Guide to Making Jewelry with Ruby Beads

bright red ruby isolated on dark background

Ruby beads are a favorite with both jewelry makers and those who wear them. They have been used in jewelry for hundreds of years.

As a precious gemstone, they offer connotations of wealth and good fortune, and are often worn by celebrities and royals. They are the perfect stone to dress up any outfit for a special occasion or unique event.

Ruby beads are a member of the Corundum species, characterized by their deep red to purple color. The beads are mined in Asia; primarily in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as Australia, Brazil and Africa. They are prized for their rich and vibrant color, caused by the element Chrome in the aluminum oxide crystal structure of Corundum, as well as their durability.

They are also easy to clean and take care of; simply wash the beads in warm soapy water and wipe with a cloth before leaving to dry. They can also be cleaned by using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Whether you’re new to jewelry making, or you’ve been crafting beautiful pieces for years, ruby beads are a great stone to work with. Offered in a complete range of sizes and shapes, beads vary from small, seed beads to large silver-backed pendants and slim, rectangular beads to large chunky spheres, across a spectrum of hues.

Large Beads

napkin ring with ruby beads

With summer around the corner, big chunky beads are back in fashion. From large necklaces to beaded bracelets, large beads create a fun and fresh ready-for-summer look, helping you to embrace your inner Woodstock and look al fresco ready this summer.

Ruby beads are a great tool for bringing summer into your look, complementing the brighter colors around you, the beads will catch the light and change color based on the time of day. Combine ruby and silver seed beads to make a trendy chevron necklace in less than an hour.

Large beads are relatively easy to use and a great place to start if you’re new to jewelry making. Requiring a lot less skill than more intricate pieces, starting with larger beads is as simple as stringing the beads onto your chosen material and attaching a lobster clasp.


ruby gemstones in gold pendant

No summer is complete without a good party or three, but knowing how to dress up an outfit when the party is outside or on the beach can be difficult. Rubies dress up any outfit, even a simple kimono and sandals.

For the summer, low hanging pendants offer a relaxed look and can be added to most outfits – day or night – to bring a little class and elegance to your outfit.

To create the perfect pendant, choose an 18-inch chain of your choice and simply thread the pendant onto the chain before adding your clasp. Using a clasp that allows you to adjust the length of the pendant will help you to change the length of the necklace to suit different dresses and outfits.

Ruby Rocks

When we were children, many of us took home bracelets made from rocks when we went on vacation – a symbol of the hours we spend under the sun and in the sand. Ruby beads come in a variety of cuts including a ‘rock’ style cut that is perfect for creating a grown-up version of vacation jewelry.

Perfect for creating beaded bracelets, unpolished natural beads offer a much more organic approach to jewelry. These beads make great everyday jewelry and can be worn with jeans and a tee or the most elegant of dresses, making them a great all-rounder.

Use the ruby as your focal bead and balance out the bracelet with a contrasting bead in a variety of shapes and sizes. Finish with a toggle clasp for added elegance. These are so simple to make all your friends will want one!

Natural beads are also a great tool for creating dangling or drop earrings – perfect for beginners and experienced makers.

Marble Beads

The deep, romantic colors of ruby beads come in many different shades, but nothing highlights their beauty and unique range of colors like the marble beads. Often covering the entire spectrum from pink to red to purple, the beads offer a unique look and shape that can be used in several different designs.

Most traditionally employed in bracelets and string necklaces, the beads catch the light and project a range of colors – perfect for the spring and summer months. The overlapping beads are easy to use and ideal for experienced jewelry makers looking for a new project, or someone new to jewelry making who likes a challenge.

Whether you’re new to jewelry making or you’ve been practicing and purchasing wholesale gemstone beads for many years, Ruby beads make a great addition to any collection and can be used to create beautiful jewelry.