Best Practices for Working with Rondelle Beads

bracelet with purple and gold rondelle beads

Rondelle beads are used in a wide range of jewelry styles, most commonly as a spacer between contrasting stones. The beads have a rounded cube shape, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles that can be used across a range of designs.

As some of the smallest beads available, it is uncommon to find jewelry made only from Rondelle beads, however it isn’t impossible – and they are a necessary addition to every jewelry maker’s growing collection.

Used to create bracelets, necklaces earrings and as an accessory in handbags and clothing, they are one of the most commonly used stones. Whether you’re new to jewelry making, or you’ve been creating pieces from beads for many years, learning how to use rondelle beads is a great skill that will help enhance your pieces and improve the look of your jewelry.


Building Your Collection

Rondelle beads can be used with almost any pattern, and having a good collection of assorted styles and colors will help you to diversify your favorite designs and create unique looks in your future pieces. With such a wide range of colors available, when choosing new beads, look at your current collection to find colors that complement the ones you already own, as well as starting new collections for the different seasons throughout the year.


Use a Finer Thread

Rondelle beads have much smaller holes than many other beads and learning to thread them can be difficult – especially if your eyesight isn’t great or you struggle to hold a steady hand. Rondelle beads are designed to be used with a much finer thread than other beads, and shouldn’t be used with threads or wires larger than 0.3mm. Beads should not be forced onto the wire, and beginners may find it beneficial to use practice with larger beads and a stronger wire to start with.

Using a magnifying glass can be extremely helpful, especially if your eyesight is no longer what it was. Being able to see the thread and beads clearly will save a lot of time and helps to prevent bending or breaking the thread.

For those of you with an unsteady hand, a beading needle or tool can be extremely helpful, save you an enormous amount of time and help to put the fun back into jewelry making for those of you who find yourself frustrated with the fiddly aspects.


Not Just a Spacer

bracelet with pink and gold rondelle beads

Rondelle beads and other small beads are often used as a spacer between other larger beads or pendants. However, they can also look great alone especially when trying to create summer looks.

Using Rondelle beads to create bracelets and necklaces is a relatively easy task and a fun way to experiment with varied colors. Threading the beads onto individual threads before combining them through plating or twisting can create statement jewelry that takes on different looks in different lights – without being too glamorous or “dressed-up”.

The beads are also often commonly used to embellish clothing and handbags and can be sewn onto most items using a thick thread and a fine needle. It’s a wonderful way to add life to an old outfit or a little glam to something new.

Often, Rondelle beads are found in earrings, too, and can be used to create several designs from simple drop earrings to cascading, dangly designs. The beads can be used with most earring making kits and for your own personal patterns.


The Perfect Spacer

Traditionally, Rondelle beads are used as spacers and for most jewelers it is the only bead to do the job. Offered in a wide variety of colors, the beads are also available in opaque colors, as well as solid color.

As such a versatile bead, there aren’t many beaded designs that don’t include these beads, and whether you create traditional jewelry or you enjoy mastering more modern designs, no jeweler’s collection is complete without a range of Rondelle beads.


A Variety of Stones

blue and white rondelle beads isolated

Rondelle beads aren’t just limited to gemstones. Even the finest of jewelry designs use the beads to enhance their design. Diamond rondelle beads are perfect for creating statement pieces of jewelry for a once-in-a-lifetime gift or a piece to treasure for every special occasion.

Champagne diamond rondelle beads offer a translucent stone, 0.1 to 0.3m in diameter, with a unique champagne hue and internal characteristics. The beads look great alone and when combined with other precious stones, and they can be used to create a broad range of jewelry styles and looks.

Whether you’re new to jewelry making or you’re already an established jeweler, building an excellent selection of wholesale gemstone beads will only broaden your horizons and enable you to try new looks and designs, as well as improve on your current favorites – from fun beach jewelry to glamorous wedding pieces.