’s most precious gemstones that promote love and positivity. Whether worn for their beauty or metaphysical healing properties, the Tourmaline beads are one of a kind in the gemstone world.

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Tourmaline Beads FAQs:

What are tourmaline beads good for?

Tourmaline beads are good for their metaphysical healing powers. Wearing good-quality tourmaline beads helps improve emotional balance and create a feeling of calmness. It is also believed that the tourmaline beads turn negative energy into positive energy.

What power does the tourmaline have?

Tourmaline gemstones are said to have healing powers and grounding properties. They benefit widely in healing various physical and mental health conditions. It is said that tourmaline evades negative energies and fear and promotes the feeling of positiveness among individuals. The stone also boosts the immune system and relieves Arthritis pain and aches in the feet, legs, and anklets.

How do you take care of the tourmaline beads?

Use a mild soap and warm water to clean Tourmaline beads. Always use a soft cloth to brush up after cleaning. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners and steamers as they are likely to cause fracture on tourmaline gems. You can also clean them with overnight soaked salt water and keep them in sunlight once a month.

Which color tourmaline beads are best?

Each color tourmaline bead has its own benefits and healing properties. Pink tourmaline beads, blue, green, and bright, pure tones of red tourmaline beads are generally the most valued ones. The shades of vivid electric green to blue copper-bearing tourmaline beads are exceptional and a class by themselves.

How much do tourmaline beads cost?

The cost of tourmaline beads varies based on their color, size, carat, cut, and type. The good-quality tourmaline beads approximately cost around $125 per carat. They range between $400 & $1000 a carat for high-quality tourmaline beads and between $50 & $75 for other varieties based on the richness of the color.

Are tourmaline beads good for everyday wear?

Tourmaline beads are durable to wear every day based on a ranking scale of 7-7.5 hardness. Wearing the great-quality tourmaline beads will prove beneficial to you in various ways; therefore, make sure you get the real, good-quality tourmaline beads for sale.

How can you tell if the tourmaline beads are real?

In general, Tourmaline’s colors remain mostly separated, and they rarely mingle in iridescent minerals. An original piece of tourmaline usually may have a vivid green, a lustrous yellow, and a pale pink section in a single row. Identify these characteristics to find out if the tourmaline beads are real.

Do I need to cleanse black tourmaline beads?

While it’s a myth that black tourmaline beads don’t need to be cleansed, they should be cleansed and charged when required, although not regularly. You can cleanse black tourmaline beads in many ways; however, it is safe to rinse them under running water to remove dust.

Which colors of tourmaline beads are the most expensive?

Tourmaline beads in some rare colors, such as rubellite and chrome, are usually expensive per carat. The most expensive and rarest variety is Paraiba tourmaline, an attractive neon blue, green, or purple copper-bearing bead.