Assortment of large hole gemstone beads

Pearls and gemstone beads are popular in women's fashion and have stood the test of time. It is, therefore, no surprise they are used frequently in DIY projects. Making jewelry can be tricky with the large hole beads, so here are a few tricks on how to do it.

1. Clear Tubing

If the hole is too large to stay put, one of the ways to string them together is to use clear tubing. The clear tubing is often sold along with large hole gemstone beads. It fits into the large hole, and you can run metal wiring through it quickly.

The plastic tubing comes in different sizes, so you have plenty of options.

2. Use a Faux Suede Cord

Large Hole Pearls

Another easy way to keep your large hole pearls in place and not have them all sliding to one end is to use a faux suede cord. A nifty trick to get it into the hole is to cut one end diagonally. This will ensure it slips in easily and is thick enough to hold the large holed pearls in place.

You can use regular faux suede for this. If the cord does not go through, make a more distinct diagonal cut until it is just the right size to fit the hole.

3. Earring Stoppers

Earring stoppers could come in handy when working with large hole gemstone beads. For those who do not know, earring stoppers are those clear rubber stubs that are placed at the back of earrings. Their function is to keep the stud in place and prevent it falling off.

Now you can use them to work with large hole gemstone beads. Most of them are clear. They can fit inside the hole or just close enough.

Constructed of rubber, this makes them easy to cut and adjust to the required size. They are perfect for wiring because they already have the hole made for earrings in the middle.

4. Seed Beads or Bugle Beads

Here is a simple way to ensure large hole beads are not giving you a headache. Just put the seed beads into the large hole beads and slide the string in the middle. This works so much better with string than wiring, although it can be used for both.

The eye pin should push quickly right through the center of the seed bead. You can cut them if they are showing too much.

Seed beads come in many different sizes and colors, making them versatile to work with.

5. Bicone Beads

Here is a neat trick if you have any bicone beads. Using an eye pin, put it through the hole of the large bead. It will fit snuggly.

Put an another bicone bead on the other end, locking the large hole bead in place. Most bicone beads, however, will wear out with time. It is, advisable to use this on items where less movement is involved, such as with earrings, rather than bracelets.

The excessive friction of an ornament on the wrist will mean the bicone beads will wear out faster.

6. Metal Caps

Metal caps can be used to add more value to the jewelry while helping to keep large holed beads in the right position. Take a metal cap and place it inversely on one end of a large holed bead. Take another metal cap and put it on the other end.

Continue putting the caps in between large holed beads to create a pattern or skip a few beads for a new design. You can also use metallic beads as spacers between large beads for a cool street look or a sophisticated design.

7. Bead Spacers

You could alternatively buy commercial bead spacers or stoppers from most of your wholesale gemstone dealersThese come in different sizes, and it is always handy to have them around when you are working with large hole gemstones or pearls.

They can be bought in bulk or a few pieces. It is easier to buy your gemstones in wholesale because you can never tell how many will be enough. Making jewelry is an art and not a science.

8. Wire Wrapping

Large Hole Freshwater Pearls

This is one way to work with those large hole pearls that seem never to stay put. Buy jewelry wire and wrap it around the pearl or gemstone that you want to use. This can be connected to many more beads to make a necklace or left alone to create beautiful earrings or a pendant!

Final Thoughts

Working with large hole pearls and large hole gemstone is easy once you know how to do so. Using authentic materials means your jewelry will last for longer, so always purchase your supplies from an authentic dealer.

March 28, 2017 — Arun Yadav widget logo