Beautiful Moonstone Bead Design Inspiration

Rainbow assortment of moonstone beads

If you’ve ever come across a beautiful piece of moonstone jewelry and wondered how you could make something equally as striking, know that with the proper guidance, inspiration and quality materials, you can create your own beaded works of art using wholesale gemstone beads.  Use the following tutorials as a catalyst to get your creative juices flowing.

Moonstone Spiral Earrings

For this project, you’ll need:

    • 70 x 0.7 mm (or longer) head pins in a color of your choice

    • Two ear hooks

    • Side-cutting pliers

    • Round nose pliers

    • Normal and wide flat nose pliers

Step 1

Using the flat nose pliers, curl one of the head pins until it makes a large spiral. Then, curl the end of the pin so that it forms a loop with itself.

Step 2

Cut the head of another pin with your side cutting pliers. Once you’ve severed the head, bend the pin in half and make sure each side is the same length. About a third of the way down, pinch the bent pin so that there’s an indentation on either side and slide it through the loop of your first pin.

Step 3

Next, using the wide flat nose pliers, curl the legs of the bent pin into spirals. When you’re done, you should have two evenly sized spirals on either side. Bend the spirals upward to leave room for a second set.

Step 4

Repeat steps two and three. Make sure you slide the new pin (pin three) through the loop of your second pin and not the loop of the first pin (the large spiraled one).

Step 5

Lastly, cut off the head of another pin, make a loop at the end and thread it through your moonstone beads. Cut the rest of the pin so that you have just enough length to form a loop at the top. Then, attach the eye loop to that end and repeat the entire process so you can have a matching pair.

For most moonstone beads, using bronze or rose gold wire will provide an excellent color contrast and make your beads look more vibrant. These dangle earrings are excellent accessories that pair well with every type of outfit.

Knotted Cord Bead Bracelet

Knotted cord bead bracelets

This tutorial is a lot easier than the first, but you’ll be able to make a beautiful beaded bracelet with minimal effort.

For this project, you’ll need:

    • 30 inches of 0.8 mm waxed linen cord

    • 14 12-mm beads

    • Seven 2-mm Spacer Beads

    • Beeswax

    • A Ruler

    • Scissors

    • Awl (optional)

Step 1

Cut 24 inches of the cord and rub a small amount of beeswax into the end to minimize fraying.

Step 2

Thread the cord through a 2-mm spacer bead and make a knot. You can use an awl to make your knots as close and as tight as possible.

Step 3

Use the ruler to make another knot at exactly two inches away from the first one. This second knot should be a double knot. To make a double knot, start with a single knot but thread the end of the cord through the loop a second time just before you tighten the knot.

Step 4

Add on three of the larger 12mm beads, and then make a single knot. Next, add a single spacer bead, a large bead and another spacer bead, followed by a single knot.

Step 5

String three large beads, a spacer bead and three more large beads onto your cord. Secure them with a single knot at the end. Then, add a spacer bead, a large bead, another spacer bead and seal it with a single knot at the end of the pattern.

Step 6

Thread three more large beads onto your cord and add a double knot at the end. Lastly, use the ruler to measure 2 inches from the double knot, and then make a single knot. Add the final spacer bead and secure it with a single knot to complete your bracelet.

This project is quick, relatively simple and fun to put together. You can use any color combination that fits your preference. You could also choose a slightly larger bead for the middle bead when you thread three large beads at a time to give your bracelet its own personal flair.

Wrapped Wire Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Wrapped Wire Rainbow Moonstone pendant

For this project, you’ll need:

    • Chain nose pliers

    • 18-gauge artistic dead soft non-tarnish wire (usually available in silver, gold, rose gold and bronze)

    • One Ring Sizing Stick

Step 1

Cut about a foot of the artistic wire and thread it through your bead until the stone is halfway along the wire.

Step 2

Place the bead and wire on the ring sizing stick at a half size larger than your ring size. If you don’t know your ring size, you can measure it using a tape measure and an online conversion chart or by wrapping a string around your finger and measuring the endpoints. Wrap the wire around the stick so that there is one piece on either side.

Step 3

Wrap the wire around the bead twice, alternating sides.

Step 4

Next, wrap the wire end around the side of the ring two or three times. Use the chain nose pliers to tuck in the wire ends so they won’t press into the sides of your finger. Repeat this step on the other side, and your lovely moonstone ring will be complete.

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the elegance of your ring, consider using rose gold wire. It doesn’t matter what color you choose to work with, but rose gold artistic wire tends to complement rainbow moonstone’s iridescent colors.